January 2020

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Jan 1 - Marie-Ange’s ‘complaint’ about canned pasta fortune telling turns into a critique on eating habits among the residents. Kyle gives Alani his belated Secret Santa gift; Alex does the same for Betsy.

Jan 2 - Lorna announces plans to go hiking in winter.

Jan 3 - Marie-Ange announces an experiment with reading fortunes in tea leaves and canned Ravioli. Nica announces she’s back from spending the holidays with her grandparents.

Jan 4 - Kyle posts about a Disney+ television show where the werewolf character reminds him of himself at 16.

Jan 5 -

Jan 6 -

Jan 7 - Jean-Phillipe is shocked that he missed his first favorite time of year, Miss Universe 2019.

Jan 8 -

Jan 9 - Rahne posts to let everyone know she's returning to Scotland to take care of her guardian and work at Muir.

Jan 10 -

Jan 11 -

Jan 12 -

Jan 13 -

Jan 14 -

Jan 15 -

Jan 16 - Quentin and Betsy have an unfortunate encounter during Betsy's sleepwalking. Miles posts in celebration of finding his journal password.

Jan 17 -

Jan 18 - Sue posts to let people know Hank has joined Reed in Paris.

Jan 19 - Clea moves into a suite with Stephen.

Jan 20 - Topaz wonders how it can still be January. Kyle approaches Garrison about rejoining the X-Men; after sounding out Garrison, Kyle emails Scott asking to rejoin the team.

Jan 21 -

Jan 22 - Tandy undergoes telepathic therapy with Jean to help with the damage the Dweller did.

Jan 23 - Tandy emails Topaz, Molly and Hope to arrange a movie outing.

Jan 24 -

Jan 25 -

Jan 26 -

Jan 27 - Kyle and Topaz talk about eXcalibur, Kyle rejoining the X-Men, and life choices

Jan 28 -

Jan 29 - Nica finds Alex taking out his frustrations on the heavy bag and talks about the Church of Humanity case and its impact.

Jan 30 - Topaz announces Jean-Paul has gone walkabout. Jean emails Kitty about doing an escape room for Kitty’s birthday. Molly bites her tongue and wonders if that means she’s not invulnerable to herself.

Jan 31 - Laurie announces she’s about to start her night shift rotation in the ER. Celeste Cuckoo emails Marie-Ange about the Ship of Theseus. Natasha lets people know that Clint has left for an unknown amount of time.



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