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Moment of Awesome: Billy Kaplan/Wiccan: As part of her pickpocketing exam, Hope Abbott has to retrieve chess pieces from various mansion folks. A Billy enjoying some downtime is one of them.

50 degrees was barely outdoors weather, but after the winter's yoyo temperatures, Billy wasn't going to chance letting it pass by. He'd found a semi-secluded corner of the garden, parked himself on a large overturned planting pot, and sounds of guitar chords floated across the yard, occasionally pausing while he scribbled down ideas.

Her two hours were nearly up... she was pretty sure of that. So she had moved outside in the hope of perhaps finding someone over there who had one of the chess pieces. The faint sound of music lured towards it's source and she smiled when she saw Billy playing the guitar. "How is it going? For what I could hear, you are working well..."

"Hey, Hope," Billy greeted as he looked up at placed the voice. "Thanks. This is just tinkering. You should come to a real show, sometime." He tucked the guitar pick between the strings, laying the instrument across his lap. "It's going pretty good. Just enjoying the weather while it lasts. How about you?"

"It was getting kind of stuffy inside and I wanted to get some fresh air. What were you working on?" As he had put down his guitar, she spied a small queen chess piece peeking out from his left pocket. She took a seat at his left side and gestured towards where he had been making his notes. "May I see?"

Billy flashed the pad toward her long enough to reveal a mash-up of musical notes, guitar chords, lyrics, and cryptic shorthand. "You're welcome to, though I doubt it would make sense to anyone but me. I could play you a bit, though, if you want."

"I thought I saw a bit that looked familiar..." Hope leaned closer to get another look, her hand closest to Billy moving towards his pocket. "There on the left." She pointed it out and hummed the tune. "I recognize it from my violin lessons." Her hand flashed out and pulled out the piece, tucking it away in her own pocket.

"You're pretty good at sight reading," Billy complimented, not catching the sleight of hand trick. "We should play together sometime. I don't do a lot of classical guitar, but it's fun at times, and I probably have a duet or two somewhere in my sheet music."

"It's been a while since I played the violin, but I would enjoy that." Hope pulled her phone from her pocket, pretending to have had a message and frowned at it. "I am sorry, Billy, but it seems I have to make a phonecall..."

"No problem," Billy said, giving a small wave. "If I can find that music, I'll drop it by your room at some point so you can look it over. Thanks for stopping by."

"I look forward to it. I hope you have a good day!" With those words, Hope continued on her way.

Today in XProject:

September 29

2003: Crimson Dawn: Ororo informs Nathaniel Essex he isn't to take Betsy from the school before she has spoken to Professor Xavier.

2004: Charles tries in vain to alleviate Remy’s fears, and the Cajun then gets treated to a meal by Lorna and an examination by Madelyn. The doctor also gets a visit from Jubilee, who’s playing hooky, and heads to the bar with Kurt to plot mischievously. Kitty opens the books on which female member of the staff Haroun will hook up with, and when Sam and Alison will get back together. Charles riddles Moira. Nathan continues his search for Moira’s ring, and gets the third degree from Angelo when he loses his balance. That night, Nathan shows the ring to an approving Alison, and then deals with Askani and an astral-projecting Amanda in his dreams. Alex and Lorna continue making up for lost cute while a lot of the student body takes a movie night down in New York City.

2005: Kashmir Waltz: Nathan tells Angelo they need to go to Kashmir to seek information on young mutants. Manuel and Dani nearly sleep together. Jennie emails Fred Duncan to find her mother for her. Upgrade: Dr. Jonathan Hawksmoor talks to Alison about Haroun's recovery and about the old cyberware being an experiment in creating super-soldiers.

2006: Mommy Dearest Redux: Kurt leaves several messages indicating that he will be leaving for a short while.

2007: New Orleans Is Sinking: Research reveals Belladonna has magically enhanced a hurricane and used her political connections to stifle the evacuation; mercenaries are also being used to keep the poor population in New Orleans and blow up the levies as the storm hits to smash Tante's power base; Ororo volunteers to go with X-Force to New Orleans to try and stop the hurricane. Garrison goes to New York to watch over Marie-Ange. Haller emails Lorna about the previous day's goings on. Terry announces a Highlander movie marathon. Kevin accidentally withers a hippie girl's arm as she touches him, and panics. Terry emails Nathan to ask what's happened to Marie-Ange.

2008: Krypteia: Nathan emails Pete about his conclusions re the Taygetos program's private funding; Mariana Machado leaves the mansion, following goodbyes from Angelo and a rather odd scene with Nathan.

2009: Yvette makes her 'new trainee' post at x_team and the naming begins. Wanda emails Amanda inviting her out to lunch. Adrienne reads Kurt's rosary as a powers experiment goes awry and learns a little about his past. Catseye posts asking about a school play for the upcoming year. Julian leaves a present- a t shirt from wootshirt- for Doreen.

2010: Yvette posts about seeing Shan, Nga and Leong in Salem Center. Angel spots Kevin out on the mansion grounds and decides to catch up with him, only to wrangle him into dinner with her mom. Julian invites Dori to a movie. Jean-Paul e-mails Wanda a thank you for the tickets she gave him.

2011: Sam posts about being nice to Adrienne. Korvus talks Lilandra about the truth behind his disappearance and incarceration in Madripoor, and arrangements are made for him to go to Xavier's. The Curse: The showdown between X-Force, the Minorus and Arcana Minoru very much does not go to plan, as Arcana kills Nico's parents and is let loose on the world.

2012: Sooraya and Scott talks about Sooraya going back on active duty.

2013: Maddie posts asking if she could die from a tea overdose because she thinks she has the plague and cold medication makes her loopy. Angel inquires as to whether anyone is missing a pet after she fell asleep outside and woke up among several animals due to her heat output. Tabitha posts asking if anyone wants to partake in a Betty White marathon. Laurie and Doug meet up to discuss her asking him out and the complications involved.

2014: Julian leaves two gifts and a note for Tandy. Tandy texts Julian to thank him for his presents. Megan meets with Amanda after her lesson and asks her to test her dust. Julian leaves Rogue a picture of a handbag that’s en route to her. Jessica and Rogue decide to show off by smashing rocks. Scott and Rogue catch up and reconnect in the Danger Room.

2015: Sooraya takes Angel riding and tries to draw her out on the subject on Clint, with a surprising lack of success. Felicia posts to Instagram showing a picture from the Georgio Armani fashion show she was attending. Aex posts to Instagram showing off pictures from home during his road trip with Lorna.

2016: The Dulcet Sound of My Voice: Clint texts Darcy and lets her know Garrulous and Scanner got away; Darcy, in turn, emails Hope and Doug to let them know.

2017: Quentin sends a fruit bouquet to Emma and Haller. Stephen asks Amanda to teach him offensive magic in the wake of the Shadow King incident.

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Welcome to Salla, our newest XP player, who will be bringing a new Betsy Braddock into the game soon!

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  • eXcalibur: Isle of Glass: A favour for an old friend lands Clint Barton in a whole lot of trouble, involving ancient British magic and the start of a new team.

  • Morningstar: His adventure in Limbo has Consequences for Warren.

  • X-Men Mission: Skull Island: Christian Kane is back. And this time he has a doozy of a mission - a rescue on an island full of giant monsters!

  • Murder, They Tweeted: A family wedding gets much more exciting than anticipated for Quentin Quire and his plus one, Hank McCoy.

  • The Danger Room Paradox: A glitch while modifying the Danger Room results in a quantum event that impacts the whole mansion.

  • Fear in the Dark: Tandy Bowen's past with the entity known as the Dweller gets majorly complicated.

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