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Content Warning: This page contains the death of a significant character/NPC.

Content Warning: This page contains graphic violence, blood and gore.

Jake Gavin was brought back to the mansion by Remy LeBeau to return to the school in order to help him with Intel in the wake of Pete Wisdom's departure. Betsy Braddock returned from her soul-searching trip in England. Henry McCoy, Forge and Danielle Moonstar went to Oklahoma for Dani's divorce proceedings. Dani also announced that she intended for Hank to adopt her baby. Madelyn Bartlet finally got her vacation and when she returned, ended the affair with Remy. Both Hank and Kurt Wagner declared their feelings for Madelyn and she chose Hank. Forge had a riding accident and broke his arm.

Alphonso de la Rocha was assassinated, despite the X-Men guarding him against Pete. Manuel de la Rocha grieved for his father and when Amanda tried to talk to him about it, he realised that she had known ahead of time it was going to happen and threatened her with his powers if she didn't tell him the truth. As a result of this, Amanda fled the mansion, intercepted by Alison Blaire at the last minute and agreeing to go with Kurt to stay with the Szardos Clan in Germany. Whilst in Germany, the family discovered a mutant child being sold by a rival clan and rescued her; she was adopted by Margali and given the name Meggan Szardos. Amanda and Kurt returned with her to the school in order to provide her with the training and help she needed, Amanda acting as her primary caregiver, much to Manuel's displeasure and the concern of several people who felt she had taken on too much. Amanda refused to give Meggan up, despite the child's hatred of Manuel and the difficulties posed by Amanda's lifestyle and the magic.

Pete's decision to become White King of the Hellfire Club was seen as a betrayal by those closest to him. Remy attempted to warn Charles Xavier about the security implications and the Pack relocated to avoid compromising the school's security.

Jubilation Lee and Shiro Yoshida both became X-Men trainees, much to Alex Summers' displeasure in the latter case. Clarice Ferguson began work as a junior EMT after Madelyn's intervention on her behalf. Paige Guthrie continued to show signs of not coping with Jono Starsmore's discorporeal condition, resulting in several people voicing concerns which were generally met with denial and hostility. A trip to Disneyland with Lorna Dane was better received. Forge talked to various people about relaunching HeliX.

Jay Guthrie had a series of gigs, the last of which a group of the students and Terry Cassidy's new boyfriend Tommy Jones attended. Tommy, a member of the local FOH chapter, lured Jay into an alley and beat him nearly to death after they kissed. Jay's healing factor saved him, but he blamed himself for the incident and refused to talk about it with anyone or have official action taken.


Apr 1 - Hellfire and Damnation: Pete explains to Amanda what he has to do in response to the murder of his father. Lorna tells Alex she's going to Disneyland with Paige, and he takes it better than she expected. Remy brings Jake Gavin back to the mansion to help with intelligence gathering. Hank gives Madelyn a taser.

Apr 2 - Madelyn argues with the director of the local EMT service to get Clarice's application for a job looked at again. Nathan hallucinates and has an argument with his subconscious. In seperate events, Alison, Amanda and Angelo run into and greet Jake. Hellfire and Damnation: Pete Wisdom disables a team of X-Men who are helping to bodyguard Alphonso de la Rocha, intent on taking out his revenge on the man. Alison attempts to stop him, and in the process, Alphonso is killed.

Apr 3 - Dani asks Hank to adopt her baby. Hellfire and Damnation: Alison informs Charles about Alphonso's death; Manuel finds out that his father has been killed, and believes that the de la Rocha line is ended; he discovers Amanda knew beforehand and tells her to leave; Alison finds Amanda about to run away and suggests she and Kurt go to the Szardos Clan for a while; Jean and Manuel talk in the null-Psi room after Manuel has a breakdown about his father's death.

Apr 4 - Jubilee visits Amanda to try to comfort her after Manuel's journal post announcing his father's death. Hank, Forge and Dani go to Oklahoma to appear at Dani's court appearance for her divorce, and encounter Sheldon, and Sheldon's mother. Jean writes a letter she will never send to Thomas, the boyfriend she had while suffering amnesia.

