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<li>''793.8 : 025 : 110 : 393:'' A trip to find a cure for [[Doug Ramsey|Doug Ramsey's]] blood curse goes awry when the [[Ancient One]] asks for help.</li>
<li>''793.8 : 025 : 110 : 393:'' A trip to find a cure for [[Doug Ramsey|Doug Ramsey's]] blood curse goes awry when the [[Ancient One]] asks for help.</li>
<li>''Escort Duty:'' [[Kevin Sydney]] takes [[Clea Lake]] on her first field mission - in [[Madripoor]].
<li>''Case File: Take Me To Church:'' [[X-Factor]] investigates the cult-like [[Church of Humanity]].
<li>''Fear in the Dark:'' [[Tandy Bowen|Tandy Bowen's]] past with [[The Dweller in the Dark|the entity known as the Dweller]]  gets majorly complicated.</li>
<li>''Fear in the Dark:'' [[Tandy Bowen|Tandy Bowen's]] past with [[The Dweller in the Dark|the entity known as the Dweller]]  gets majorly complicated.</li>

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Moment of Awesome - Gabriel Cohuelo/Velocidad Gabe discovers the 'training run' he's just undergone was a dress rehearsal for him getting his own network.

"Gabe." Kevin handed over the luggage that Gabe had thought lost, checked into the front desk of their hotel that morning at Kevin's insistence. He'd shown up only a few minutes before the deadline he'd set at the airport. "I'd hate for you to lose all your souvenirs."

"What the—" Gabriel couldn't even try to be cool and hide his surprise. His initial shock turned into a smile, and he shook his head. "I was getting ready to board the plane without you, honestly."

"Good. That means you've been listening to me." Kevin said, taking the ticket Gabe offered. "There was no surveillance on our hotel. Means they didn't know who was showing up for the meet. I lifted a phone and passport from one of our pursuers. Phone's in a shielded bag until Doug can dig into it. Passport is a decent forgery, not government printing. I'm almost sure this is organized crime. Some East European mob, probably washing money through a bank that employs Pavone."

"Oh good. The Russian mafia. Or is it not the mafia if it isn't Italian?" Gabriel sighed. "Guess it doesn't matter much. Do I need to worry that some capo from Warsaw is following my every move? I can't change my face the way you do."

"I'll tell you a little fact about organized crime. It isn't that organized." Kevin shook his head. "It's less likely you'll run into any of these guys in the future as it would be to stumble into someone you pickpocketed half a decade ago in Midtown. Unless there's something on that phone that concerns us, this is likely the end of things. But, you're going to do this run on your own next time, so feel free to stay a little paranoid when you do."

"Really?" Gabriel furrowed his brow. "Alone? You sure that trust isn't misplaced? Even with you, we got tailed, and I'm not sure I would have figured out how to get out of that situation without the kind of zoom-zoom that attracts a lot of attention."

"And now you know how. At least one way." He paused on the way to security, shuffling his documents together. "There's still a lot you need to learn, but you've got the right instincts and I trust you'll make good decisions. This run is how we'll start building more skills, adding to your experience, until you're ready for the next step. You did good, kid, whether you're willing to believe that or not."

It was strange how Gabriel could be so confident in every aspect of his life (and cocksure in many of them), and yet something about being tailed by a bunch of strangers had so utterly rattled him. But every time he'd been followed, some stupid shenanigan had followed, and he chalked the nerves up to that. "I'll choose to believe it," he said, scratching the back of his neck. "But thanks. Appreciate the vote of confidence."

Today in XProject:

December 11th

2003: Pete and Emma return to the school. Shinobi Shaw and Manuel de la Rocha arrive with them. The grounding of the kidnapping students ends.

2004: Remy's Eleven comes to a conclusion, mostly as planned. Nathan accidentally lets slip to Haroun about the baby. Nathan takes Amanda to a nearby mystical site so she can recharge.

2005: Forge is informed by his parents that he gets out of the family Christmas this year.

