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Moment of Awesome: David Haller/Legion: Psi-training with Jean Grey on the astral plane reveals they both still have issues to deal with.

"Mm." The noise skirted the edge of dubiousness. "You've been through a lot lately. Have you talked to Charles since the thing with Quentin?"

Jean snorted at the first part, rolling her eyes as she walked through another door and onto a NYC street. "Yeah. I gave him the overview when he died, filled out the report, made my appointments. Once I get past everything with catching up on work and writing my report on the Clea rescue, I'll follow up. I don't like to worry him. You know that look he gets when he's worried."

"Yeah, I know." He'd been talking to Charles a fair amount himself, though he was trying to keep an even spread between Charles and his regular therapist. He ignored the eerie feeling he got when he saw Jean echo Quentin's mannerisms; that would probably pass. Eventually. Jim sighed and lit a cigarette. "Things have been busy. I just don't want you to neglect yourself. Taking time to recover is a worthwhile investment."

"Tell the students to stop getting kidnapped and ask people not to get hurt or sick and I'll have plenty of of time," Jean said, sliding her hands into her pockets, as her armor had disappeared. She was just wearing a pink sweater and ripped dark blue jeans. The streets were wet with rain, and various denizens of the mansion walked by, mixed in with random people.

"Are we still on time out?"

"We're in Game Over. That's enough for today. Let's just go over the session." Jim fell into step beside her, noting again how easily the astral plane conformed to her subconscious. Again, he considered the likelihood that these changes were unintentional. "For example, how I can track you by your psi-signature here. It's not a problem when there are others around or in a specific mindscape, but you need to watch out when you're going one-on-one."

Jean made a face. "Never thought about it. I haven't really fought that many psis before," she said. She nodded. "I can mask it. What else?"

Jim nodded. "You're good at shaping the astral plane, but changing it expends energy even if it's subconscious. Power-bleed's especially hard to control when you're tired. And . . ." And if you're preoccupied with something it can show your hand, he wanted to say, but wasn't sure how. Instead he settled for, "Remember when we found Quentin? Everything we project comes from us. Mindscapes can reveal more than we want them to. It's probably not something you'll need to worry about much in the field, but it's a possibility."

Jean eyed Jim. "You're treating me like a student. Please, don't. Just be honest."

Jim grimaced around his cigarette. "I'm treating you like a training partner, and as one training partner to another that's my general advice. But in this particular session, when I saw you revert the astral plane to the Medlab where we were attacked -- I felt compelled to ask you how you were handling things."

Jean walked the street in silence for a few moments, which, as they were on the Astral Plane, was the true definition of one's mind wandering. Sighing, she rubbed the back of her neck. "Sorry," she said.

"I guess....I'm not okay. Everyone else seems to bounce back so easily. I feel like a novice. Like...I know how to do all of these things and didn't help. So I'm trying to get better."

"Look, we all got caught off-guard. You don't have anything to be sorry about. Just be aware." Jim gave her a wry smile. "If nothing else, it'll make it harder for people to pry."

Jean smiled back. Her walls used to be impressive. But, just like real ones, they needed to be rebuilt, and fortified, so those prying eyes would be unable to see.

"That's the plan," she said, brushing hair behind her ears. "Well, I'm starving. Want to grab a burger or other non-meat related product? My treat. Least I can do since I've apparently singed some of your hair off."

"Only symbolically. But you're on."

Today in XProject:

June 30

2003: Everett has a powers accident, Scott talks him down. Pete happens to somebody in the Arctic.


2005: Nathan plans to go to San Francisco to visit his father. Alison unsuccessfully tries to learn to fly with her power. Forge and Jay talk about HeliX version 2.

2006: Jennie meets her father for the first time. Jennie and Forge go on a date.

