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Moment of Awesome - Adrienne Frost During her Christmas vacation with Garrison Kane, Adrienne wonders what she's going to do with her life.

"So what do you want to do, once your rehab is done?"

“I don’t really know,” Adrienne responded with a shrug. “I think that’s part of my problem. I just kinda want to sit around and watch plants grow. But that’s not really a life worth writing novels about, you know? I spent so much of my life fighting to have this amazing story that biographers would fight to write and people would line up to read about. Then,” she sighed, “i moved to the mansion. And life was all about fighting, I don’t know, evil supervillains. But even that gets routine after a while. Even if i could do it anymore, which I can’t. So now everything just seems... pointless? Except flowers,” she added with a smirk. “Flowers are fascinating. I dunno. How do you keep doing what you do, day in and day out, for so long, without getting bored?”

"My job has always been about helping people. Sometimes that's being a cop, sometimes it's being an X-Man, and sometimes, it's pushing paper and running the Danger Room." Kane hooked an arm on to the mattress so he could float beside her. "It might sound a bit Pollyanna-ish, but it gives me purpose. That said, you know that you don't have to do anything specific. You've got money and time. You can take a year off, grow flowers in the greenhouse, watch baseball, read fashion magazines and sleep late. Try out new sexual positions with your boyfriend. Being idle isn't the worst thing if you need time to rediscover your passion for something."

“What if my passion turns into buying a farm and adopting a bunch of cats that have special needs?” she asked with a straight face. “Or like, goat yoga? Except whatever the new goat yoga is, cuz I bet goat yoga is super over by now.”

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July 18


2004: Nathan starts dreamwalking and Amanda sees far more of his history than he intended. Later she warns him about Illyana. Nathan and Sam discuss Sam's lack of direction. Shiro invites Alex to come to Japan with him. Nathan trains in sparring with Angelo and Illyana.

2005: Amanda comes to visit Domino and they have an awkward conversation, firmly avoiding Certain Topics. Stigmata: Jean comes to check on Paige and ends up getting more than she can handle; Paige comes back to herself, and posts to the journals for the first time since her breakdown; Scott visits Paige, later, and they're generally adorable. Nathan and Shan talk about psionic mutations and parenthood. Buy Now, Pay Later: Remy has Jake track down Charlie's father and talks to him, in a very interesting conversation; Amanda and Remy go out to celebrate Strange's news for Charlie. Jamie and Kitty return from their vacation. Sam has a birthday. Jubilee is still irritated with the psis, especially the empaths. Shiro demands Harry Potter discussion from Bobby. Alison's anonymous record enters the charts at no. 27.

2006: Search and Rescue: The search for Scott begins; Ororo mobilizes the team, and Jean is understandably upset; Marie and Shiro investigate a lead and instead find a Kick lab, where Shiro uses the drug and defeats the other junkies; Ororo announces that Scott has been kidnapped, and Julio is not enthused; Scott starts hallucinating in the midst of torture. Marie Ange moves to the brownstone. The Curse Stops Here: Remy and Moira discuss Remy's medical problems, and it is not good news. Lorna brings Alex his suit and his puppies, and they have a strained conversation.

2007: Amanda plots with Marie and Sarah to have a surprise 21st birthday party for Angelo. Jennie comes across Jono in the music room. Great Rift: Recovering in T'Challa's guest house, Rahne gets a visit from his mother and plans are made for an Elpis presence in the area; Nathan and T'Challa are snarky. Tommy's birthday is marked by presents from Terry and Yvette and by Jan dragging him out to Silver.

2008: Kurt has two visitors, Scott and Amanda - neither is happy about him looking for Mystique and Kurt reluctantly agrees he will not do so again. Red X Mission: Rising Waters: Yvette encourages Inez to come with them to Iowa; Inez emails Adrienne to let her know she'll be absent from work a few days; Jay nearly gets hit by lightning whilst out with Jean; Kyle and Jay are sandbagging when some workers fall into the water and need rescuing; Yvette reports in to Terry after a day's work. Doug gets contemplative watching Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and the new Batman movie, and he and Marie-Ange talk about the job and the choices involved.

2009: Mutation Sternutation: Manuel causes Amara to really lose her temper - and her control of Julian's powers - and the smoker's porch is trashed; Lil takes Amara to Harry's after wondering on the journals what happened to the porch. Forge creates "Blame The New Guy Week" and blames Lex for various things. Fiddler's Green: Nathan meets Machado in New York to discuss the children, and is captured by Taygetos when she springs the trap set for him; a team of X-Men on maneuvers at the time arrives, but too late to rescue Nathan and Haller is disturbed by certain inconsistencies; in Cerebro, Charles reveals that the trap was in fact his, using false memories on all of those involved to ensure Taygetos didn't detect anything; Scott announces Nathan's abduction on the team comms; Manuel causes waves by asking what is causing a spike in stress and anxiety; Jean-Paul texts Angelo about his sudden absence and snapping at Manuel; Nathan wakes up in Alpha's custody and is tortured; Scott tells Jean-Paul what's happened; Jeanne-Marie thanks Scott for letting her brother know and Scott agrees to tell her any information first. Cammie announces a showing of Robot Wars in the rec room, which Angelo leaves abruptly. Amara thanks Lex for cleaning up the smoker's porch and apologises for being drunk around him at Harry's.

2010: Jean runs into Bobby in the kitchen and they get to talking about what happened between them three years ago.

2011: Meggan leaves a late birthday present for Kevin. Megan and Garrison play golf - badly - and talk about the Pixie's plans for herself. Meggan loans Sarah V. her driver's instruction manual. Yvette's mother passes away and Yvette asks Sarah V. to come with her to the funeral.

2012: Any Port in a Storm: A breaking news story announces the disappearance of a pair of young siblings in New York; Sam and Franklin meet with Vanessa and Bishop to discuss his children's disappearance and see if they can help try to track down the Storm kids; Vanessa posts to x_factoragency about the missing kids, whose parents are friends of Charles, and starts their investigation; while Bishop and Adrienne go to check out things with Storm's employees Vanessa and Callisto head out to the assumed scene of the crime; when they find no one worth talking to at the offices Adrienne and Bishop head over to the school to check out the spot where Callisto and Vanessa were told the kids got nabbed. Sooraya leaves Jean some cookies to thank her for her help. Angel announces she’s done with her summer classes and finals. Sam announces that there are cookies in the kitchen from his mother if anyone wants some. Amanda and Doug go out for drinks and apologies.

2013: Yvette wishes Sam a happy birthday. Garrison takes Adrienne on a roadtrip, and discovers why she’s never been on one before.

2014: Matt is attacked by a chess piece while he sleeps and asks Topaz to come and pick it up.

2015: Wade texts Marie-Ange about a possible lead on William Cross. Jean texts Kitty bored and complaining about being stuck in the mansion. Amanda posts to update everyone on Topaz's whereabouts. Different Breed: Jean-Paul Beaubier is pulled aside after practice by a man intent on blackmailing him; Jean-Paul lets his coach know what happened. Miles and Scott discuss the incident with Miles' uncle.



2018: Maya wants to show a short film about trans teens at the next movie night.

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