For Cata!

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For Cata!
Dates run: August 26, 2015
Run By: Rei
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Besides, trust Bas, he's gonna be having the time of his life right now leading Bloodstone and his crew through every nook and crevice he can think of. They won't know what's hit them.

Three friends employ unusual methods to protect their giant faerie cat from a reality show.


Clea Lake, Sebastian Druid, Stephen Strange, Amanda Sefton, Megan Gwynn


Ulysses Bloodstone


August 26, 2015

Plot Summary

Attending the same summer camp in England since they were eight years old, lifelong friends Clea, Bas and Stephen found that their last year at the camp was probably the most exciting. Having found an injured Cath Palug or giant faerie cat in the woods several years prior, they were dismayed to discover reality TV "hunter" Ulysses Bloodstone was on the hunt for the giant cat reported to be living in the woods. With Bas using his shapeshifting talent to distract Bloodstone and his camera crew with a wild goose chase in the woods, Stephen and Clea put their magical skills to the test and managed to shrink Cata down to a more normal cat size.

Their plan appeared to be a success and the three returned to their secret camp - only to find two strange women waiting for them. Introducing themselves as "magical social worker types", Amanda and Megan explained that the amount of magic they'd used in shrinking Cata had been noticed by the magical community, and that made them vulnerable. Bas, too, could do with some training. The witch and her student pitched the idea of Xavier's to the three, who jumped at the chance to go to the States and study their powers. After discussions with their parents and some time to prepare, the three arrived at the school, with Cata in tow.

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Special Appearance of Clarice Ferguson who lent Amanda and Megan a lift to England.


Plotrunner: Rei

Randy, Carl and Chet, Bloodstone's long-suffering camera and sound crew, are taken from the Archer episode "Sea Tunt, Part II" and were the aliases used by Archer, Ray and Cyril.