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Moment of Awesome - Quentin Quire

Following a violent incident in District X, Quentin lets everyone know exactly what he thinks in a journal post.

District X barely exists anymore. It used to be a thriving neighborhood, one of the only safe communities in the country for mutants. The genocide on M-Day has decimated District X. What few survivors remain have banded together are try to eke out a living in a world that despairs that the M-Day genocide was not complete.

Yesterday, a group of armed men targeted and brutalized a mutant on the street in broad daylight. A mutant who presumably called District X home. A mutant to whom District X was a sanctuary, a respite from the hatred and violence directed against him everywhere else. But these armed men, draped in the American flag, stripped that from him and reminded him and everyone else in District X that there is no safety, no respite. No matter where we are, they will find us and they will hurt us, and we only live because they say we can.

We are mutants. We are born with superhuman abilities. And what did we do yesterday when we witnessed this attempted murder? We ran away. For all Charles Xavier preaches here about our responsibility to make this world a better place for humans and mutants, and how we need to protect ourselves and our family, we did nothing to protect this man. We were more selfishly concerned with our own safety up here in this suburban isolation where it's safe for us few privileged mutants that we would rather watch a man be beaten nearly to death than stand up to injustice.

We want a better world for the few of us who were not slaughtered in the mutant holocaust? Then we have to fucking do something. We can't run away and hide and just wish a better world into existence. We have to fight for it. And if we have to spill blood then we do that. Anything else is meaningless cowardice and we might as well all kill ourselves now to save the flatscans the trouble.

Today in XProject:

August 27

2003: Scott finds Angelo Espinosa begging in LA and offers him a place at Xavier's. Jono and Paige reach something of a truce. Doug runs into Paige in the kitchen and makes something of a fool of himself.

2004: Rahne tells Nathan about Hrimhari and missing Asgard. Blaze of Glory: Distraught about the loss of his family and his honour, Shiro tries to burn out his powers. Cecilia hits breaking point with the latest crisis and Domino is there to help.

2005: Traitor: HeliX Rally in Salem Center Park; Tommy finally discovers his mutant abilities in a dramatic way, and is badly beaten by a group of FOH supporters.

2006: Medusa is told she will be leaving Attilan for New York. Bleeding: Jennie and Marius have an encounter on a rooftop.

2007: The Winding Way: 'In the public interest', Monet asks if Amanda is going to start eating people again and Lorna is suspcious; garage security footage shows someone who looks like Amanda taking books to her car and Amanda is convinced it must be her until Doug and Logan tell her otherwise. Ian and Anika's baby is born. Cain emails Laurie, Kyle and Julio about their conflicting stories about the vase; Yvette is uncomfortable about lying to Cain about the vase and is told not to be silly by the other students; Julio emails Laurie and Kyle about getting their story straight. Tabitha takes Kurt to a gay club for dancing.

2008: Laurie takes Nathan his lunch and is generally snappish until Domino distracts her; Jean is worried about Laurie's stress levels and lack of ability to pace herself and tries to talk to her. Jean asks Callie to come in for her new student physical. Angelo reflects that it's been five years since he was found by Scott. Zanne and Scott break the Danger Room. Time After Time: Angel receives a message from Ben that everything worked out and she lets Forge know. Somewhere More Familiar: Jane asks Jean for a checkup, concerned about her deja vu and vague memories.

2009: Jean-Paul visits Nathan in the wee hours telling him of a necessity to get away from the mansion and drive somewhere and asking if Nathan will accompany him. Cammie has a meeting with Charles Xavier in the wake of her most recent behaviour and offers her one last chance at cleaning up her attitude, recommending anger management classes. Malibu Madness: The verdict is read in Doreen's family's court case and her father is awarded custody of her brother, an outcome which shocks Doreen, her mother, grandfather, and Doreen's supportive friends; Yvette meets Cam's girlfriend, prompting her to seek comfort for her broken heart with Angel and some ice cream as they discuss boys, Yvette's perpetual little-sister image, and her longing to have a boyfriend; their talk is interrupted however by a story on the television news about the release from jail of drug lord Gordon McPhearson and the arrival of Cam, which leads to an attempt at an apology and some bitter words from Yvette, along with a request for some space before Cam continues to write her; Catseye gives Julian a laking (in the ocean) for trying to break into his dad's liquor cabinet; Catseye and Fred grill Julian about his emo behaviour as Fred grills burgers. Jean-Paul emails Jeanne-Marie to apologize for leaving. Tabitha emails the New Mutants asking what they expect in a leader and letting them know she intends to apply for the position.

2010: Jean-Paul goes to Jean to request help with his powers. Meggan shares her excitement about getting a learner's permit. Julian and Nico have sex in the library. Tabitha sends out a subtle warning via the journal system, reminding everyone that the library is a public location and should not be used as a place to hook up. Jake and Kevin finally meet. Jean-Paul and Kevin spend time in New York together.

2011: Christian's Angels: Jubilee sms's Doug to let him know she's going to Hong Kong. Doug sms's Wade about both of their girlfriends being out of the country.

2012: X-Men Mission: Joyful Noixe: Dori posts a thank-you to the X-Men on behalf of Big Bertha. Hope meets Adrienne in the sun room and the two discuss books and all things French. Jubilee and Kurt have a picnic on the grounds and talk about the non-possibility of having children. Maddie goes to investigate Rachel for herself, armed with cookies.

2013: No Way Back: Hope’s father catches her trying to sneak out of the house and agrees to go on a walk with her to rescue a lost girl; along with Amy, Hope and her father join the rescue party; Hope's mother confronts her about what happened, and everything comes to a head.

2014: Cecilia posts stating that term is about to start and she is looking forward to having permanent adult swim. Topaz and Rogue meet in the gym and chat before Rogue offers to spill the gossip on anyone, particularly Amanda.

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New characters coming soon: Monica Rambeau, Sharon Friedlander, Sebastian Druid, Stephen Strange and Clea Lake

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    PHASE 2 HAS BEGUN!!! Follow our characters as they traverse a brave new world and cope with the destruction of everything they knew.

  • For Cata! Three friends use their abilities to protect a giant faerie cat from a reality TV hunter.

  • Paradise Lost: The Hellfire Club is dead; all hail the new Hellfire Club!

  • Burn The Witch: Topaz gets into trouble in India. Luckily, she knows a team of spies.

  • The Good Samaritan: An act of heroism backfires for Sharon Friedlander, drawing the attention of SHIELD.

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