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In the aftermath of her mother and stepfather's deaths, Tandy Bowen attended their funeral in Ohio with Adrienne Frost accompanying her for support. Tandy was disgusted to discover her comatose father Nathan Tyler (the killer of her parents) was named as her guardian by the will, but with court intervention given the circumstances, her uncle Michael Bowen and Adrienne were appointed co-guardians. This was a huge step for Adrienne and she wasn't entirely sure of her ability to be a suitable parent to a young teen-aged girl given her personal history. Clint Barton also had parentage issues to consider, as his foster fathers informed him they wanted to formally adopt him. Both Clint and Tandy pooled resources, as it were, sharing a kiss at Billy Kaplan's birthday party. Tandy also found another way to cope with her trauma, as she and Topaz discovered the witch could use emotions as fuel for her magic, causing them to fade.

Warren Worthington and Betsy Braddock both returned from absences, with Betsy being convinced by David Haller to stay at the mansion due to some strangeness with her powers. Rachel Kinross-Dayspring also checked in with Angelo Espinosa and Kurt Sefton during her search for Xorn. Vance Astrovik left for training at the West Coast Annex.

The X-Men acquired a new trainee - Johnny Gallo, who was given the trainee name of "Pinball". Adrienne took on a code name also following use of her real name in the mission to retrieve Tandy making her uncomfortable about her security, deciding on "Cover Girl". Sooraya Qadir acquired several boxes of files as X-Corps took over Elpis' Afghanistan projects and Billy acquired an awful lot of snow in the greenhouse classroom when he got "Let It Snow" inadvertently stuck in his head, requiring a massive clean up job and consulting with his magic teacher, Amanda Sefton. Jennie Stavros, despite news that there was a mole present at the mansion, decided to stay, taking an offer from the Professor to become a teacher (somewhat incredulously). Sam Guthrie decided to join X-Corps. Angelo and Jean-Phillipe Colbert talked over their situation, deciding that they would continue to see each other romantically.

On Christmas Eve, disaster hit X-Force, with the brownstone suffering a carefully planned attack and Artie Maddicks, who had been visiting, and Jubilation Lee being seriously injured. Remy LeBeau read Carmilla Black the riot act, demanding that she prove her commitment to the team or leave. In order to recuperate, and perhaps get her motley crew of apprentices to bond, Amanda insisted all three - Billy, Topaz and Nico all go on the snowfields vacation sponsored by the Professor.

Finally, another disaster struck in the days approaching the New Year, with Molly Hayes suddenly showing signs of psychically-induced amnesia and having several "wipes" whenever things became traumatic. Her parents arrived and reluctantly confessed to being the cause - through Alice's use of telepathy to wipe anything untoward or traumatic from Molly's mind - and an uneasy truce was declared as they remained in Salem Center to help with Molly's therapy.


Dec 1 - Light in the Darkness: Kane visits Tandy in the Medlab and she asks tons of questions; Kurt makes a post saying that Tandy is back and in the medlab; Tandy, Adrienne and Father Michael Bowen talk about the funeral plans for next week. Kurt meets up with Tandy as she’s leaving the medlab and reassures her. Korvus and Kurt schedule a sparring session. Billy texts Amanda for some help with the snow in the greenhouse classroom. Clint texts Billy asking him how much trouble he’s in from the snow. Callie posts about it snowing in the greenhouse and how the balance of the plants is off. Amanda texts Ororo for some help about the snowing inside the classroom. Clint texts Tandy asking if she is okay. Scott talks to Billy as he's cleaning up the mess. Billy posts that he is sorry for making it snow and that the classroom is almost back to normal. Billy emails Amanda and Wanda asking if a song stuck in his head causes a spell to be cast and if there is anything that could help with that.

