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Moment of Awesome - Jennie Stavros/Roulette : Following another journal argument, Maya Lincoln-Lopez learns a thing or two about anger from someone who has plenty.

“I saw your note, so what the hell do you want?” Maya asked, tone belligerent. If Wade didn’t scare her, Jennie certainly didn’t stand a chance. She crossed her arms and stopped just short of arm’s length from Jennie, chin held upwards in defiance. “I don’t have time to apologise right now for things dumb ass white people should know, so make it quick.”

In response the older woman quirked a dark eyebrow. "All right then," she smiled a smile that held many thoughts but spoke none of them, and laced her hands behind her back. "Hit me."

“No,” Maya replied, glaring at Jennie as her body instinctively changed her stance to a more solid one, better capable of defending against an attack. “Just how crazy, stupid do you think I am? I hit you, you go crying to Wade and I get in trouble. Tell Tandy if she can’t fight her own battles, she can go choke on a bag of dicks.”

"Look at you, all bark and no bite. Seething with rage. Life has fucked you over, again and again, and you are howling against it. You are dying to just punch someone in the face. I can see it in your eyes. So here I am, offering you a free ride. Go ahead, punch me. What happens in here stays between us. There are no cameras. There is no one watching. There is just you, and me, and that rage of yours. So hit me," Jennie put her hands behind her back once again. "I won't fight you. I won't hurt you, I'll have my arms behind my back the whole time. The only rule I ask or is that I get to dodge. That's it. You hit me, I dodge. No one knows."

“What’s in it for you?” Maya asked, fists clenching at her sides. She hadn’t heard any derision in Jennie’s voice but she was so used to people just writing her off by now that any trust she had was few and far between. If Jennie was honest and serious, she’d have a chance to work off some of this extra anger, if she was merely setting Maya up for a fall, there was no way in hell anyone would believe her over this adult. “How do I know you’re not setting me up?”

"Nothing, other than a little bit of a workout," said Jennie. Her stance was relaxed, balanced, and she gave off nothing but calm. "As for the rest, well, there's nothing I can give you other than my word. But my word is worth something, you're just going to have to trust that."

“If you get me in trouble, I’ll do more than just punch you,” Maya threatened as she stepped forward into Jennie’s space, aiming an almost half-hearted punch at her stomach. It was a measuring shot, not really intended to hit and more to see just how serious Jennie was about this. “And don’t think I can’t make good on that, because I can.”

Jennie dodged with a dancer's grace. Then she placed her hands behind her back once more. "Shall we begin?" she said.

Today in XProject:

September 22 - Scott Summers' birthday


2004: A day for Nathan to get things off his chest. First, the theme of atonement comes up with Jubilee, then Alison snaps at the Askani to leave him be, and then he unloads his concerns about Manuel on Amanda. Also, Angelo and Sarah chat while they fight, and Shiro gets Leyu to ask Alex to the HeliX ball.

2005: With Malice Aforethought: Malice attacks some of the Salem Center FOH children and wipes their minds; Manuel and an old lady witness the incident and the alert is raised against Lorna. Amanda and Manuel make semi-successful attempts to comfort each other. The doctors feel that Nathan's symptoms and the Askani might be connected; Nathan is having odd dreams. The intel team find they're losing contacts and that their system must have been compromised. Doug has powers complications from Upgrade and is unable to talk.

2006: Amanda gets the news of what happened to Manuel from Angelo and Marie-Ange.

2007: Scott's 30th birthday is marked by a truly fantastical cake, made by Lorna.

2008: Remy emails the Junior Trenchcoats with specific missions. Amanda is cranky in the morning over Johnny Rotten advertising butter; later, she and Mark go for a wander in the city to test her powers and she cheers up. Callie reflects on the first day of fall. Kyle is overwhelmed with school. Jay returns from Muir Island to have Sam fussing over him; Jay posts his return in his journal. Marie comes back from Canada and meets Callie. Karolina returns even later than she said and emails Callie for her class notes.

2009: The Professor notifies the staff of a need to fill several vacant teaching positions. Remy posts to the Snow Valley comm to inform the team of his return, Mark's new assignment, and Zakharov's death. Remy posts to his journal informing everyone that he is not dead.


2011: Jubilee gives Doug a crocheted Nyan cat. Jean emails Hank asking for a shift change in medlab duty for Scott's birthday. Sarah V. posts a video and mentions that she might like to study computer science on graduating.

2012: Sonatorrek: Emma e-mails the mansions psychics asking if they would accept her help in piecing Garrison back together. Lorna leaves Scott a pair of sunglasses with specially treated lenses, and a treat in the kitchen for his birthday. Jean buys her husband a iPhone 5 and Adrienne sends him a pair of driving gloves once used in a F1 Race. Kurt leaves Scott a bottle of brandy and Jean-Phillipe leaves him a bottle of French wine. Angelo finds Sue staring at his car and introduces the girl to Joyita before taking her to visit District X. Lorna sends Jean a bottle of wine and they make plans to meet up for a movie when Jean has more free time. Lorna gives Sooraya a cooking lesson. Tandy comes across Hope doing embroidery and the two of them have a discussion about mothers, both good and bad. Matt and Clint re-meet after several years.

2013: Scott’s birthday - Jean gives him jazz festival tickets and a John Coltrane record.

2014: Clint texts Namor, asking if his family has some kind of spy network, but can’t say why. Amanda and Namor have lunch after investigating the magic smugglers’ cave in Jersey, and discuss their lack of concrete information. Wade texts North about being in the Caribbean and being able to kill someone there. Sue anonymously sends Tandy and Julian each a bowler hat in honour of the gossip papers’ nickname for them as a couple, “Bowler”; Tandy texts Sue to accuse her of being responsible for them; Julian posts his thanks - and his displeasure - for the gift. Gabriel meets - and makes immediate friends with - Molly. Higher Than Hope: Garrison updates on the search for Hope and Laurie on x_team, reporting that “Anna Taylor” from the Foundation for Genetic Harmony is actually a former Brotherhood member, Scanner. Jean texts Scott about having his birthday dinner at the mansion, given Laurie and Hope’s disappearance. Marie emails Julian with an apology for her actions at his party and they wind up agreeing her to go shopping together.

2015: Clint stops by Jennie’s studio to discuss what he’s discovered, and they manage to find some common ground. Amanda and Laurie talk and compare notes. Quentin apologises to Jean for not taking training seriously.

2016: The Dulcet Sound of My Voice: A meeting is held on how how to deal with the sponsors of the bill; Hope does some spying to find out the weakness of one of the sponsors.

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  • Casefile: Showdown at General Tso's Corral: X-Factor Investigations gets involved when a favourite local restaurant is shaken down for protection money.

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