Apr 5 - Dani and Forge talk about Hank adopting Dani's baby, Wanda meets Jake, feeds him and they become roommates. Jubilee becomes a full trainee.

Apr 6 - Jean meets Wanda, and learns that Wanda's powers mean she can disapper from telepaths. Remy visits Amanda at the Rom camp in Germany, and they talk about her possible return to the school. Scott confesses to Jean that he had a relationship with Betsy.

Apr 7 - Jean and Hank talk late at night, and Jean has a breakdown about Scott's relationship with Betsy. Haroun counsels Shiro about his reasons for wanting to join the X-Men. Jay has therapy with Leonard Samson. Shiro goes to Marie-Ange to ask about what training to be an X-Man is like.

Apr 8 - Shiro talks to Alison and Scott about becoming a trainee. Manuel seeks company and comfort from Kitty, and then Lusanya.

Apr 9 - Angelo talks to Hank about his future career choices. Cain visits Nathan in the infirmary and they talk about the X-Men.

Apr 10 - Margali Szardos recieves word that another clan has a 'demon' that they are exhibiting in a traveling circus and discovers it is a mutant child; the Szardos family discusses ways to rescue the child, who is not a demon, and Amanda offers to use part of her trust fund to buy the child off the rival clan.; later that same night, Amanda soothes the child to sleep, and then has a dream, wherein the child's name is revealed to be Meggan.

April 11 - Nathan gives Manuel a message from Pete, as unwelcome as it might be that Manuel is in no danger from Pete. Cain fills Doug and Marie-Ange in on his status as Charles' step-brother, and his real age. Shiro makes it known that he wants to train for the X-Men, and is accepted as a trainee, and conseqentualy recieves threats from both his girlfriend, Clarice and his sister Leyu to kill him if he ever gets hurt on a mission.

April 12 - Forge speaks to Jamie and Manuel about restarting HeliX. Alex does not take Shiro's news about joining the X-Men well. Jake seeks out Nathan for a break from work, and help with Pete's files, and then in typical Jake fashion, mooches food from another person - in this case, Dani.

Apr 13 - Forge and Paige argue on the journals when Paige misinterprets a joke.

Apr 14 - Jean meets Mother Askani, and the similarities between the two do not go unnoticed. Forge gets advice from Lorna on how not to be a jerk, and on his quasi-relationship with Paige. Nate and Haroun share travel experiences, and plot to torment the trainees with training sessions.

Apr 15 - Jean's sister meets with her in person after the news that Jean is really alive. Forge and Dani attend Dani's lamaze classes - and then play hooky from them. Rahne and Nate talk about plans for Nate's wedding. Jubilee and Hank talk about Jubilee's good grades.

April 16 - More wedding chats - this time, Nate and Cain. Nathan has another conversation with himself, and Amanda decides to return to the mansion - with Meggan. Terry and Tommy have a successful date. Hellfire and Damnation: Pete tells Domino his plan for keeping the students at the mansion safe from revenge from the Hellfire Club.

Apr 17 - Jake and Scott bond over cars, ire at Remy and plans for Jake going into the field as part of X-Men|Intel]]. Alison agrees to help Jay record songs and perform them. Nathan and Alison talk about the next semester's curriculumn, and how they are both paring down the classes they teach. Scott and Haroun talk about training the trainees, Danger Room scenarios, and leadership.

Apr 18 - Amanda sees Nathan for the first time since she left and introduces him to Meggan; later, Amanda tries to use the link to talk to Manuel and runs up against a weave designed specifically against her. Betsy catches the plane back to New York from England.

Apr 19 - Forge talks to Jean about HeliX and political activity. Betsy returns to the mansion and talks to Nathan about Youra; Betsy talks to Scott about Jean and has a reunion with Kitty. Domino wakes from her three-day bender after finding out about Pete joining the Hellfire Club. Alex and Lorna talk about making a male swimsuit calendar to raise funds for HeliX and talk about Lorna's issue with Manuel. Amanda and Angelo mark the first anniversary of Rack's death.

