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Moment of Awesome: Bobby Drake/Iceman: When Miles Morales comes to Bobby's work to talk about Serious Matters, cue an extremely awkward conversation.

Miles took one of the chairs, but found he could not sit down comfortably. He blamed the crappy chair and not the tremors running through his body. "Okay, mira," he started, standing back up. "I've been thinking a lot since the party, you know? Like, a lot. And . . . I owe you an apology. A really big one. I crossed a line and made you uncomfortable, and I'm sorry."

"The party, the party..." Bobby rubbed his chin as he tried to recall exactly what Miles was talking about, knowing that neither of them were buying it. "Oh. Oh, yeah, that one." He waved a hand at Miles, leaning back further into the couch. "Nah, no apology needed, man. It was just, y'know." He shrugged as if it were no big deal, but wasn't quite making eye contact with his former roomie. "Stuff happened."

The faux casualness, inability to keep eye contact, and atypically high voice tone all made it obvious to Miles that Bobby did not actually believe what he said. He was still distressed, Miles concluded, so clearly his apology, however genuine, was not accepted. Miles frowned and continued. "No, I . . . Stuff happened 'cuz I wasn't thinking. If I was thinking then I'd've realized I . . . Jesus, I thought this would be easier to say. It was so easy when I talked to Gabo about it."

"None of us were thinking, not about... that kinda stuff." He rubbed the back of his neck. "I mean, dude. It's a typical thing that happens at these parties, the whole bottle stuff, we just didn't plan to, y'know." Bobby looked around to see if anyone else had come into or near the break room before continuing. "The whole lip thing. It's fine, honestly." He really didn't blame Miles for it happening, he was just having a hell of a time wrestling with himself over what it meant, and the kind of thoughts it had him thinking.

"It was a good kiss." Miles's gaze fell to the floor and he sat down listlessly, feeling the energy drain out of him as he made this confession. "I liked kissing you."

Bobby didn't know what to say to that, especially the second part. He'd been wondering how Miles felt about the whole thing, and now he knew. That didn't make it any easier; if anything, it made it about a billion times more difficult, truth be told. His mind strayed to math classes of yore, to examples of trying to solve both sides of an equation, simplifying here and canceling things out there. He couldn't follow the calculus back then and he sure as hell couldn't follow it now. Miles may have solved one side of the equation, but Bobby was feeling hopelessly lost with his part right about now.

He had to answer though, had to say something.

"I..." he stammered. "I... didn't hate it," finished Bobby nervously. "It's all a little strange, I guess. I don't know." He gave another noncommittal shrug and opened his mouth to say more, then closed it just as abruptly.

It may have been a trite comic book cliche, but right now, Miles wished he were facing Doctor Octopus or stuck back in Limbo. He could manage that sort of danger. Any fool can take a stand against villainy, mundane or super. That did not require the kind of bravery he needed for what he would say next. The courage to be honest about oneself, especially to someone so cherished, was something entirely different.

Miles took a deep breath, held it for a second, and let it out before looking up at his friend. "Bobby, I'm bisexual."

"Does that mean what I think it does?" asked Bobby after a few seconds of silence. He was pretty sure he knew but this was all coming at him a little too fast. His usual approach in life of cracking wise or making a joke wasn't going to work here, which made things a little harder to handle too, but he knew this was important.

"Which... if you're... that, and if you liked... that... then..." Even basic relationship arithmetic was stumping him at the moment, it seemed.

The threat of cerebral meltdown would have been funny if this encounter were not so urgent to Miles. He finally found the one thing that stopped Bobby's seemingly never-ending stream of dad jokes and bad puns. And all it took was admitting "I like girls and guys, too. I . . . like you." Miles almost could not believe he finally said that out loud. But that finally broke the dam and more words spilled forth uncontrollably. "I didn't think so at first, I thought it's just, you know, I haven't had a girlfriend in a while and we were drunk and having a fun time but then I thought about it more and it's not just like crossed wires in my brain. I like hanging out with you. I feel good around you. I think you're good looking. More than that, actually. And I know, I know it's just me and you don't think that and it's fine. It's really fine. There's girls I liked who didn't like me back so it's not new. But I have to be honest with you, you know what I mean? I lied to you before and it was terrible and I don't wanna make that mistake again. So . . ."

