Im Odenwald

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Im Odenwald
Im Odenwald.gif
Dates run: March 11-14, 2008
Run By: Kate
Read the logs: Im Odenwald

"Though if they are convinced she is an angel, Father... why should they not think me a demon?"

Called to Germany by his old mentor, Kurt finds himself facing a tense religious debate.


Kurt Sefton

Michael Wahler, Anneliese Mueller, Baron Eric Wagner


March 11-14, 2008

Plot Summary

Kurt was contacted by Father Michael and told of a strange event - a mute girl with wings, found injured next to a stream in the Odenwald region of Bavaria, having apparently been blown off course while flying and crash-landed, breaking her leg and damaging her wings. She was been taken in by the residents of an isolated village, devoutly Catholic, who knew little or nothing about mutants and instead assumed the girl was an angel. Kurt went to Germany to visit the girl, confirmed that she was nothing other than human, and faced the difficult task of convincing the villagers to let the girl return home.

Unfortunately, before he succeeded, someone else found out about both the girl and Kurt's involvement with her - and Baron Wagner decided to get a little revenge and possibly get rid of the mutant bastard son who had been making a nuisance of himself at the same time, by leading a blazing-torch crusade against them. He persuaded as many of the locals as he could that the girl was a mortal sinfully posing as an angel, and used Kurt's presence as evidence of it. Kurt, consulting with Father Michael, saw the smoke rising from the house, which had been set on fire and teleported there immediately, rescuing Anneliese from being burned to death.

Outside, Kurt faced down his father and the mob, eventually teleporting Anneliese away to safety. She was later reunited with her family.

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The incident was the last straw for Kurt, and he later approached Emma Frost for assistance in bringing his father down.


Plotrunner: Kate

Seraph came up with this plot, inspired by a Nightwish video for their song Amaranth, which in its turn was based on a Hugo Simberg painting, The Wounded Angel.

Anneliese was socked by Seraph.