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<li>''[[Sins of the Father]]:'' What appears to be a series of odd ailments turns into a crisis for the mansion dwellers - and [[Topaz]] is unknowingly at the center of it all.</li>
<li>''[[:Category: Excalibur|eXcalibur]]: Isle of Glass:'' A favour for an old friend lands [[Clinton Barton|Clint Barton]] in a whole lot of trouble, involving ancient British magic and the start of a new team.</li><br>
<li>''Morningstar:'' His [[Tales of Magik: Imus ad Infernum|adventure]] in [[Limbo]] has Consequences for [[Warren Worthington|Warren]]</li>.<br>
[[Image: Sotf poster.png|200 px|center]]
<li>''X-Men Mission: Skull Island:'' [[Christian Kane]] is back. And this time he has a doozy of a mission - a rescue on an island full of giant monsters!</li><br>
<li>''Fear in the Dark:'' [[Tandy Bowen|Tandy Bowen's]] past with [[The Dweller in the Dark|the entity known as the Dweller]]  gets majorly complicated.</li>
<li>''[[:Category: Excalibur|eXcalibur]]: Isle of Glass:'' A favour for an old friend lands [[Clinton Barton|Clint Barton]] in a whole lot of trouble, involving ancient British magic and the start of a new team.</li>

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MoA Skin.png
Moment of Awesome - Angelo Espinosa/Skin: Sooraya Qadir and Angelo talk shop... and his newly-wed status.

"The other one is a custody-related thing, but I am still getting the details. A mom is refusing her ex-wife to see their son because of her being a mutant?"

"Well, that's a pretext if ever I heard one, assuming she knew about it when they were still together. I don't do civil law much, but I can check it out."

"She is kinda hesitant about talking with anyone about it, but I'll see if I can convince to come and see you?" Sooraya suggested.

He nodded. "Even if I can't take the case to court, I can at least give her some advice."

"I think even talking with someone sympathetic who know something of what is going on the legal side will be helpful for her."

"And the kid too, I hope. What's things like with the parents?"

"Honestly, I'm not totally sure. I've only spoken with her a bit and I didn't want to push too much with how skittish she seemed. You might have to to do some work to win her trust first." Sooraya explained.

"I can do that", he said with a slight smile. "Might help if you're there, though."

"If it helps, I'd be happy to do that. I'll be going into District X early next week again, so I can see if I can find Alia and if she'd be up for it." Sooraya nodded.

"What's the impression you've got of her home life, without asking her too many questions?"

"They try to be supportive and they try to advocate, but she isn't really feeling supported..." Sooraya said after a moment of thought. . "Maybe 'cause they're not able to fight her corner at the school as much as she needs. If they want to, though, that's a good start."

"A very different start from so many stories that we hear." Sooraya agreed.

"There should be something in place for those parents. A support group, kind of thing. Like - " Like the one my mom started.

"It's one of the things that I miss though... we used to have far more of an infrastructure in place for cases like this. We're able to provide support to the school."

"Maybe we should talk to the school first. Find out what the issue is with giving her the accommodations. If it's just funding, we could talk to the Professor."

"... I think we need the full story first, but if it's funding that is something we might indeed be able to help with." Sooraya considered for a moment. "Though I think a lack of needed expertise might be just as big an issue."

"Could be. But without knowing more details, it's hard to make concrete plans for what we can do."

Sooraya suddenly shook her head. "You know, I didn't plan for a 'meeting'. I just wanted to catch up on how married life is treating you. You and I are far too intertwined with our work..."

"Some things never change", he said with a grin. "And it's important work, but so is life. And married life is good - like JP said in Amanda's post, some ways it feels just the same, but some ways completely different."

"Different huh?"

"Yeah, it's hard to explain. It just... is."

"I guess it doesn't really matter. Most important is that it makes you happy. I'm so glad to see that." Sooraya relaxed, a calm smile on her face.

Angelo smiled back. "Always wanted to be married. It just never worked out before."

Today in XProject:

May 30 - Arthur Centino's birthday

2003: Ororo dresses down both Jamie and Kitty. Marie-Ange arrives. Kitty and Jamie's relationship starts.

2004: Jake contacts people about his return. Clarice worries about her grades. Jamie and Kitty hold a funeral for Skippy. Nathan and Moira take a day-long shopping trip. Angelo talks about nothing with Monet, and tries (and fails) to comfort Jane, who then goes to talk with Jamie. Amanda and Jubilee manage a civil conversation before the end-of-the-year pool party, Nathan invites Paige to take one of his classes, and Amanda and Angelo talk about the aftermath of Skippy.

2005: Buy Now, Pay Later: Amanda takes Forge to meet Charlie Plunder and talk shop. Thermopylae: Special Agent Val Cooper takes Nate to meet with the president at Arlington National Cemetery; a secret memorial for Mistra's victims is made.

2006: Alex and Scott have a pleasant phone chat. Amanda inadvertently leads Remy to think Lorna is seeing Haller.

