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Again, putting something up for people to poke and prod and see what works. I've also bookmarked the help page for MediaWiki so I can actually do some formatting. All by hand, but eh, them's the breaks.

Basically, I've done up a very basic front page with a table of contents for future additions. We will need some sort of intro blurb at some stage just to explain the purpose of discrete plots within the game etc. What's listed for 2004 is from my own list I've been making for the purposes of tagging. Once the tagging's done, the link to the appropriate tag/memories page can be put under "External Links" for each plot. 'Reclaimed' is the unnamed plot where Alison and Nate go and grab Foley after Kyle's rescue. Frito, I sort of made up a name for Kyle's intro plot, given it was an X-Men mission, but feel free to change it to something better.

As for the first actual plot listed... Pretty basic for now, but covers the essentials. If there's anything format-wise people think I've missed or included that should be fixed, go ahead and edit or suggest changes. Rossi 19:51, 31 August 2006 (EDT)