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MoA SpiderMiles.png
Moment of Awesome - Miles Morales/Spider-Man : Just another job for one of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Men. With Sharon Friedlander performing more mundane heroics."

The laughter and cries of excitement from patrons leaving bars and theaters and clubs on this lovely summer night turned to yelps and howls of pain without warning. An unmarked van sped down the street, pedestrians barely avoiding being flattened and several other cars swerving and crashing into each other to avoid a more disastrous end under the speeding vehicle. Pursuing the van, and black-clad figure swung on ropes through the air. Miles had caught them fleeing a bank robbery. It was hard to believe that people still thought it was a good idea to do that anymore. Didn't they know New York has under superhero protection?

Miles shot a web when he got close enough and flung himself onto the roof. Leaning over the passenger side, he smashed his fist through the window and poked his head in. "Ay, mira, fun time's over." He wasn't sure quite what type of gun the driver raised, but he didn't need his spider-sense to know to get out of the way before it started firing. He got back up onto the roof to avoid losing his brains, rolled over to the other side, and dove into the driver's side feet-first, kicking out the window and the driver.

"Okay, now where's the parking brake on this thing?" he wondered, sitting on the unconscious driver's lap as he tried to take control of the van as it careened down the street. He slammed a foot on the brake, nearly kicking through the floorboard, but managed to squeak the van to a stop just inches in front of a crowded restaurant patio. "And Dad was worried about my driving."

A few streets further Sharon was just biting into her donut when the radio sprang to live. "Three X-Ray." Luckily her partner and preceptor reached out and keyed the mike. "Three X-Ray here, go ahead." She had just swallowed when more information came: "Multiple MVA's. Possible Class David. One on one."

"Three X-Ray, 10-63." The directions appeared on the screen as Sharon hit the sirens. Class David... possibly meaning over ten victims... "Sorry, Ryan, just going over something in my head." She replied after her partner had called her name. "How long till we are there?"

"As soon as we get through that..." Her partner nodded towards the traffic jam up head. "Should only be a few minutes."

Normally, Miles would be gone by then, unwilling to accept the admiration from onlookers while also dodging arrest when the cops showed up, But after webbing the driver (and his two partners, who had been cowering in the back in the hopes they would be ignored and could escape), he turned around to see the carnage left in his wake. He heard the sirens wailing, but it would take forever for the ambulance to get close enough. The risk to his own safety and freedom meant nothing compared to the health of the victims.

He jumped up onto a taxi parked along the curb, and hopscotched across cars until he made it to the slow-going EMTs. "Some people just don't know how to drive, you know?"

Today in XProject:

January 21

2004: Marie tells Doug about Logan. British Invasion: Pete's former employers invade the school using protocols Pete wrote; several students are injured, Angelo seriously; Jubilee kills a soldier, freaks out and disappears; Kitty discovers she disrupts electronics when she phases through them; Clarice hides in the basement. Something Wicked: Sarah is psychically assaulted during the attack and this is seen by Shiro, who keeps quiet, leaving her to believe she attacked Betsy randomly.

2005: Lorna is diagnosed with stress fractures from over-training. Remy recruits Rahne to help him test the security. Madelyn talks to Scott about using her FBI contacts and training more. Carlie comes to the school for a visit. Scott's turtle goes for a wander and ends up on the Roomba. Scott is not amused. Kitty announces her acceptance into college.

2006: Nathan, as he discussed with Jennie, is trying to write something about GW for public consumption when he makes the mistake of checking the email account he used to communicate with GW when he was in Africa. Waiting patiently to be read since the previous week is an unexpected email - from Gideon Faraday. Nathan goes out to the quarry to blow up some rocks, and is eventually coaxed back inside by Angelo. He finally breaks down on Moira, and then, much later, has yet another ghostly visitation. Scott invites Jamie for a talk about his training, asks Alison to go over his marksmanship scenario, and gripes at Sam for stealing his paperwork.

2007: Nathan gets permission to give Angelo his X-Men tags and Scott announces the new full team member; Amanda joins Angelo for congratulatory drinks. Minitooth: The X-Men discuss Sabretooth and how to bring him down, whilst working with the Secret Service; the Secret Service talk to Angel about her photographs.

