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<li>''Tales of Magik:'' [[Illyana Rasputin]] has a teleporting accident that brings herself and several people to Limbo. What could possibly go wrong?</li>
<li>''Gen X - Demon Bear:'' Something is stalking the halls of [[Bayville Charter High|Bayville High]], and it's not the hall monitors.</li>
<li>''[[Generation X: Demon Bear]]:'' Something is stalking the halls of [[Bayville Charter High|Bayville High]], and it's not the hall monitors.</li>
<li>''Tales of Magik: Imus ad Infernum:'' [[Illyana Rasputin]] has a teleporting accident that brings herself and several people to Limbo. What could possibly go wrong?</li>
<li>''Operation: Mad Men:'' A decades old case comes back to haunt [[Kevin Sydney]].</li>
<li>''Operation: Mad Men:'' A decades old case comes back to haunt [[Kevin Sydney]].</li>
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[[Image: Sotf poster.png|200 px|center]]
[[Image: Sotf poster.png|200 px|center]]
<li>''[[:Category: Excalibur|eXcalibur]]: Isle of Glass:'' A favour for an old friend of [[Clinton Barton]] becomes much more complicated when other dimensions get involved.</li>

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MoA Bruiser.png
Moment of Awesome - Molly Hayes/Bruiser: Kindred spirits meet and talk powers. And experiment in the name of Science.

"I'm Molly!"

Alani sat up as straight as she could muster, beaming at Molly and taking her offered hand. "Holy fuck. You're Molly?"

"Oh my god, this must seem a bit weird to you. But I have heard about you, and your moose, and your super strength. Okay, I mean, I heard about them all from Angelo, but also, dream power, so I have wanted to meet you, haven't, and now I am. Oh, and I'm ranting. I promise I'm not always like this, but you have been at the top of my 'need to meet' list from almost the moment I got here."

She released the other girl's hand and stood up, chuckling as she took stock to make sure she hadn't ruined her seat. Luckily it didn't seem any worse for wear.

Molly blinked repeatedly, taking off her sunglasses. "Dude," she said with a giggle. "I totally don't know what to say." She'd never really had someone excited to meet her before. It was pretty cool and didn't at all make her sheepish at all. Nope. "Wait...so you have dream powers or super strength is a dream power?" she said, pointing one way, then another as she tried to figure it out.

"Well, hopefully I didn't ruin any chance I had of befriending you with my lapse into motor mouth." Alani chuckled as she sat back down, still smiling cheerfully. "Oh, good question," she pointed in the direction Molly had assigned to the latter. "My dream power would have been super strength, if I had a choice. Not that I hate what I got, but, I would love to do that thing from cartoons where you pick up the couch and vacuum beneath it, ya know?"

Molly grinned. "I totally do that," she said proudly. Sometimes with people on it. It was kinda (okay super) fun. She usually got permission, of course. "But I bet your power's cool too! What do you do?"

Alani clapped at the statement, smile pulling back on her lips. "Yes! That is amazing!" It was nice to have a semi-normal conversation about fun matters. "Oh, I don't know go through things but they don't go back together, and, well, I can do underwater stuff. Which is new and funky fresh." She made a face, nonetheless, at the statement.

"What do you mean?" Molly said, unable to hide her curiosity. Tilting her head, she hopped up out of her chair. "Ooh! Can you show me? If that's totally okay with you, of course." One of the fun things about being around other people with superpowers was that everyone did something different. It was fun to see and, well, if they were ever fighting a bad guy together then it'd be good to see if they could use their powers to work together.

Molly's excitement was infectious, and a smile tugged back at Alani's lips. "Yeah, sure, um, I probably shouldn't use the chair, that costs money." Unfortunately it wasn't like there was a pile of things laying around with a 'all good to destroy' sign above it, so she snatched up her crocs, held them up for Molly's view, and sighed as she began to slide her hands through the shoes. The pink light she'd become accustomed to illuminated the area around her hands, and the resin began to crumble into pieces. With just the pieces, she looked back to Molly. "Not gonna lie, I'm going to be so embarrassed if you meant you wanted to watch me sit on the bottom of the pool for, like, an hour." Alani laughed lightly, though she flushed.

Molly's mouth dropped open and she sat up in her chair, pulling down her sunglasses.

"Dude," she said. Her smile grew broader. "Wait---what did you turn them into? Is it still rubber?" She squinted thoughtfully.

"Can you eat it?"