Dec 2 - Sue texts Tandy to see if she is okay and what happened and that she is sorry for not making it to the medlab. Adrienne posts that she will be in Ohio with Tandy for the funeral and that the students will feel her wrath if anyone is disrespectful, also she makes sure that everyone watches the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to keep up the the tradition. Hope helps Tandy pack for her trip back to Ohio. Hope emails the students, minus Tandy, and says that she is ordering some flowers for the funeral and asking if anyone wants to sign the card. Clint emails Sharon and asks if she could give him and Tandy a lift to the see The Hobbit for the midnight viewing when it comes out.

Dec. 3 - Maddie texts Marie-Ange to talk about the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy. Maddie and Sharon discuss holiday volunteering during an encounter at the pool. After training, Doug and Laurie visit a sushi restaurant and meet Kyle and Dori there.

Dec. 4 - Sooraya posts to X-Corps to let them know Elpis has sent over their documentation of the Afghanistan project and that she will be storing them in a closet as she goes through them. Adrienne takes Tandy out to eat to get away from her parents’ wake and they discuss protection from things that go bump in the night. Johnny posts a picture of his abs for the ladies to see.

Dec. 5 - Tandy texts Sue during her parents’ will reading to lament that her mother named Nathan Tyler as her guardian.

Dec. 6 - Laurie makes a post about seeing pictures of a grumpy cat on Tumblr. Tandy texts Clint to ask where he is.

Dec. 7 - Jubilee posts a video about Fraggles as a gift. Sharon makes a post about a mansion snowball fight on Saturday and about volunteering for the holiday season. Professor Xavier announces that he has rented a chalet December 30-January 2 for the students, staff, and guests. Maddie texts Billy about a meat thermometer, glitter glue, and pancake mix. Matt gets Adrienne to figure out a Christmas gift for Sue for him.

Dec. 8 - Matt and Hope go holiday shopping and Hope chastises Matt about not being a gentleman. Angel and Lorna go see the Lion King on Broadway.

Dec. 9 - Kyle and Wade clean out the kitchen.

Dec 10 - Johnny talks to Scott about joining the team; Johnny posts to x_team, announcing his trainee status and asking for a code name. Sooraya and Jennie meet and catch up.

Dec 11 - Amanda posts about London being confused about a giant rubber duck floating down the Thames. Tandy asks the students for help with her backlogged homework. Light in the Darkness: Father Michael asks Adrienne to be Tandy’s co-guardian with him; unnerved by the request, Adrienne talks it over with Garrison.

Dec 12 - Scott announces Johnny’s trainee name is “Pinball”. Clarice notes that the world has not ended as predicted. Lorna announces gingerbread house making in the kitchen. Adrienne talks to Haller about becoming Tandy’s guardian and about her adopting a code name while on X-Men missions. Angel posts about wanting a ferret. Katabasis: Jennie gets in touch with her group in England and is told there might be an enemy mole at the mansion. Clint reflects on the uniqueness of the date - 12/12/12.

Dec 13 - In the middle of studying for finals, Yvette asks for a partner for a theraputic Danger Room run. Jennie meets with the Professor and is offered a place to stay and a job - teaching.

Dec 14 - Wade texts Marie-Ange with an offer of curry. Lorna texts Wade about Angel’s birthday gift. Clint emails Kyle about his extra credit assignment. Clarice uses her wiles to get food from Lorna, then eats and runs.

Dec 15 - Laurie reflects on the possibility of living forever. Lorna texts Angel to wish her a happy birthday and to come get her gifts; Angel is gleeful about her two new pet ferrets; Sue gives Angel a voucher for a candy store. Clarice offers to buy lunch for someone helping her with her mall shopping trip. Tandy has a bad dream and Topaz discovers that when she uses someone’s emotions to fuel a spell, she drains that emotion. Maddie finds Clint contemplating his foster fathers' desire to adopt him, and gives him a dose of sensibility. Clint stops by Kyle's office to discuss Le Mis and the conversation wanders a bit.

Dec 16 - Warren announces his return to New York. Sooraya gives Angel a plushie calf, in memory of a discussion they once had. Tandy invites people to join her watching a favourite Christmas movie. Betsy appears in Haller’s office and startles him; Haller posts to x_journal to announce Betsy is staying at the mansion for a time.

