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David North/Maverick: Two X-Force prodigals catch up over dinner.

"You found me."

Felicia sounded pleased, standing from the small, balcony table she'd been seated at, and taking a step towards him in greeting. The ocean was at her back, the sky starting to go golden with the advancing sunset, and she pushed up her sunglasses into her hair. "Not that I had any doubts," she said, kissing his cheek gently, her hand on his shoulder to balance against her heeled sandals.

"You were not hiding," he replied easily, agreeable mood apparent in both tenor and tone of his voice. A warm palm came up to rest against her shoulder blade as North returned her greeting in kind. "At least, not that I could tell."

Smiling, Felicia folded herself back into her chair, gesturing to the one across from her as if he had flown to sit anywhere else. "Not from you, no. I suppose not," she said, returning her sunglasses to the bridge of her nose. Her smile, her gestures, had been sincere, but her eyes, tired. "I figured you'd be okay with seafood, wine, and a view."

"I am." He settled in across from her and topped up her wine glass before filling his. Her weariness had not gone unnoticed, but while his own eyes narrowed briefly behind the reflective lenses of his sunglasses, he chose not to comment on it unless she brought it up first, turning instead to sweep his gaze across the expanse of ocean presented before them. "As long as there are mussels."

Felicia took a sip of her wine, gently clinking the base of her glass against the rim of his as she lifted it to her mouth, giving him a lingering look. "Almost certainly. It's another vessel for the best bread in the world," she said, glancing away to the view when he looked back at her. "I wasn't sure when you were getting here so I've already ordered some oysters. Since you're so nice to meet me here, I'll share."

"How have you been, Mr North?"

"Busy," he replied, turning back to catch her in the corner of his eye. "Idle. You know how it is." They had both been absent from their usual headquarters the past year or so, each occupying their time with tasks in their respective corners of the European continent. "It seems that my 'work' wrapped up a lot quieter than yours."

Mouth twisting, Felicia's smile turned into something forced. "I'm pretty sure nuclear explosions have wrapped up quieter," she said, forgoing the illusion and tipping half her glass of wine down her throat. "How does it go? Hurry up and wait, then hurry up some more and have to spend the next two weeks shaking any potential tails in case there is a hit on you because you're pretty sure being a brunette for a year didn't make you suddenly have a new face?"

She cleared her throat. "Something like that. Anyway, I haven't been paying attention, what did you say you were doing? Other than being busy and idle?"

"Rebuilding the intelligence network. Doing grunt work and setting up safe houses. Tracking down my allegedly deceased brother," North shrugged, one shoulder rising and falling, both casual and dismissive in the single gesture. He picked up a delicate, almost translucent piece of prawn with his fork for further study. "Almost time to head back to our headquarters."

It had been more than year, after all. Perhaps someone had blown the mansion up in the meantime.

Today in XProject:

February 25


2005: Nathan talks to his therapist about the events of the week.

2006: Ororo and Scott discuss students and training techniques, and decide to shake things up for their too-complacent XO's. Not So Plain Jane: Jean goes to an evening cocktail party, and is much more the centre of attention than she knows. Head Like A Hole: Wanda comments on her strange recurring dreams about owls. Storm organises a welcoming party for Karolina.

2007: Kurt and Garrison go to Harry's. Kaiten: Amanda comes across Medusa breaking into Angelo's room; Angelo and Nate say goodbye to Domino, promising to come back before six months pass. Crystal posts on her journal to let everyone know of her intention to remain away from the school until the following Monday.

2008: Jay's car is vandalised at the mall, and Terry tries to calm him down. Aureus Canis: Jennie returns to dance class, realising she might need to change some of her attitudes. Jennie emails Rahne to thank her, and Shiro to apologise to him for her reaction to his Kick addiction; Rahne is responsive, Shiro less so. Yvette posts about finding the courage to direct some people to the Professor's office; Kevin wants to set someone on fire and Angel is suggested. Haller seeks out Kevin to suggest some more training. Mark tries to practice his new powers trick in the office, and Amanda points out magnetopathy and computers don't mix. In Clarice's journal, Kevin makes more dog boy jokes and Kyle explains why it's not on.

