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Applicants are expected to have read the Rules before applying. Also, the FAQ and Application Checklist are extremely useful for applications, so please use them. ;)

Considering its longevity, there's a lot to know about X-Project. Hopefully some of your possible questions will be answered below. If you have a suggested question contact the Wiki editorial team.

FAQ 1 - What is X-Project? - players, mods, the relaunch, setting, geography, politics, etc.

FAQ 2 - Reading X-Project - journals, feedback, in-jokes, etc.

FAQ 3 - Applying to X-Project - the basics: rules, canon knowledge, holds, journals

FAQ 4 - Applying to X-Project - choosing a character; banned characters, previously played characters; PBs

FAQ 5 - Applying to X-Project - character background, powers

FAQ 6 - Applying to X-Project - teams: what they are and how to join them

FAQ 7 - Joining X-Project - character introduction, the school, the institute, Snow Valley Research Centre

FAQ 8 - Playing X-Project - activity levels and logs.

FAQ 9 - Playing X-Project - plots

FAQ 10 - Playing X-Project - character development, NPCs and villains, and Wiki updating.


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