Dec 17 - Sue makes a journal entry asking about Christmas stockings, where they hang them and what kind people have. Maddie e-mails Hope, Tandy, Renee, Molly, Topaz, Sue, and Clint about Billy’s birthday, the end of the world, and Christmas break plans. Tandy is called back to Adrienne's classroom where her Uncle and Adrienne tell her what their plan is. Betsy e-mails the Trenchcoats about being home for the immediate future. Betsy makes a journal entry announcing her return for the time being.

Dec 18 - Sam pays Angelo a visit to discuss his future plans and making a big change in his life.

Dec 19 - Sue e-mails Clarice and Tandy about making some home-made Christmas stockings. Billy posts a graphic outlining the 7 day forecast and disavows any responsibility for the same should it occur. Scott announces Vance has moved to the West Coast Annex to focus on powers training. Marie-Ange comes to see Angelo at the office and issue certain friendly threats. Jean-Phillipe makes a journal entry about watching the Miss Universe Pageant.

Dec 20 - Lorna posts to her journal to announce that she will not be cooking on Christmas Day, but that she had made more than enough food for those staying around. Doug makes a journal entry about the end of the world and a well-timed Nintendo announcement. Maddie texts Clint in code. Hope e-mails Maddie about potential gift ideas for Clint. Hope also e-mails Haller about a change of plans and potentially joining the ski trip. Sooraya e-mails Angel about going out for supper on Saturday. Angel e-mails Doug to ask for help in brushing up on her Urdu. Angel makes a journal entry musing about the so-called end of the world. In the Danger Room, Betsy engages in the long process of teaching Haller the art of avoiding death, with the end result of many tennis balls dying for a half-learned lesson. Angelo and Jean-Philippe partake in the watching of a recording of the Miss Universe Pageant, and figure out where they stand with one another.

Dec 21 - Operation: Poisoned Honey: Remy posts to x_snowvalley about the deaths of two members of their network and the need of answers for what’s going on. Yvette posts to her journal asking if anyone’s seen her hairnet. Lorna texts Angel about her ferrets being potentially on the loose. Billy e-mails everyone who attended his party to thank them for the same. Angel makes a journal entry apologizing for her ferrets’ misappropriation of shiny objects. Clint texts Tandy about their kiss during the prior evening. Wade texts Marie-Ange to ask if she’s free for New Year’s Eve. Maddie texts Clint about his kiss with Tandy. Haller and Betsy discuss holiday plans. Clarice comes across Artie using his powers to get beer in a bar in New York.

Dec 22 - Operation: Poisoned Honey: After their various investigations, X-Force come together to discuss their findings. Jubilee makes a journal entry about surviving the so-called end of the world. Haller announces his and Betsy’s absence spending winter break in Indonesia. Sarah V. tries to get caffeinated before confronting the mall, and Angel gives her a little caffeine-flavored push. An over-caffeinated Sarah makes a frantic journal entry about her newfound love for Red Bull. Maddie shares a YouTube video from her flight back home. Amanda sends Meggan an Amazon package of both the Harry Potter movie and book sets for her birthday. Tandy seeks out Topaz to ask for a favour. Clint nearly runs Topaz over in his rush to get back to his suite, but he pauses long enough to make a vague offering of friendship.

Dec 23 - Operation: Poisoned Honey: While at one of her usual haunts, Cammie meets a kindred spirit. Tandy texts Sue about a movie she’s excited for them to watch. Megan makes a journal entry about surviving her first Christmas season in retail and that she has cards to pass out to people. Artie texts Dori to let her know he’s staying on Marie-Ange’s couch after a rigorous powers training session and to let everyone know he’s ok. Johnny runs into Laurie practicing archery, resulting in hilarity (or at least terror) for all.