2008: Amanda drops by the bagel shop to check out Vic and winds up telling him about Xavier's. Laurie asks Lorna about the incident with Shiro. Amanda and Angelo talk about the incident at Trask's, and it's not as simple as an apology and a promise.

2009: Emma emails Doug and Marie-Ange, requesting they meet. Papa Don't Preach: Haller runs into Callie in the kitchen late at night and she talks about having to fight with her father for her chance to return to the school. Over the phone Adrienne tells Emma that she wants to join the White Court of the Hellfire Club. Valentia's Lullaby: Manuel emails Emma, letting her know the trip has been cut short; Amanda announces their return on her journal. Kurt and Sam chat about recent events and their love lives. Movie night happens and Adrienne comes in late to find only Daniel remaining and there is talking about sexual orientation and cuddling with Vanessa. Lil and Jennie have lunch and share gossip. Amanda and Angelo wind up having a rather vocal discussion about their relationship and agree to try one more time; later, Angelo talks to Nathan about taking a few days off to go with her to Spain. Callie meets Cammie in the process of making herself a bleach and floor cleaner cocktail. Adrienne meets Sam and gives him the traditional best friend warning about hurting Morgan.

2010: Kurt helps Cammie with her laundry and they talk about Kurt's plans for his father's finances. Tabitha e-mails Cammie about her date. Kevin walks in on Catseye swimming naked in the pool, and the two end up play wrestling. Amara walks in on them, but then ends up accepting a swimming lesson.

2011: Monet works on some powers training with Molly. Monet sends Kurt a text message asking him to help wake her and Molly up from their power nap post training. Jean wishes Piotr a happy birthday and invites him out for food and drinks. Amanda wonders about Doug's latest injury and finds out that it had to do with Angelo this time. Jeans lets everyone know that the coffee maker has broken down but that she will be replacing it sometime soon. Hank sends Jean a text to let her know that he is planning on building a new coffee maker for the school. Doug sends Doreen a link to do with Squirrel Appreciation Day. Julian sends Jean an email concerning his trainee status. Megan sends Doreen a photo of a squirrel because it's Squirrel Appreciation Day. Kevin delivers a gift to Laura.

2012: Fred and Scott talk about Fred joining the X-Men. Fred posts about becoming the newest X-Men trainee and the usual discussion about trainee names commences. Kyle posts about Squirrel Appreciation Day and squirrelnapping his girlfriend. A drunk Jubilee texts Marie-Ange asking for help. Amara and Sooraya go out for lunch and talk about there future plans.

2013: Clint posts about magic users being dangerous because of potatoes. Logan emails Clint about training. Topaz runs into Haller by the lake and senses his shift from Cyndi to Jim; when she nearly tells him this, he tries to learn more about her powers. Doug emails Marie-Ange about her odd powers incident over the weekend being similar to one she had during Genosha. Lorna emails Sue about shopping for a wetsuit in relation to surfing lessons. Tandy and Topaz have another emotion-draining session. Clint texts Billy about studying with Maddie. Tandy posts about wanting a personal Yoshi while watching the Super Mario Movie. Logan and Wade meet up for drinks and discussion of their pasts takes place before a bar fight breaks out and they realize they've got some friends in common. After her run in with evil Professor Kyle Slenderman, Molly decides to confront her fears by going to see the real Kyle.

2014: Hope finds Molly jumping through trees and they talk before going for a snack.

2015: Cecilia posts an update about the people in the Medlab and another post about adopting Pizza Dog. Adrienne emails P1 people about having attended Yale and having an empire again. Warren and Sue meet at a technology conference and they discover this isn't their first meeting. Julian wakes up in the woods and hurries off to find Tandy, finding Angelica, Adrienne and the harsh truth of a new reality instead. Lorna emails Wanda about escaping her father. Wade emails Marie-Ange about possible security threats.


2017: Warren stops by Jean’s hospital to make good on his word to donate money and is impressed by her dedication. With Extreme Prejudice: Daredevil and Spider-Man interfere in a confrontation between Friends of Humanity and mutants before it gets violent.

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