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Rogue After Adrienne Frost is lost to a powers accident, Rogue tries to comfort her old friend, Garrison Kane.

Rogue almost rolled her eyes, but she managed not to. "So what now? What do you need right now?"

"Sex. But I always say that. You know that's not it."

"Hard to take you seriously when that's your standard answer," she laughed, leaning down and nuzzling her forehead on the top of his head. "How about some cuddling instead?"

"You're a good friend." Kane said, pulling back so his eyes met hers. "I mean that. Comfort aside, you've always been there and that's really important to me."

"How could I not be?" Rogue actually felt a little bit offended. "I've been there for everything else, and I'll always be here. Always. Even when I barely remembered you, and you were a jackass to me, I was still around." She thought for a moment. "I shouldn't have brought that up. It's not about me, it's about you. I'm sorry."

"It's alright. We've gone through some incredibly weird shit."

"Life is full of weird shit." She tapped her fingers on his shoulder. "But yeah. This blows. What should we do? Do you need a shit ton of ice cream? Should we go to the bowling alley and laugh at people's lame attempts to look cool while rolling a ball?"

"Bowling alley? You looking for a future husband, Beulah?" He said, but the joke was half hearted. Instead, he just shifted his position against her, taking some of his weight off her. "I don't know what to do. I mean, there's nothing to fight. Nothing to beat. It's whether or not Moira can find a way back for her while I can do exactly nothing to help. I'm not good at nothing."

"Which is good to hear, considering nothingness is at the heart of nihilism, and you don't seem like a 'burn it all' kind of guy. Sometimes."

"Yes, Garrison Kane, a cop on the streets but a radical anarchist in the sheets. I think that's how it goes, right?"

"So .......would an anarchist try to fuck someone in the ear? Because I can see a socialist being all about the person..." She pondered for a bit. "A nihilist would try to create their own hole. A dictator would give nothing but orders...."

"Which makes Marxism what... group sex? Maybe people spell off in turns to make sandwiches and fetch drinks and lube?"

Rogue gave a snort. "I think Communism would be more about group sex. It'd be timed, to make sure everyone's share is equal, and everyone gets exactly one orgasm."

"Well, I think we need to go back to good old Canadian style mixed economy; sex for all but if you're willing to pay for you, you can go to the front of the line with an American."

"Better than the American system: you pay to get fucked over, and at the end, you're stuck with herpes and no medical care to fix it."

Today in XProject:

August 18 - Marie-Ange Colbert's birthday

2003: Essex takes Sarah to meet Major John Greycrow, her new trainer.

2004: Trojan Horse: Cable receives his first assignment.

2005: Betsy discovers bad news about her eldest brother.

2006: Worlds On Fire: The cultist activity in South America comes to a head; Snow Valley and the X-Men are there to save the day, and Xavier’s ends up with a new student – Amara. Scott meets Angelica.

2007: Monet announces her return. Alexander's Wall: The conference is interrupted by an escape attempt by Ilyas Saidullayev and Nathan and Haller find themselves caught between him, the military and Magneto, with backup too far away; the X-Men are scrambled; Nathan and Saidullayev fight to a standstill and Haller manages to break the stalemate, but then the two are ambushed by Magneto, who takes the unconscious Saiullayev; coming to in Russian custody, Haller and Nathan are rescued by Gabrielle Haller and her connections.

2008: Red X Mission: Shake Hands With The Devil: Angel and Yvette discuss the helplessness of the situation in Sri Lanka as they are being flown home; Yvette posts that they are back. Amanda wishes Marie-Ange a happy birthday. Xbalanque: Angelo asks Julio to go along on an Elpis trip to Guatemala; Angelo lets the rest of Elpis know about the addition; Terry asks to go along too. Wanda goes over to the mansion to check on Nathan.

2009: Jubilee and Jean-Phillipe wish Marie-Ange a happy birthday. House of Wolves: The day after, Wanda and Jake don't talk about what happened, instead trying it again; Wanda makes her report; Wanda emails Nathan from Muir Island, where the group have gone for medical care. Reefer Madness: The New Mutants (including new student, Klara) arrive at the Adirondack Park Preserve and remeet Archie Wilson, the superintendent some of them had met during the first New Mutants trip, in order to observe a controlled burn in the park; an unexpected wind change results in the students having to evacuate, rescuing three hippies from their burning superdope crop in the process; faced with unpleasant consequences from their buyer without crop or refund, the hippies enlist the stoned New Mutants to help; Yvette, Angel, Catseye, Nick, Klara and Dori delay the collectors; Nori, Inez, Julian, Fred and Meggan go to Atlantic City with the Decoy to raise the money needed with a Flying Wedge. In Nova Roma, Marius and Cammie compare drinks and mutations before being asked to help remove deadly posionous snakes from a house; the celebration begins; a tipsy Amara tells Lex about her manifestation. A snuffly Vic meets Nathan down by the dock.

2010: Kevin texts Jean-Paul about his inability to telekinetically move his television into his bedroom.

2011: Fred makes a journal entry apologizing for not being social for the last year and letting people know he still exists. Kevin makes a journal entry announcing he's leaving for Atlanta and doesn't know when he's coming back. Sing Me A Prayer: The team finds a way to Akkaba, where unfortunately they find out that they're too late. Yvette announces that the end of summer BBQ will take place on September 3rd. Jean-Phillipe wishes Marie-Ange a happy birthday on his journal. Angelo lets everyone know that Warren is with him and okay after an incident the night before. The Problématique: Doug e-mails Jean, Adrienne, Warren, and Wade, updating them on how his research into Vanessa's disappearance is going.

2012: Sarah and Layla both wake up from nightmares and find comfort in each other and watching stupid movies. Renee meets Angel, and so much talking ensues. A Kind of Magic: The NY1 local evening news reports that Trump has fallen victim to a practical joke.

2013: Angelo takes Sue for a driving lesson and lunch. No Way Back: Hope emails Matt about the dinner with her parents and what has gone on so far. Wade asks Marie-Ange if she can skip work on Monday.

Fury Said To A Mouse: Scott announces the return of the battered Fury team on x_team; Marius asks Kyle for a “donation” of the old kind; Cecilia announces the medlab is closed to visitors; Sooraya offers food to the medlab team and its patients; Adrienne encounters an exhausted and odd-looking Garrison in his suite and is unhappy at the situation; Yvette asks Cecilia if she can sit with Fred provided she does as she’s told, and asks Sooraya to bring down her spare bodysuit; Cecilia posts an update on x_medical; Jean announces she’ll be offline for a few days.

2015: Maya introduces herself on the journals. Monica emails Adrienne to thank her. Artie and Maya meet.


2017: Maya posts that she is able to go home and visit her family. Matt posts asking if there’s anything going on for the eclipse. Matt and Ev have a different type of sparring session. Clea posts her NY Comic-Con costume.

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New School Year Starts: September 5.

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  • eXcalibur: Isle of Glass: A favour for an old friend lands Clint Barton in a whole lot of trouble, involving ancient British magic and the start of a new team.

  • Morningstar: His adventure in Limbo has Consequences for Warren.

  • X-Men Mission: Skull Island: Christian Kane is back. And this time he has a doozy of a mission - a rescue on an island full of giant monsters!

  • The Danger Room Paradox: A glitch while modifying the Danger Room results in a quantum event that impacts the whole mansion.

  • Fear in the Dark: Tandy Bowen's past with the entity known as the Dweller gets majorly complicated.

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