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Genosha Arc:

Beginning with the mansion providing sanctuary for two young Genoshan refugees, Jenny Ransome and David Moreau, this arc then became an investigation into their subsequent disappearance and a strike against their abductors. Genosha then retaliated, abducting the students and staff of the school, and then capturing most of the rescue teams. Battling against a nation's army, struggling to survive and protect each other, the arc concluded on June 3, 2012 with a titanic battle between the insane Thomas Moreau and, well, everybody.

Genosha is now the only nation in the world to be run cooperatively by mutants and humans. How long this will stay the case remains to be seen and tensions are already coming to the surface.

The Genosha arc was the brainchild of Dex and was co-run by Mackinzie, Rossi, Frito, Twiller and Mon. It involved every active player at the time and has the highest number of logs so far for any X-Project plot, with a total of 224 logs - not to mention the various emails, journal posts and comms posts also made as a part of this gigantic effort. Plus, it spawned a series of vids and art by Mackinzie, Frito and Sam. All in all, it was the biggest event in X-Project Phase 1 history, to the point it was unanimously agreed by the players to keep it in Phase 2.

Today in XProject:

June 9 - Monet St. Croix's birthday

2003: Emma meets with John in New Haven to return his possessions.


2005: Little Girl Lost: Aftermath; whilst Meggan is being debriefed by Charles Xavier, Remy talks to Amanda and they reach the conclusion that Pete might have told Selene about Meggan. Scott becomes aware Jean is acting oddly. Hellfire and Damnation: Alison meets with Harry Leland of the Hellfire Club and he reveals he knows the truth of Alphonso's death; a deal is made. Nathan tells Bridge about his father.

2006: The Enemy Within: Cain, Sam, Wanda, Marie-Ange and Cyttorak depart to deal with the legacy.

2007: Jennie visits Laurie at her house and convinces her to come back to the school. Kurt and Monet talk about what happened and how it's affecting her. Parents' Day, part 2: Jono comes across Yvette and her mother arguing about Yvette staying at the school; Kyle's mother is rather ignorant at Kurt and Kyle has to rescue him; Kyle's mother proceeds to terrorise a number of staff and students; Forge and Dani hide from the parents and talk. Laurie comes back to the school. Clarice runs into Monet's mother and confuses her. Kurt visits Amanda in the clinic. New Renaissance Man: Doug finds something of interest to Scott on his regular information sweeps; Scott talks to Jean about what Doug found - Robert Haverford in the company of Daniel Lyman.

2008: Fenrisulfr: Wanda calls in Cain as reinforcements; Jubilee 'recruits' Shiro and Angelo; borrowing Emma's jet, the rescue team departs for Norway and arrive just as the cult releases Fenris, the Chaos Wolf; chaos and violence ensue, with the three kidnappees being rescued and Cain using Jubilee's bucket of chicken to lure Fenris back into the portal while Wanda makes it go boom. Haller announces he is going to Muir for a time to help out there. Adrienne announces the opening of her retail outlet and offers work to the students; Garrison and Morgan take up her offer of drinks and the three get squiffy. Scott celebrates the last day of being headmaster with Jean.

2009: Angelo seeks out Fred and talks some calm into him. Old Man of the Mountain: Morgan, Betsy and Dugan go to the Princess Bar and get information on the diplomat they are seeking and discover the Imperial Guard are seeking him too; the group converges on their lost diplomat, only to discover the Triads are after him for gambling debts and then the Imperial Guard show up; Farouk manages to broker a deal with Lilandra in return for the diplomat and his secrets and discovers he was betrayed by one of the Alamut. Returning from Madripoor, Adrienne picks up new student Sarah Vale at the airport; Forge meets Sarah and after an initial reaction due to the similarity of her powers to Milan, he adopts her as his protegee; in the kitchen, Sarah feeds Catseye, who remains in cat form; Sarah introduces herself on the journals and Doug is curt; Doug emails Forge flailing about a technopath at the school in light of his experiences with Mastermold; Sarah meets Nathan, out flying with the Doom Chicken. Johnny posts about his first day on the road and his learning of new French words from Jean-Paul's driving; Jean-Paul updates from a drive-in, where Johnny has insisted he watch the new Star Trek movie, much to his boredom. Tara Trask has a meeting with a new ally - Alpha of Taygetos. Cammie and Lil talk about killing Cammie's birth mother and unpronounceable names. Julian visits Callie, who is sick in bed with a cold and a moping Monkey Joe.

2010: Homeward Bound: Amanda lets the Snow Valley crew know about her work for Amara and recruits Jake to help. Jan texts Kyle about the squirrel hunt and teases him about the crush Dori has on him.

2011: Kurt goes shopping with Jean to get a gift for Monet and ends up with a brand new admirer of sorts.

2012: Angelo makes a journal entry telling everyone he's been let go from Elpis because of what happened in Genosha, all of which was beyond his control. Amara announces that she's made too many cupcakes and needs people to help take them away, including special ones for Cammie. Vanessa gets woken up by Laurie, who is very clearly not okay. Cammie comes to retrieve the poisoned cupcakes from Amara and gets a bit more than she bargained for. Meggan bumps into Sooraya on her way to visit Daisy, then they decide to feed the moose together. Yvette makes a journal post informing everyone she'll no longer be an RA due to having too many commitments, and that Sharon is their new RA. Sooraya makes a journal entry to tell people she'll be gone to Muir Island with Amanda and Angelo for a week or so. Kurt finds Angel having a slight brooding moment in the garden, however it doesn't last long. Layla cooks a mountain of schnitzel and visits David in the medlab the day he wakes up from his coma. Unable to sleep, Tabitha wanders the mansion but did not expect to find anyone in the medlab. Clarice finds Scott in the sun room and they both have issues they need to get off their chest. Jean-Phillipe and Marie-Ange do take out after the events of Genosha and she is amused to see he has his wanted poster framed.

2013: Callie catches Fred listening to music no one would expect him to like, and gives him a thank you gift for everything he did for her after Genosha. Remy and Betsy talk about Kwannon and the state of X-Force.

2014: Wade texts Scott ordering him down to the garage. When Scott goes to investigate, he finds Wade waiting with a gift. Rachel meets Cecilia in the med lab. Doug posts about finding the perfect musical for Wade.

2015: Tandy posts asking when she became an adult and complaining about her working hours; in the comments, Doug asks if she went to the underground battle league which piques Kyle’s interest. Amanda posts with information about her upcoming magic lectures. Scott and Garrison have a conversation about training in regards to the X-Men.

2016: Laurie expresses her frustration with fellow med students. Peter Parker texts Miles and Ganke Lee about the ACT. Doug posts about sleeping in a beehive. Ty reveals his hunger - for doughnuts.

2017: Jubilee makes a journal post about not wanting to be a role model for young people.

XProject Announcements and News:

Finals: June 12-20.

Last Day of School: June 20.

New School Year Starts: September 5.

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  • Sins of the Father: What appears to be a series of odd ailments turns into a crisis for the mansion dwellers - and Topaz is unknowingly at the center of it all.
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  • eXcalibur: Isle of Glass: A favour for an old friend lands Clint Barton in a whole lot of trouble, involving ancient British magic and the start of a new team.

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