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Moment of Awesome - Amadeus Cho: Waking from a nightmare, Quentin finds his roomie in a disturbing fugue state.

Come to think of it, it was the same position Amadeus had been in that morning when Quentin had left for the day.

"Cho," Quentin hoarsely called to his roommate. When he received no response, he repeated himself more loudly. And again. And a fourth time. There was not even an acknowledgment of his existence. And while Quentin had made it clear how he felt about Amadeus, it irked him to be completely ignored in response. He gently left Fuckwad on his pillow and went over to Amadeus's bed to flick his ear. When he continued to not, Quentin muttered something not so kind under his breath, and shoved Amadeus.

The shove did nothing. Amadeus's eyes were fixated on something beyond Quentin. He rolled with another shove, his body simply moving back into position. It was like Amadeus had simply... checked out.

Examination of his notebook revealed a complex set of equations, (mostly physics) with a few genetic components thrown in for good measure. Another set of pages were in Korean, in his cramped but neat handwriting.

"Hey, asshole." Quentin pushed Amadeus again, who returned to the same position like a clown bop bag. "This isn't funny, you little cocksucker." He was half-tempted to smash the bottle upside his roommate's head, but even in his post–vivid nightmare daze, he thought better of it and went back to his bed. Sleep was unlikely to happen at this point, at least not without some help, so he went straight back to the bottle.

A few minutes later, Amadeus finally roused. He blinked rapidly, his eyes flicking back and forth as if he were a computer resetting, and then yawned and stretched, his back letting loose a series of loud cracks.

"Ow," he said, seemingly surprised. He turned and spied his roommate, clad only in his skivvies with a vodka bottle in hand.

"Oh. How did you get there so fast?" he said, voice slightly hoarse.

It was to Amadeus's benefit that Quentin drank himself into inebriation so quickly, or else his question would have elicited another telekinetic fit in the room, this time consciously. "Fuck you. What the fuck are you talking about? It's fucking 3 in the morning. I've been here for two hours. What the fuck were you doing?"

"No, it's--" Amadeus had an internal clock. His awareness told him that he had started his English homework at 9 pm, with every intent of finishing it before going peeping in the social media accounts of a few of the more... libertine members of the Iowa state senate. However, his mind was now telling him that it was no longer 9 pm. It was early morning. Judging by the stiffness of his muscles and-- giving his arm a judicious sniff-- state of sweat evaporation, he'd been that way. For at least 15 hours. If not more.

"What day is it?" Amadeus asked mildly.

"Friday. Keep up with the fucking program. Fuck."

"Oh." Amadeus said, and then ran a hand through his hair. "Shit."

"Yeah." Quentin capped the bottle and set it aside so he had a free hand to pet Fuckwad, who was nuzzling comfortably on his pillow. "The fuck is wrong with you, though? In a coma? You didn't hear any of this?" he asked, indicating the mess he had made in the room, particularly the broken habitat and computer.

Amadeus made a face. "No, I don't seem to ever notice anything when I do that," he sighed.

Quentin blinked. "Do what? Play Sleeping Beauty?"

"I have a traumatic brain injury, and one of the side effects appears to be these..." Amadeus gestured, looking for the right word. "Fugue states. I'm just. Gone. Checked out."

"A brain injury literally explains everything about you," Quentin said with his usual complete lack of sympathy. "You don't, like, go around and kill people and then don't remember any of it, do you? Like some crazy psycho sleepwalking?"

Amadeus regarded Quentin, eyes like slits. There was a long pause where he said nothing. Then he turned to his notebook. "Not that I'm aware of. I apparently decided to work up schematics for a flame-proof material this go round. Last time I woke up in a Tasty Cake delivery truck, apparently having eaten five crates of jelly rolls."

Quentin stared at him flatly. "Of course you did. Why not. Just do me a favor and don't do that bullshit here. It's . . . unsettling."

There was a sharp intake of breath from his roommate. Then Amadeus stood from his bed, stretching, his spine cracking audibly. Then he slowly, purposefully approached Quentin. He lowered himself next to the boy, and put his face very close to Quentin's. There were a few seconds where he let the other boy squirm, and then he spoke.

"I. Can't. Control. It." He enunciated every word carefully, his eyes staring into Quentin's. The pupils were dilated, and it gave the sensation of looking straight into a black hole. "There is an inoperable bullet in my brain. And there is nothing I can do to fix it." There was a faint tremor in his lower left eyelid, then he leaned away from Quentin and stood.

"I can't predict when this happens. I can't control what I do. And I have no idea what I do when I'm out to lunch like that. Thankfully, since hurting people isn't part of my personality, everything I do is benign," he said pointedly. "I know you really only care about your Daddy issues, but if you could be so kind as to make sure I don't accidentally hurt myself when I'm checked out, that would be swell."

It was like someone had replaced the cheerful and apparently carefree young man with an actual human. And if the empty darkness in Amadeus's eyes was not scary enough, the gaping maw that was his mind was worse. Certainly more frightening than dreams of being strapped down while monsters loomed over him.