2009: Jean-Paul realises he isn't going to get anywhere with Shiro. Lil's wedding anniversary and she spends it in her room; Logan comes by to try and shake her out of her funk, with only initial success; Cammie suggests sparring for when Lil is up for it; after a message left by her ex-husband, Lil trashes her room and Amara gets Jean-Paul, who is able to talk her down. Julian asks Angel on a date. Kurt tells his family history and declares he has no parents. Scott brings in Jean as a ringer for his weekly pool game with Jean-Paul, and Jean-Paul asks some questions about getting the records from his parents' fatal accident. Adrienne is gleeful about the start of baseball season. Manuel thanks Jean-Paul for his help with laundry, tries to mend bridges with Morgan and tells Amanda to visit. Morgan emails Sam to let him she's on her way home.

2010: Megan comes across Dori having a fight with Monkey Joe over her locket and while he takes off with it, they wind up talking about D&D; Monkey Joe winds up taking the locket to Julian in the hope he'll remove the picture of Vic inside, but Julian misunderstands and puts it in his pocket, earning squirrelly wrath; Catseye runs into Dori and is also excited about learning D&D; later, Catseye talks to Yvette about the game, but also about Valentine's Day and Kevin's gifts, which are bothering Yvette; Catseye seeks out Kevin to talk to him about Yvette and winds up growling at and pouncing on him. Morgan and Lex have cute silly times in their own particular style. Kevin leaves an anonymous sculpture for Angel. John delivers the book Jean-Paul wanted and winds up staying. Yvette finds Fred in the garage and gives him her own manner of a pep talk.

2011: Vanessa visits Wade to establish some guidelines for their relationship that isn't. Kevin drops by Jean-Paul's place for dinner and a movie, but things get distracting. Warren sees Tabitha's black eye from training and takes her out for dinner at the local greasy spoon. Sarah Vale runs into Yvette and they talk about Red X.

2012: Vanessa texts Adrienne to inform her that she (Vanessa) has turned blue again temporarily. Haller posts a general notice letting everyone know that the FOH members who had manifested on the 17th are returning to normal; later Scott provides more information to the X-Men including the scarce information they have on the suspect.

2013: Sooraya texts Angelo about his relationship with Jean-Phillipe, and he says they need to talk in person; he finds her, and they have a difficult talk. Hope tells Adrienne about her encounter with Jean the week before, expressing concern for the doctor. Lorna texts Angel and Wade to let them know a taco truck will be coming on Tuesday. Angel posts an announcement about the taco truck.

2014: Marie-Ange requests a delivery of these cellists. Doug is amused at the fall of Bitcoin.

2015: Jean goes down to the med lab and talks to Cecilia about working there. Angel finds Arthur getting into trouble and offers him something a little less trouble-y to do. Cecilia posts to let the staff know about Jean working in the med lab. Garrison talks to Adrienne about moving in with her. Rogue texts Adrienne, Angel, and Logan looking for company.

2016: Kyle and Clint come up with a plan to create a hard-core extreme obstacle course.

2017: Maya needs an adult to go with her to the Women’s March in Salem Center on Saturday next and the ensuring thread devolves into Alex and Arthur planning their fake wedding.

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Spring Break: March 30-April 6.

Last Day of School: June 26.

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  • Operation: Salt The Earth: A specialist operation means the four "elders" of X-Force (plus Dom) have to infiltrate a conference in the closed science city of Koltsovo. Without their powers.

  • Tales of Magik: Illyana Rasputin has a teleporting accident that brings herself and several people to Limbo. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Poor Unfortunate Souls: A distress call from Corsair sends a rescue group from the mansion on an adventure under the sea.

  • Gen X - Ready or Not: When the younger Gen Xers get involved in a test of a new virtual reality game, nothing is as it seems.

  • Gen X - Demon Bear: Something is stalking the halls of Bayview High, and it's not the hall monitors.

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