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Moment of Awesome - Angelica Jones/Firestar : Angel and Gabriel go for a row on the East River, and there is banter.

Gabriel had his pride, and that was exactly why Angel was being a good friend and not laughing as she watched him huff along. Not that she would have done much better alone - she was a lover, not a fighter. Unless it was something she could set on fire, then she was a fighter all the way. They probably could have accomplished it together, but Gabriel and his damn pride.

So Angel lounged back, watching Gabriel work, and when he finally gave up under the guise of "this is a good spot," she simply grinned brightly and said, "Yeah, it's great," as she swept one hand through the water. Summer was almost over and she hadn't spent nearly enough time in the outdoor water. It was a damn shame.

"It's kinda weird, though," he shrugged as he pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket. "I feel like I never wanted to do stuff like this when I lived in the city." He flipped open the top and removed a smoke from the package. "Now I'm like, get me on the water so I can look at the skyline." He turned to face Manhattan, squinting to see buildings in the distance; he hadn't realized just how far uptown they'd started.

After a few silent seconds, he slid the cigarette into his mouth and turned to Angel, a smile playing on his lips and in his eyes. "You mind?"

"Might be one of those don't know what you've got till it's gone type of things." Angel said as she absently held a hand out, a little flame ball flickering to life. "Hold still, I imagine a few boys would be disappointed if I burned those lips of yours off."

She held the flame ball out, catching the end of Gabriel's cigarette and holding it there until she was sure it was lit.

He waited until he saw the telltale glow before pulling away from her. "Thanks," he said, taking a drag and blowing the smoke back toward the city. Then, after a beat, he smirked. "Was that an innocent but decent kissing joke, or an incredibly funny — and yet just subtle enough — blowjob joke?"

"I'll leave that up to you to decide," Angel said as she leaned back in the boat again, watching the city skyline. This had definitely been a good idea.

"Uh huh." The smirk stayed on Gabriel's face as he took another puff. "My oh my, how this world has corrupted you."

"I'm getting cynical with old age, what can I say." Angel sighed dramatically. "Getting old is rough."

"Oh please," Gabriel snorted. "You're hardly—" He tilted his head, studying her and doing some math in his head. "Oh, yeah, okay," he relented, "I guess you are."

"Okay now that is just rude," Angel said, raising an eyebrow. "I'm not denying I'm old but that is rude."

"I know, I know, sorry," he grinned. "I can't help it. My birthday's coming up soon enough, and this just makes me feel better about myself. I'm vain and petty, remember? You know this about me." He tapped his ash into the river.

"I do," Angel sighed dramatically. "I guess I can suffer if it means making you feel better about yourself."

Today in XProject:

February 24

2004: Something Wicked: Some of the staff go for lunch to discuss Betsy's erratic behaviour; Scott makes his suspicions about Kwannon clear to her later.

2005: Wanda and Dr. Stephen Strange start their relationship. Jay starts to see Dr. Samson. Hellfire and Damnation: Remy comes to Scott with the information that Alphonso de la Rocha was the one who killed Pete's father.

2006: Bobby takes the afternoon off of work to return the engagement ring he bought less than a week ago, and takes a walk when he gets back. He runs into Marius, they talk, Bobby flirts, and is shot down. Doug surprises Marie-Ange with dinner out. Nathan discovers that his newest medication, miraculously, does not react badly with any of his others or make him sick. Marie-Ange suffers a bout of insomnia. Scott announces a new arrival - Karolina Dean.

2007: Kurt visits Snow Valley to leave a letter for Amanda and talks to Wanda about her absent assistant. Crystal e-mails Pietro to let him know about her planned extended time away from the mansion.

2008: Aureus Canis: Illyana emails Jennie to console her about her predicament and Laurie and Amanda's responses; Angel meets Jennie in her new form and puts her foot in it a little; Jean, Marius and Kyle go to North Carolina to fetch back Mariah, and Kyle falls victim to her powers; Mariah is brought back to the mansion and manages to restore everyone, with some help; Marius emails Kyle about the fact he's apparently a fox-like feral; Jennie posts her recovery; Laurie emails Jennie, wanting to apologise. Nathan encounters Emma Frost, who is seeing Charles Xavier about some financial issues; Nathan emails Pete and Remy to warn them. Rahne emails Nathan, wondering if she's being too grumpy, and winds up with a dinner invitation. Yvette is confused about something said on the journals, and asks Angel what eating someone's bone might mean. Jean and Laurie have that talk about Laurie's attitude towards people, and Laurie freaks out; Yvette encounters her roommate in a state, and manages to calm her down somewhat, suggesting she talk to Samson. Clarice is released from medlab. Jane watches the Oscars and is confused.

2009: Lil demands pancakes and other breakfast foods for Shrove Tuesday. Jean-Paul experiments with Cammie's particular tastes in food. Angel talks to Kyle about becoming an X-Man and then races him back to the house; Kyle contests Angel's victory on the journals and lakes her; Angel retaliates by hanging his pants on the flagpole. Manuel asks for someone to teach him how to use a washing machine. Cammie meets Manuel and Valentia in the rec room and isn't impressed. Kyle is unimpressed by Guitar Hero's song choices. Emma meets with Doug and Marie-Ange and undoes what she did to Doug's mind in October. Jean-Paul hides from Nathan's wrath in Shiro's room and they talk art.

2010: Angelo and John go furniture shopping at Ikea.

2011: At the mansion for her MRI and check up, Marie-Ange runs into Wade and several squishie toys, including a man o' war jellyfish and winds up with a penguin and a lunch date. Wade gives Kevin 21 signs as an acknowledgement his minion is not twelve; Kevin misinterprets and emails Wade about why he's stupid x 21, and Wade clarifies he's the stupid one. John and Amanda catch up over Chinese food.

2012: Layla e-mails her teachers asking for make up work for the classes she's missed. Vanessa and Callisto share a night in and Vanessa ends up making some progress.

2013: Sooraya and Angel have fun time out, but then Angel drops some news on Sooraya. Angel texts Angelo to tell she has revealed the news about him and Jean-Phillipe to Sooraya. Angelo gives Jean Phillipe a headsup Sooraya knows. Maddie texts Sue about the dress she borrowed.

2014: Clint emails Catseye about donating the leftover food from her restaurant to Tandy’s uncle’s mission.

2015: Jean texts Adrienne about getting the fellowship. Adrienne recruits Lorna for X-Factor. Lorna calls Wanda about her new job. Jean texts Warren about the fellowship. Adrienne posts to let X-Factor know about Lorna and that she's taking a vacation. Monet meets Miles. Garrison emails Adrienne about their vacation. Bobbi and Warren meet and talk about X-Factor matters.

2016: Gabriel gets back from Mexico after an errand for Wade. Miles and Nica meet in the school cafeteria and talk over various things of note.

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