Little Paper Dolls

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Little Paper Dolls
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Dates run: December 10, 15-18, 2015
Run By: Chris
Read the logs: Little Paper Dolls

"And believe me, I am no more thrilled about the situation than you are. Someone stole me."

A psionic SOS leads Emma Frost and friends to a mind-boggling discovery.


Emma Frost, Marie-Ange Colbert, Doug Ramsey, Domino, Wade Wilson, Jean Grey

Stepford Cuckoos


December 10, 15-18, 2015

Plot Summary

Edit Note: Summary needs expanding on. Currently copy/paste from month summary posts.

Dec 10 - Little Paper Dolls: Marie-Ange has a vision while with Doug, and they report it to Emma.

Dec 13 - Little Paper Dolls: Doug e-mails Emma, Angie, Wade, Jean, and Domino about a field trip to the Great White North for Reasons.

Dec 16 - Little Paper Dolls: A few members of X-Force (and guest Jean Grey for medical and psi-support) gather to discuss a plan for extracting Emma Frost's clones from a scary secret Canadian mountaintop base.

Dec 18 - Little Paper Dolls: The team arrives in Canada and quickly track down the source of the strange telepathic message, however things don't quite seem right; X-Force storms the underground base, having far more fun with it than should be legal; Jean and Emma find the source of the distress call, and Emma and the strange girls clearly do not get on; Someone touched something they shouldn't have, and suddenly it's all going to hell; Even if the other you isn't really you at all, talking to ‘yourself’ is an incredibly surreal experience, and it doesn't help when they're both incredibly paranoid.

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Trivia and Meta


IC notes stemming from the plot. Eg: "As a result of this Character A developed a crippling fear of ottomans".


Plotrunner: Chris

Links to comic/movie/etc influences on the plot (if any), or other OOC notes that are important to the plot. Eg: With Malice Aforethought is a reworking of two Marvel plotlines - Malice and Forge's Neutraliser.