Today in XProject:

August 11

2003: Sarah meets with Nathaniel Essex to discuss her mutation. He offers her help with the worst aspects and discusses further training with her. Betsy announces her Mutant Acceptance Group Project for her class. Marie-Ange returns to the school after visiting family in France.

2004: Paige drags Shinobi down with her to see Scott about becoming an X-Man, having turned eighteen in Asgard. Jubilee asks Manuel out on a date.

2005: The Pack returns to Africa, to look into some of Gideon's suspicious activities.

2006: Forge and Julio construct an ice cream-a-pault.

2007: The Winding Way: Wanda posts about the disappearance of a number of Strange's books. Acumen: Cyclops announces the need for a younger team of X-Men to go with Rogue and infiltrate a club in response to Irene's vision; the team uses a diversion to cover Blink and Polaris breaking into the safe of a nightclub and stealing some blueprints; at the end, Irene uses a stumble to switch the Sentinel files for another diary. Angelo asks Wanda if they can meet to discuss Nathan's seeing of Tara Trask.

2008: Callie announces she's going on a hiking trip with friends. Red X Mission: Shake Hands With The Devil: The Red X group arrives in Sri Lanka. Jennie announces Terry needs a bachelorette party to make up for not having one for either wedding. Sulaco: Paige asks Amanda to look into the clinic Jay went to after discovering many of the patients are dead; Amanda discovers links to Strucker's companies and the alarm is raised.

2009: Tabitha bombs Sam at the docks to launch a discussion about his recent behaviour. After a disappointing session in the Danger Room, Lex gets assigned paperwork from Scott to document his weaknesses for self-evaluation. Having difficulty making chocolate-covered-bugs, Catseye gets some help from Sarah who is gearing up for another round with the toaster. Adrienne tries to tease Nathan about Lense's death and finds herself trying to comfort him when she learns of their personal history. Scott posts a poll asking which of several amusing instruction manuals he should write. Cammie looks for Jay to show him some old records and the two discuss music and names. Nathan flees the infirmary for Jean-Paul's suite and lets him know that Lense and Carly had no families, which prompts a discussion on loss and leads to Nathan passing out over some Bob Dylan.

2010: Remy and Bishop discuss the work Bishop has been doing for Vanessa and come to an agreement he's a better resource in District X. Butterflies and Hurricanes: Vanessa asks Tabitha to investigate Haven when one of the mutants on the list of missing has apparently completely vanished and Vanessa gets suspicious. Jean-Paul returns to the mansion to talk to Kevin and it goes badly.

2011: Kevin finds Laura in the city and talks to her about wanting to do some travelling and his powers. Wade seeks out Kurt for some help in getting Molly some fencing lessons.

2012: Marie-Ange posts wondering who ate the ice cream she bought - and why Doug isn't a Star Wars slug monster.

2013: Cammie posts about having a movie night featuring a movie she had found and that it should be watched by everyone. Rachel texts Remy stating that she is ready to see her parents.

2014: Adrienne proposes a party on the lawn for the impending meteor shower.

2015: Miles and Bobby hang out discussing “man things” until the conversations comes around to a plan to get revenge on Tabitha. Tabitha warns everyone that Miles and Bobby are terrible people, and Tandy offers to help her plan her revenge. Nica introduces herself to the mansion on the journals. Tabitha and Alison decide to hang out in the rec room and turn it into bubblegum pop central.


2017: Bas emails Clea and Stephen he has decided to stay with his father in England. Tandy posts about having tickets for Fashion Week. Green-Eyed Monster: Sharon posts about her findings about the mysterious sickness.

2018: Maya texts Lorna about work stuff.

2019: Topaz mentions Jean-Paul had a tough summer and is taking some time off before returning to school.

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Finals: June 12-20.

Last Day of School: June 20.

New School Year Starts: September 5.

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  • Generation X: Demon Bear: Something is stalking the halls of Bayville High, and it's not the hall monitors.

  • Tales of Magik: Imus ad Infernum: Illyana Rasputin has a teleporting accident that brings herself and several people to Limbo. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Operation: Mad Men: A decades old case comes back to haunt Kevin Sydney.

  • Sins of the Father: What appears to be a series of odd ailments turns into a crisis for the mansion dwellers - and Topaz is unknowingly at the center of it all.

  • eXcalibur: Isle of Glass: A favour for an old friend of Clinton Barton becomes much more complicated when other dimensions get involved.

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