Today in XProject:

August 15

2003: Kitty and Jamie's two-month anniversary. Rahne and Paige bond over oatmeal bars. Emma hosts a 'blackout soiree' for some of the students.

2004: Red X Mission: Hurricane Charley: - Hurricane Charley hits Florida and various team and RedX members help with the relief efforts. Jono reveals to Paige that his body is starting to break down due to his powers and goes with Emma to find a cure.

2005: Haroun celebrates his birthday. With Malice Aforethought: Lorna is sidelined by Mystique at LAX, and forced to go with her, donning the Malice necklace; Alex continues on to Hawaii, and Lorna/Malice tricks him with the excuse that she needs to stay behind for a while.

2006: Angelica makes the decision to attend Xavier’s.

2007: Angelo and Jono discuss the incident with Forge. Cain encounters Tabitha swimming in the lake to lose weight and makes her more self-conscious. Carmen Animi Vermium: Marius St. Croix runs into his sister Monet again.

2008: Red X Mission: Shake Hands With The Devil: Yvette talks to Laurie about the man she had to let die; Callisto attempts to save a refugee outside the camp, but winds up having leave a mortally-wouded Indian soldier and watch the refugee die; Laurie wants to try and stop the refugees outside the camp being taken, but Crystal steps in, reminding her of the Red Cross's neutrality and the repercussions for everyone; a Tamil boy brings water to each person on the team. Sulaco: Jay is saved by Nathaniel Essex.

2009: Laurie is beaten up by the Danger Room in her first training back. House of Wolves: Agatha proves not very cooperative when asked for details of the attack and the potential targets, but Wanda's cousin Hanzi is more forthcoming, explaining a giant wolf made of shadows, a Rom story he had been telling, attacked them; Mark finds Wanda paying her respects to Agatha's deceased husband and they talk over their next move, asking Wanda's old lover for information. Rose Red: Klara Prast, a young Amish mutant who has run away from her family, discovers she is being used to help grow illegal drugs; when she refuses to continue, the drug dealer threatens to kill her; afraid, Klara's powers grow a maze of thick rosebushes in which she hides and reflects on how she came to this predicament; managing to escape, Klara goes to a police station, where they contact the brother who had left their farm years ago and he takes her home and explains mutants and tells her of a school that has contacted him. Doom cloud meets doom cloud when Nick runs into Kevin in the kitchen and a surprising bout of honesty has the two sharing their histories. Kurt meets Vic whilst climbing one of the outer walls. Nathan teaches Jean-Paul Askani and tells him about being asked to become the public face of Elpis.

2010: Butterflies and Hurricanes: Kevin, Yvette and Cammie take their powers back from Derek, with Cammie and Kevin being injured in the process; Kevin posts to his journal, once again on pain meds. Doug and Emma spend a typical evening at a Hellfire Club soiree.

2011: Adrienne makes a journal entry announcing her return to the mansion and that she'll be teaching history this fall, and that she's glad to be back. Sing Me A Prayer: The team stumbles upon a clue at a church in Milan, aided by the local clergy. Jean and Adrienne bond over feeling guilty about people getting hurt. Jean makes a journal entry about Vanessa's disappearance, asking if anyone has any more information about her enemies or places she might hide. Wade drops by Warren's to discuss all the information his contacts haven't been able to give him on Vanessa's disappearance.

2012: Sarah emails Wade with belated well-wishes and offers donuts to make up for forgetting his birthday. Wade writes a post thanking his gift-givers. Lorna posts an invitation for people to stop by the kitchen to sample the French food she is cooking with Catseye in celebration of Julia Child’s 100th birthday. Clarice posts to express her disgruntlement with no one wanting to vacation in Borneo with her. Sam runs into Scott near the pool and the two catch up before going for a dip.


2014: Adrienne texts Tandy wanting to talk after finding out Tandy has dropped her college courses. Matt posts about upcoming college classes. Jean posts to announce that she and Scott are moving into Ororo’s old attic suite and offers food-and-drink bribes for anyone who helps with the renovations the next day. Maddie meets with Scott to join the X-Men.

2015: Hope comes across Warren and his assistant Jolene at a party and manages to impress the billionaire. Amadeus post a video as revenge for the Russians messing with his social media feeds. Marie Ange posts a list of why she needs coffee. Molly leaves Wade a handmade gun holster for his birthday. Alex and Lorna talk about what happened when he was captured and their relationship. Wanda emails Doug and Emma about finding a way to save Simon’s reputation. It’s Greek To Me: Clint and Molly examine the Atlantean tech; Clint emails Scott and Wanda about moving some equipment around and taking a look at the tech respectively.

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September 6, 2016 - First Day of School.

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  • 'Repent Harlequin!' Cried The Tick Tock Man: An attack against Jacob Lowenstein brings hope to Julian Keller in the wake of his devastating injury.

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