"So..." Bobby took a deep breath and tried to process all of that. Some of it got through, other parts were gonna take a bit longer to parse. "I mean... dude, I like you too. You're a cool dude, I like hanging out with you, and you're..." This was where it got more difficult. "'re a guy, and I know I like girls, but guys, I... it's not something I've been into before," he said, studying the back of his fingers on his right hand. "Maybe I do too, you were the first one I ever did... stuff with." He was trying hard not to keep saying 'you know' and just trailing off, so Bobby hoped that 'stuff' was an improvement, "And I don't think a guy has ever liked me before, not that I know of, so all of this is pretty new in, like, a bajillion ways." Which didn't make it bad, but it damn well made it confusing. He ran a hand through his hair and exhaled loudly, finally looking up at Miles for the first time in a while.

Today in XProject:

December 1st


2004: Unwell: Nathan finds Marie-Ange outside and takes drastic measures to fix her problem, with some success. Amanda heals Jubilee of her injuries, but it doesn't quite go to plan. Alison manages to stop glowing.

2005: Skeleton Coast: Nathan and the others reach Luederitz, the next site on Esther's map, and find out that Gideon is a step ahead of them - and was a step ahead of Esther, as well; later, Nathan and Pete share a moment of frustration out on the balcony of the hotel, staring into the fog; a subject they're going to have to talk about at some point comes up, but then the future intervenes; Alison and Nathan finally get the chance to talk, at least about the matter at hand; there's a lot more not-talking on other topics. Miles checks on Lorna during a sunstorm, helps her cook, and lets slip that Alison is recording again. No Way Out: Tommy runs into Manuel - or Empath - who gives him a 'gift'. Jamie recruits help to teach Catseye about video games. Scott declares that he will not be doing a Jack Sparrow impression, eyepatch or no eyepatch - but will, however, be eating his grandmother's highly alcoholic rum cookies. Marius posts about the latest development with his mutation, and runs a poll of who in the mansion has long-range passive powers.

2006: Jean begins reconnecting with the mansion's residents, and Marie has some issues for Scott regarding himself, Jean and Logan. Scott and Jean discuss Tibet and their actions regarding Mystique. Operation: Xorn: Nathaniel Essex shows up in the Snow Valley offices and tells Pete he needs the help of X-Force, explaining the Chinese government are going to execute a powerful mutant called Xorn whose death may result in the destruction of China; Betsy reacts badly to Essex' presence and Haller is there to help.

2007: Nathan encounters Jean after the party and they plan to go out and get into trouble. Jay mentions not going to the party. Operation: Melittology: Marie-Ange obtains information in Prague about one of Von Strucker's accounts showing activity and X-Force begins digging. Jishin Da! The field trip group leaves for Japan.

2008: Nori's parents arrive and begin to find out many things they didn't know about their daughter and the school. Amanda emails Angelo, Kurt and Meggan, checking in. Kevin has his session with Leo and the West Coast Annex is suggested as a potential alternative to the school and its stressors. The Magnificent Seven: Sway discovers Tara Trask, Amber Hunt and Ilyas Saidullayev are in Wakanda also.

2009: Catseye runs into Emma while chasing sunbeams and after Emma shows Cats her diamond skin (the shinies distracting Catseye enormously) they discuss the cost of being extraordinary and also Yvette. Julian tries to contact his father but is blocked by the receptionist and explains his situation to Manuel, who offers to help him find a job. After their riding lesson, Amara and Manuel talk about Lil, Valentia, and the weather but awkwardness ensues when Manuel comments that he and Amara have more in common than Lil and Manuel. Nico and Megan have roomie bonding time.

2010: The Gift: Amanda 'ports to LA and joins the X-Men in looking for Nico and the others, narrowing their location to Wyoming.

2011: Sooraya moves into the suite with Yvette and the old/new roommates catch up.

2012: Light in the Darkness: Kane visits Tandy in the Medlab and she asks tons of questions; Kurt makes a post saying that Tandy is back and in the medlab; Tandy, Adrienne and Father Michael Bowen talk about the funeral plans for next week. Kurt meets up with Tandy as she’s leaving the medlab and reassures her. Korvus and Kurt schedule a sparring session. Billy texts Amanda for some help with the snow in the greenhouse classroom. Clint texts Billy asking him how much trouble he’s in from the snow. Callie posts about it snowing in the greenhouse and how the balance of the plants is off. Amanda texts Ororo for some help about the snowing inside the classroom. Clint texts Tandy asking if she is okay. Scott talks to Billy as he's cleaning up the mess. Billy posts that he is sorry for making it snow and that the classroom is almost back to normal. Billy emails Amanda and Wanda asking if a song stuck in his head causes a spell to be cast and if there is anything that could help with that.



2015: Megan points out a puzzle in the Mutant Chronicle that can be found by looking at it upside-down.

2016: Alex suggests an impromptu skiing/snowboarding/tubing trip.


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  • Murder, They Tweeted: A family wedding gets much more exciting than anticipated for Quentin Quire and his plus one, Hank McCoy.

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