2006: Yvette apologises to Logan for cutting him and he begins to teach her wood carving. Crystal emails Yvette and Kyle about the incident on the journals; Sam expresses his concerns for Kyle; what starts out as an argument between Jennie and Crystal about the posts on Yvette's journal turns into a roommate bonding session when the girls start to open up to each other. Garrison invites Marie-Ange to the FBI Christmas party. Angelo gets back and finds Marie and Amanda have played another prank on him; Angelo asks Forge and Doug for help getting revenge; Amanda visits Angelo and owns up; Forge discovers Amanda sleeping on the couch and they talk about X-Force's methods and China. Shiro flies for the first time since getting addicted to Kick and goes out for sushi with Marie to celebrate. Doug and Forge play racquetball and discuss the Reavers. Julio and Angel help set up Christmas decorations and she invites him home with her. 2007: Laurie is jetlagged. Amanda gets a message from Tante Mattie that she should know better than to use her powers thoughtlessly to uncover the truth about Angelo's 'death'; instead, Remy suggests she use her training to uncover potential culprits. V=IR: Forge meets Francisco Milan, another genius intent on winning the Tesla Club's Wardennclyffe prize and the two don't hit it off at all. Wanda gives Jennie her Christmas gift. Julio's father emails Nathan about wanting to come visit and the security issues involved. Lorna and Haller make sushi and prove they're both completely insane. Doug sends Forge an online comic link. Monet has a job interview with Nathan and is hired with Elpis.

2008: Amara suggests Saturday for the bonfire. Julian invites the New Mutants to lunch. Morgan emails Haller, asking about Karolina's situation.; Morgan offers Karolina an option out of self-defence and Karolina accepts; Morgan lets the staff know Karolina will be spending self-defence classes with Haller instead. Wanda emails Kurt about a family Christmas for Amanda. Jan proposes a Winter Ball. Crystal talks to Terry about her plan to arrange a mutant band for a concert. Leo asks for volunteers for his clinic's Christmas fundraiser. Jean-Paul asks Shiro to come with him on his Christmas trip to Canada. Jeannie mourns the death of Bettie Page. Mechanisms of Revenge: Remy announces the lack of action of any kind on Pete's network means he's probably dead and redirects the workload. Scott talks to Lil about her training. Kevin lets Nathan know he's leaving for the West Coast Annex. Scott and Jean-Paul discuss potential New Mutants trainers.

2009: A case of mistaken identity leads Catseye to leap on an unsuspecting Warren and mutual introductions before a game of Chase.


2011: Sooraya meets Korvus and they discover they have a lot in common. Dori posts an image of a friend's pet toad riding Monkey Joe. Amanda takes Matt out Christmas shopping and for lunch. After a night of drinking and being depressed about their love lives, Amanda and Garrison discover he's cursed following a bout of food poisoning at the worst moment.

2012: Amanda posts about London being confused about a giant rubber duck floating down the Thames. Tandy asks the students for help with her backlogged homework. Light in the Darkness: Michael Bowen asks Adrienne to be Tandy’s co-guardian with him; unnerved by the request, Adrienne talks it over with Garrison.

2013: Catseye posts about organizing a taste testing for foods for her new deli. Billy posts about having managed not to make it snow inside.

2014: Jubilee posts complaining about guns. Laurie emails Doug to find out if she can see him. Arthur posts introducing himself. Rogue emails Garrison and Adrienne to thank them for letting her stay in their suite - among other things. Matt posts happy about a no-class study day. Cecilia goes to see Arthur. Wade texts Gabriel asking him to take something to the Brownstone.

2015: Maya posts about hating capitalism. Clint texts Natasha and Angel about a terrible movie marathon. Lorna posts asking for help on expanding her artillery after the fight with Sabretooth. Ausente sin Culpa ni Presente sin Disculpa: Cecilia, Angel, Sooraya, and Scott arrive in Honduras; Cecilia finds the gang that destroyed her clinic; the X-Men get a look around with Cecilia's old colleague; the gang tries to get Cecilia to join them when they realize she's a mutant; the X-Men arrive to help Cecilia; the group tries to figure out the best way to handle the situation. Miles and Bobby discuss girls after Miles has a successful date.




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