Dec 24 - Operation: Poisoned Honey: The X-Force team in Madrid capture their assassin; calling a number found on the assassin, the team discovers that their ambush was not the only one in play; in New York, Cammie’s new friend lets a couple of his own acquaintances into the Brownstone and is spotted by Bucky Barnes; the Brownstone is attacked by what turns out to be the Serpent Society; Marie-Ange sends an email to Xavier’s staff informing them that Artie was injured during the attack; upon the field team’s return, Remy has some words and an ultimatum for Cammie. Jean-Phillipe texts Marie-Ange, asking for her whereabouts, and then texts Angelo to inform him of the same. David texts Wade to inform him of the attack and that Marie-Ange is in the clinic. Rachel surprises Angelo with a call. Tandy texts Clint asking him what he is up to. Wade texts Marie-Ange with an offer of food. Rachel calls Kurt to check in and deliver her well wishes. Jubilee texts Kurt, requesting food after leaving the hospital. Wade checks in on Doug via text.

Dec 25 - Jubilee posts in x_snowvalley to check in on the rest of the team. Doug posts in x_snowvalley to inform everyone of Wade’s impending visit. Adrienne texts Tandy to wish her Merry Christmas with a promise to call. Hope leaves gifts for the New Mutants at their doors. Kane and Adrienne spend Christmas in a room at the Plaza, and exchange presents in the afternoon. In the early hours of Christmas Day, after getting her text, Kurt goes to the Brownstone to look after Jubilee. Doug checks in with Rachel, and feelings are discussed.

Dec 26 - Sue has gifts for the New Mutants. Wade leaves Marie-Ange’s Christmas presents on her bed. Wade has Christmas presents for Meggan, Molly, Matt, North, Amanda, Wanda, Doug, Korvus, Angel, Sarah M., Sarah V., and Maddie. Lorna posts that there are pancakes in the kitchen. Matt leaves gifts for Adrienne and the New Mutants in their Christmas stockings.

Dec 27 - Amanda emails Billy, Topaz and Nico ordering them to attend the weekend NYE trip to the mountains. Amanda informs her colleagues of her upcoming absence. Kurt brings Tandy to meet his family and she has a good time. Amanda posts that she is providing transport to Kurt’s birthday feast. Artie wakes up in the hospital following the events of Operation: Poisoned Honey, and talks to Jubilee and Marie-Ange about what happened.

Dec 28 - Artie emails Sooraya asking her to bring his DVDs to the medlab for him. Wade changes the bandage on Marie-Ange's wound after the events of Poisoned Honey.

Dec 29 - Auld Lang Syne: Wade brings Molly to the comic book store where he meets her friend Adam. Sue and Tandy chat as Sue packs Tandy’s things for the ski trip, and a pillow fight ensues. Paige emails Haller, CC-ing Betsy, reminding them that Danger Room sessions are recorded and archived.

Dec 30 - Matt learns to ski while Sue helps before a snowball fight and hot chocolate ensue. Auld Lang Syne: Molly runs into Callie for the first time since Genosha but starts behaving strangely.

Dec 31 - Jean announces on her journal that she is in Hawaii with Scott for their anniversary, to be followed by a trip to Muir, and warns that they should only be contacted for (dire) emergencies. Tandy wishes everyone a happy New Year. Auld Lang Syne: Molly interrupts a visit between the Frost sisters and it becomes clear she has no memory of events since the previous May, before Genosha; Emma questions Wade about a possible cause for Molly's amnesia; while Emma and Wade talk, Adrienne takes care of Molly, who freaks out when she sees the snow outside; when Wade tells Molly it's December, she has another fit and is rushed to medlab; Adrienne, Wade and Emma talk about what happened to Molly, with Emma revealing that stress appears to be causing Molly's mind to "reset" itself and Wade and Adrienne agree to talk to Molly's friend from the comic store; Adrienne and Wade talk to Adam, but discover that he is an ordinary human and had nothing to do with it; Molly's parents arrive and things are tense as it's revealed that Alice's wiping of Molly's memories is the cause of the problem; a shaky truce is made with Alice and Gene staying in Salem Center to help with Molly's therapy.


Light in the Darkness

Operation: Poisoned Honey

Auld Lang Syne

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