2007: Marie and Garrison go to watch a baseball game and discuss the influence of the school's closed environment on the students. Voodoo Child: Various plots are laid to send people on vacation to Vegas. Angelo has a cute scene with Rachel. Over dinner, Marius, Jennie and Kyle come to a decision about becoming X-Men and ask Ororo for permission to become trainees. Scott and Jan train her 'sting'. Marie-Ange and Doug have a night in, and Marie-Ange has a nightmare.

2008: Zemo: Amanda reports on the lack of success in Indonesia and emails Monet to thank her for saving Strange's life; in the Bahamas, a second X-Force team infiltrates the black market to seize the last piece but run into the Black Knight and barely escape with their lives intact; Jubilee posts about the lack of success with the Monaco mission.

2009: Returning from the city and her usual stress release of a bar fight, Cammie runs into Manuel in the kitchen and sparks fly in an unexpected way; an unrepentant half-naked Cammie runs into Jake on the way back to her room; the next morning, Logan emails Cammie and the medical staff about the kitchen being toxic in the wake of Cammie's liasion with Manuel. Pas de Trois: Yvette emails Julian, concerned about Angel; Julian tries to apologise but Angel won't have it; Manuel seeks out Julian and finds out what happened and makes his own plans to deal with it. Laurie meets her new roommate, Jean-Phillipe, who joins Kyle in a "welcome home" laking of her; Laurie goes to talk to Manuel to sort out their differences and discovers perhaps the friendship wasn't what she thought it was. X-Men Mission: Fifth Column: On the way to Budapest, Lil and Haller smoke in the back of the Blackbird and talk, incurring the wrath of Forge; Peter Lakatos and Kurt have a very cool meeting; Lil has Peter take her on a tour of the city. Shiro finds Jake in Jean-Paul's suite and is unimpressed; Johnny goes to talk to Jean-Paul and meets Jake instead, who manages to once again prove he shouldn't be around impressionable youth.

2010: Jan posts about a cookout Monday night. Kyle decides to complain on the journals about his sore muscles and gets given a lecture or two. Kevin e-mails Kyle to tell him to stop being a jerk. Laurie e-mails Jean-Paul telling him to ignore Kyle. Jean-Paul and Kevin go for a walk when Jean-Paul wants to get away from the journals, Kevin asks JPB to teach him French.

2011: Aftershocks: The New York Times reports on the murder of a mother and daughter, and comments that it may be the work of a serial killer. Vanessa discovers a moping Lex on a trip to the mansion. Angelo posts about his mother's concern about the possible serial killer, and he warns the students to be careful when they're visiting New York City. Kevin emails Jan about her leaving him mushroom pancakes.

2012: Back home, Fred Duncan, Val Cooper, David Langstrom and Nick Fury meet to discuss the situation, concluding that their hands were tied as far as official channels went; The Genoshan ambassador later visits Langstrom at his office with a 'proposition' to 'take care' of troublesome American mutants, but Langstrom is quick to show him the proper order of things. The Unrelenting Struggle: Kurt comes across North who is hiding drug withdrawal symptoms and they converse in German until daybreak; Kurt, Ororo, North and Paige meet with Jenny to discuss the resistance's next course of action and Jenny is reluctantly convinced of the necessity of taking out the power plant; Kurt tries to tell a guilt-ridden Layla that it was not her fault Rachel Kinross was killed. In The Balance: Amanda's interrogator tries to talk to her again but she declines outright to cooperate; at the top of the Citadel, Sarah Morlocke is treated to a personalized interrogation method. Stemming the Tide: Catseye catches wind of a Magistrate patrol; the patrol comes across Matt, Meggan and Molly who are 'straggling' behind in the jungle, who then lead them into a trap; Fred and Jean-Phillipe take out the Magistrates before they radio for backup; Catseye and Wanda take out the guards at a command post while Wade kills the commander and Emma wipes all memory traces of their presence; they make off with weapons and maps; as aerial back up, Warren, Lorna and Megan bring down a chopper, disarm its Magistrates and make them high on Pixie dust. Step By Step: Kane emails the Professor with updates on the situation in Genosha and provides him with a way of contacting them; Kane contacts his British agent father who helps the city group come up with their next course of action.


2014: Adrienne decides to buy Katharine Hepburn’s beach house. Topaz admits she misses England and is greeted with many offers to get her home for a while. Clarice posts a picture of her prom dress. Topaz texts Adrienne to answer questions about her guardianship. Molly posts a picture of her prom dress. Molly and Rachel run into one another in the library and Molly convinces Rachel to dye her hair a little.

2015: Felicia posts a photo of the city skyline. Gabriel posts apologizing for anyone he drunkenly texted. Alison texts Roxy for company and a Doctor Who marathon. Miles and Billy meet, this time without the masks.

2016: Topaz and Amanda return from meeting Maya's grandfather, and Topaz brings Maya her "gift."

2017: Laurie wonders about playing ER bingo.

2018: Gabriel texts Illyana to ask if she's okay. Rahne posts complaining about people wanting to touch her hair.


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