Fabian Cortez

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Fabian Cortez
Portrayed by Özgür Çevik
Known Aliases: Fazil Cosar
Affiliations: Independent - pro-mutant
Socked By: Ben
Introduction: June 16, 2007

A follower of Magneto's teachings, Cortez hopes one day to impress his idol enough to be asked to join his Brotherhood of Mutants.


Name: Fazil Cosar

Aliases: Fabian Cortez

Affiliation: N/A

First appearance: June 16, 2007

Family: Unknown


Fabian Cortez was born Fazil Cosar in Chicago, IL some time during the 1960s. His family practiced Islam, but unlike other Turkish Muslims in the community, they held a number of unfamiliar rituals and traditions. When Fazil was in college, he discovered that his family was actually donmeh, Jews who had converted to Islam under Ottoman pressure after the false messiah Shabbetai Zvi became an apostate, but still secretly practiced Judaism. Like many young people, he'd searched for a deeper meaning to life than the superficial, and Judaism filled that hole.

Though his mutation to enhance another mutant's powers just by touching them emerged when he was a teenager, his status as a mutant didn't affect his sense of self-identity until he started to study Kabbalah. When Magneto's existence and later his history came to light, Fazil found himself entranced by the mutant's charisma and power. He interpreted Magneto's actions as fulfilled prophecies foreseen in the Bible and Zohar, and came to the conclusion that Magneto was the Messiah and required a prophet of his own. Adopting the name Fabian Cortez (from the Fabian military strategy and conquistador Hernán Cortéz, respectively) to demonstrate his belief of conquest by wearing down his enemies, he began a search for Magneto to offer him his service.

To this end, he assisted Maximus Boltagon in his attempt to take the throne of Attilan - boosting the prince's telepathic powers, Cortez hoped to gain power and prestige. He fled the island shortly before Maximus' coup, thus avoiding being trapped when Attlian disappeared. He later reappeared in the company of Milan, whose powers he was boosting to enable the pair access to a famed final invention by the genius Tesla that Cortez hoped would be a suitable gift for Magneto. This plan was thwarted by Forge and Doug Ramsey and Cortez escaped. His whereabouts are currently unknown.


Cortez possesses the mutant ability to amplify another's mutants powers via physical contact. The extent of this amplification and its duration are at the whim of Cortez, and like Kick, may cause the target to develop an addiction.


Sound of Silence



Socked by: Ben

PB: Özgür Çevik