2007 Carmen Animi Vermium: After the rugby game, Monet has an odd encounter with a homeless man, not recognising her brother, Marius St. Croix. Immram: Nathan collapses whilst getting Rachel's breakfast and she telepathically screams the mansion down, raising the alarm; Jean and Charles discover Tara Trask in Nathan's mind, trapped by his shields, and Jean helps him remove her; Jean and Wanda confront Trask and discover she has been astrally projecting herself into Askani's future and has misunderstood the philosophy. Farouk and Haller talk about Haller's DID. Angelo visits Nathan in the infirmary and is pleased to hear a vacation has been enforced for him. Laurie visits Angelo and Amanda and gets some advice about dealing with grief and anger. Sound of Silence: Blackagar and Medusa decide to have the wedding as a way of bringing the lost nation together.

2008: Jay posts his Pride parade photos. Mark emails the Snow Valley girls, needing a comfort night. Yvette runs into Scott whilst looking for Kevin and they discuss ways of helping. Amanda talks to Manuel, and leaves concerned about his state of mind. Callisto confronts Ororo about being named the contact point for the mutant shelter. Laurie helps Forge with the Blackbird and discovers his emotional state is rather unnerving. Jubilee meets Yvette. Bhagavad Gita: A nuclear explosion occurs in India, killing 300,000 people and creating tensions as Pakistan prepares to defend itself; Amanda posts to x_snowvalley about the incident; Farouk emails Charles, suggesting the students be confined to grounds and Charles responds that caution will be taken, but no grounding. Manuel reflects on Spain winning the World Cup and the bombing in India. Laurie 'fails' a training session due to a lack of ability to do anything other than use her powers and gets some advice. Monet talks to both Nathan and Angelo about events in Kyrgyzstan.

2009: Adrienne announces her return from Boston, but that she will be living in her penthouse in New York for the summer. Callie and Fred rent movies together and are cute. Julian emails Callie and Fred, suggesting they take Yvette to the beach. Kurt catches up with Doreen up a tree and they talk about freedom and he offers to take her to Germany one day. Analog Kid, Digital Man: Returning from the gym, Kyle and Laurie get stuck in one of the elevators when Milan and Quire spring their plan; Forge and Crystal have to calm Doug down when he thinks it's Mastermold come to get him; realising they're the only ones left in the hotel, Forge, Crystal and Doug work out what's going on and that it must be Milan and Quire working together; Kyle and Laurie rejoin the other three and a plan is formed; Laurie and Crystal track down Quire, showing him just why telepaths should keep their brains to themselves; Forge struggles his way through an army of maintenance bots to get to the main power supply; Kyle and Doug take down Milan, but he manages to get away at the last minute by tasering both of them and Forge lets him go. Mnemovore: Fred comforts Johnny with fast food and some sensible words; Johnny emails Fred to update him on Jean-Paul's condition; Wanda visits Nathan and finds out what Jake said to him; a furious Wanda breaks Jake's nose and reads him the riot act for being a jerk.

2010: Jean-Paul emails Cammie, suggesting bacon when she's well enough.

2011: Warren announces the departure of those going to the Hamptons for the holiday weekend. Crystal wishes those leaving a good weekend. Don't Close Your Eyes: Kurt runs into Jean leaving the Professor's office doing some "last minute work". Jubilee emails Doug to let him know she's back in New York and will be visiting the mansion the next day. Lex announces he is going into the wilderness for the weekend.

2012: Laurie and Yvette discuss how they've been doing since Genosha. Amanda runs into Kurt as he's on his way into the brownstone to see Jubilee, and a discussion about Kurt's social life ensues.


2014: Adrienne wakes Tandy early with her graduation gift - a trip to Europe with a friend; Tandy wakes Sue to invite her on the trip. Cecilia emails Longshot’s agent to arrange the date he ‘purchased’ at the auction.

2015: Wanda posts to let people know that her friend Simon Williams will be ‘kidnapping’ her for a week. Rogue states she needs an intervention to break her way from her laptop.


2017: Maya posts about wanting to SWAT someone.

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Finals: June 12-20.

Last Day of School: June 20.

New School Year Starts: September 5.

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