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Moment of Awesome - David North/Maverick: Called in to stop a mutant terrorist attack, X-Force's Maverick and Daytripper pair up against the Tunneler Fever Pitch.

The fire hissed where the water hit it, but did not diminish and the steam smelled of burned mildew and metal. "Get wrecked fucks!" The words came from everywhere, but the jawbone of the flaming skeleton moved along with them, in a steady stream of filth. "I'll fuck you and your mum and your dog!" His bones turned inside the fire that sheathed him and he slid towards Amanda on a path of flame.

"You are not really my type." A spray of white foam arced towards his flaming back, followed by short bursts of the same substance from the fire extinguisher North had appropriated and was in the process of emptying at the Morlock, dodging the counter attack that came at him in a series of hit and misses. He recognized by now that the creature was stalling for time and thought this as hard as he could to Amanda, while wondering how their attacker would hold up against bullets.

"Wow, and Jubes says I have a potty mouth," Amanda muttered, catching North's eye and nodding. The city didn't make her telepathic, but the Morlock was the city, as much as the bricks and mortar and traffic. Water wasn't working, so she decided to go a bit more basic and with a gesture, she hurled chunks of the tiled and concrete floor and walls at the burning figure, intent on battering him unconscious.

When the foam splattered against the flaming skeleton, he shuddered and screamed in pain, but the fire blazed to consume the foam. This two-pronged assault had finally eared his full attention. "Die gene traitor bitches!" The flaming skeleton man thing "yelled", in a telepathic voice that felt like the smell of burning hair tasted. One flame-sheathed bone arm snapped around, and he began pitching wads of fire at Amanda and North, missing his mark whenever one of Amanda's chunks of City cracked against his bones, but increasing his assault until the fires elsewhere diminished, and his focus was entirely on the pair of mutants he fought. The volley was impossible to entirely avoid, and one smacked into Amanda's shoulder, burning red hot through the thick leather coat.

North ducked behind a pillar, looking more than a little singed around the edges. He glanced at Amanda, appreciating that her assault had not abated. But the cylinder was getting lighter by the minute, and the nearest one was a good quarter mile away. Pointing the nozzle around the pillar, he let off another stream of foam as he hefted it on to his shoulder and launched it at Fever Pitch's face. Then drawing a gun from its holster, he fired at it.

Fire. I'm on fire. Fuckfuckfuck. Ignoring the flames licking at her braid and adding the smell of burnt hair to burnt leather, Amanda switched tactics. Time to finish this, preferably before she actually started with the second and third degree burns. She cast her shielding spell again, but this time as a bubble around the flaming skeleton. Fire needed air, after all. Slowly closing her fist, she shrank the bubble around their foe, until it was compressing him tightly.

Wherever the foam spray had hit the flaming skeleton, the fires bubbled and dulled, until they were little more than a dully glowing flame barely sheathing the bones. But as Amanda's shield tightened, the other flames brightened, going white-hot even blue-hot. The mental word-vomit also flared, growing from simple profanity to the worst sorts of language, insults that had nothing to do with Amanda or North, but were just plain noxious words chosen to shock.

And then it stopped, all at once.

The fires went out, the bones collapsed into a man-shaped heap that left a greasy film on the ground, not unlike smeared butter, and then the fires on the ground began to splutter and fade, only lingering where they had contacted something flammable.

That 'something flammable' included Amanda's jacket. But before she could actually drop and roll, she was engulfed in heavy wool, hands patting out the flames on her shoulder and back. "Ta, North," she said gratefully, looking up at her teammate. "That was a little too close for comfort."

He helped her up, surveying the destruction around them. "Might have been roasted alive without you." Squeezing her uninjured shoulder in his own expression of thanks, he jerked his head at the stairs to the platform. "Come, we should see what he was distracting us from."

Today in XProject:

April 26

2004: Amanda goes to see Manuel but he refuses to believe she's really her. Nathan gets permission to help Manuel with the link, and does, at some cost to himself. Moira is inadvertently dragged into Nathan's dreamscape, and a memory of his wife and son's deaths.

2005: Nathan and Alex discuss the 'poltergeist' and Shiro joining the X-Men. Haroun trains hand-to-hand with Alison.

2006: Not So Plain Jane: Jay encounters Jane and finds out she is with the Hellfire Club; Scott goes into the city to find Jane, and ends up meeting with Sebastian Shaw; back at the mansion, a plan to bring Jean home is formed.

2007: Kyle talks to Forge about his issues with being seen as frightening, and Forge manages to be slightly comforting and very honest. Tabitha's unusual library help continues, and she inadvertently incurs the ire of several people by asking how to thank 'it'. Turf War: Amanda and Angelo return to the gang, prepared to get Alejandra out during the police raid, but discover their cover is blown; a full-on gang war erupts when Miguel and his boys assist; the LAPD and the X-Men manage to calm things down, whilst Angelo faces his past in a rather literal way and eventually convinces Miguel and Alejandra to return to New York where she can get help. Crystal asks Monet's help for a prank involving Forge's car. Terry asks for a test audience for a new song. Jennie and Crystal bond over coffee.

2008: Tabitha invites Jane to go running with her. Kevin reminds everyone of the Met trip on Sunday. Kurt stops by to visit Wanda and he spooks her a bit.

2009: Yvette returns from the West Coast Annex. The Mummies' Return: Monet suggests a trip to Egypt for herself and Kurt, inviting Laurie and Crystal to join them.

2010: Lakshmibai Raj: Lilandra is announced as India's new leader, the military use of mutants is disavowed, and India is voted into the UN Security Council, part of the deal to bring India to peace; Remy tells the Snow Valley staff they have until Wednesday off work; Amanda is still high from New Delhi, much to the amusement of the journals; Laura complains about her broken shoulder and gets no sympathy from Jean-Paul, causing Kevin to remove his laptop; Jean-Paul texts Vanessa about having a human pillow in the form of Kevin; Laurie asks Hank about doing the rounds of those injured who have been allowed to return to their rooms. Kevin emails Laura and explains about him and Jean-Paul. Jean-Phillipe complains about Laurie's insistence on feeding him. Laurie also feeds Vanessa and they talk about the dangers of Vanessa's lifestyle.

2011: Jubilee grumbles about the morning and the sun, and later emails Wanda about being sick of Marie-Ange's attitude towards her. Vanessa texts Doug about Jubilee and Marie-Ange bickering, while he's busy trying to ignore it. Vanessa posts to X-Factor about getting a job working security detail for a strip club. Kevin drops by to keep Wade company after his treatment, and they discuss movies and Marie-Ange, amongst other things. Matt emails Wade to thank him for the book he gave him.

2012: Kyle and Angelo meet early in the morning and discuss being responsible adults. Sooraya posts on the x-team asking for a trainee name. Amanda posts congratulations to Meggan on getting into Empire State University. Wade leaves Meggan a t-shirt and a giftcard to downtown bakery.

2013: Sarah V posts this. Billy texts Maddie about asking the boy he has been crushing on out and ask how LA is. Clint texts Billy about not texting him and if he is acting weird again. Frank visits Sue, finds Maddie and in the course of things finds about the girls’ relationship.

2014: Jean and Angelo have a DR session involving a kidnapped boy in Madripoor. The session is completed but not without some problems.

2015: Rachel finds Clint to ask him a question about the flight-worthiness of a Hughes F-4 Hercules on long distances and Clint makes her eat and rest from overwork. Case File: The Sting: Bobbi lets X-Factor know that the suspects they brought into custody died while in custody. Cecilia posts asking for help to get her out of watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race with mimosas in bed.

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