Apr 20 - Remy and Jake discuss the state of Intel's resources following Pete's defection. Alison and Haroun uncover Alison's insecurity about other women. Manuel tells Alex his version of what happened with Lorna. Amanda and Meggan encounter Manuel in the kitchen and it goes badly, ending with Meggan biting him; later, Amanda and Manuel meet and talk about what happened and make some small attempts at resolving things. Jake and Meggan meet and discover the other is a shapeshifter. Jay gets auditions for gigs locally. Hellfire and Damnation: Domino tells Charles and Nathan about Pete's defection.

Apr 21 - Madelyn returns from vacation and she and Kurt discuss Meggan and the Grgics, Madelyn decides to take action; Madelyn visits Nathan and they talk about the wedding; Madelyn tells Hank about her job offer from Fred Duncan. Meggan meets Kyle. Alison has her first piloting session in the Blackbird. Jean has another conversation with herself, over her frustration at being grounded. Manuel and Dani discuss Amanda and Manuel's problems with people.

Apr 22 - Haroun takes Nathan for his rehab training. Meggan gets her first physical. Remy and Cain discuss Pete and Cain reminds Remy of what he has at the mansion and they talk about Madelyn. Madelyn and Jean talk about Remy. Shiro confronts Nathan about his 'poltergeist'. Nathan and Amanda discuss the legalities of Meggan's situation and plans are made. Remy and Jake discuss work whilst Jake eats, yet again.

Apr 23 - Remy finally gets a physical from Jean. Amanda tells Alex what she had to do to Selene last November. Hank and Dani discuss him adopting the baby. Madelyn reveals to Nate that Mistra had a copy of his birth certificate. Remy kidnaps Amanda to go clubbing.

Apr 24 - Kurt and Hank speak about Madelyn and then Hank discloses their feelings to her. Madelyn spends a night deciding and chooses Hank. Stigmata: Scott tries to ease Paige's load and she reacts badly. Madelyn talks to Jubilee about Paige's increasing not-coping-ness. Lorna and Nathan discuss Manuel.

Apr 25 - Amanda talks to Alison about Meggan and the decision is made to ask Margali to adopt her. Alison also tells her about Pete joining the Hellfire Club and Amanda calls Romany for reassurance. Meggan's medical discloses she is actually between 12 and 15 years old. Kitty gets her pre-registration packet for NYU and celebrates by taking people out for cake. Remy and Jubilee talk about his past.

Apr 26 - Nathan and Alex discuss the 'poltergeist' and Shiro joining the X-Men. Haroun trains hand-to-hand with Alison.

Apr 27 - On the anniversary of their link being repaired, Amanda sends Manuel a memory crystal in the attempt to help him understand her. Nathan and the Askani help Lorna with anti-empath shielding. Alison and Anika exchange memories of the departed. Dani meets Karen the FOHer in the mall and they clear the air. Family: Forge receives a clue to Catseye's past.

Apr 28 - Alison goes with Illyana on one of her Russian trips. Amanda consults Nathan and Lusanya about the incident with Meggan and Manuel. Hellfire and Damnation: Nate and Remy clash over the Pack and their connections with Pete. Traitor: Tommy nearly beats Jay to death after a gig and then breaks up with Terry.

Apr 29 - Hank and Madelyn talk about the attack on Jay and the inaction by the local police. Remy and Domino discuss Pete and the Intel situation and then Domino talks to Amanda about anything but Pete. Traitor: Jay insists on the details of his condition being kept confidential. Amanda, Marie-Ange and Meggan move into one of the senior suites.

Apr 30 - After an incident with one of Strange's books, it's decided Meggan won't come to Amanda's magic lessons any more. Traitor: Jay and Terry talk and Terry suspects it was Tommy who attacked him. Growing Pains: Forge has a fall from a horse and breaks his arm; later Hank suspects complications.


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