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Following their adventures under the sea, Jean Grey frees herself from the squid that was controlling her, with a little empathic and magical assistance.

Jean felt torn, rather literally. The human side of her wanted this damn thing off, while the creature buried deep inside knew something was amiss and started to fight back, ramming itself at the vestiges of her mental walls. Jean tried to find her focus, and help Topaz as much she could, lending her own emotions to help bury the influence down. She was reminded of a scene in the Alien series where they managed to jettison the Alien off into space.

For a moment, she thought of how easy it would be to let go, let the creature take back over, and kill them all..or at least, that was what she wanted the squid to think. Just when she had the squid's defenses lowered and ready to take back over....she hit the airlock doors, hammering it with a telepathic blast that stunned it.

It was now or never. Amanda pulled in as much power as she could from the city, tamping down the more frivolous urges it was giving her, and wove it into the spell. "Hold still," she told Jean as she approached the woman, hands glowing blue-white with magic. "This might pinch a little." And with that, she lay her hands on the squid.

Two weeks ago if you told Jean she was going to be in this situation she...probably would've believed you. Still, with all the weird/horrible things that had happened, this was pretty damn high up there. Did that help? Hell fucking no.

The brightness of Amanda's hands made Jean flinch and she was forced to close her eyes. As the magic flowed, she could feel something start to turn, like a key twisting in a lock. The squid's hold quickly loosened.

Of course, the break in the spell made the squid react in kind, and it started to squirm, it's tendrils lashing out violently and wrap itself around her neck, anything to stay right where it was. Jean began to choke, reaching up to grab the squid. She could feel it's cold, slick rubbery skin as she grabbed onto it.

The emotions coming from the creature came to a fever pitch...anger, desperation, even....fear, and Jean almost felt a faint swell of pity--almost. The main tendrils were longer than the smaller ones, and it took a few tries, but she was finally able to yank them all the way out, tossing the squid away, where it slammed against the side of the boat, then wriggled around looking for somewhere to go.

But Jean was more preoccupied with trying to breathe as she took in massive gulps of air in between coughing.

Today in XProject:

April 24


2005: Kurt and Hank speak about Madelyn and then Hank discloses their feelings to her. Madelyn spends a night deciding and chooses Hank. Stigmata: Scott tries to ease Paige's load and she reacts badly; Madelyn talks to Jubilee about Paige's increasing not-coping-ness. Lorna and Nathan discuss Manuel.

2006: Operation: Opening Salvo: Amanda, Pete, Remy, and Betsy meet in London to start planning their rescue of Romany Wisdom.

2007: Celebrations in Budapest continue, and Nathan and Pietro agree it is a remarkable day; Rahne posts about the events; Pietro and Crystal discuss things; the group returns to New York. Remix: Doug is confused by information for a team-building retreat that he and Marie-Ange have received. Jan informs Tommy he is coming to the prom with her.

2008: Laurie posts a cartoon to her journal. Lorna is confused and panicked when she is told her Berkely enrollment has been cancelled; the confusion deepens when she receives an email welcoming her to NYU. Adrienne meets Amanda and the two get on surprisingly well. Scott and Christopher Summers finally have that confrontation, and Alex gets involved trying to break up the ensuing fight; Scott rides off on his motorbike and Jean tracks him down to talk sense to him; Alex takes his father to Lorna's for dinner to avoid any more issues and she isn't impressed at the lack of notice. Kyle is finally allowed to drive alone. Crystal tells Forge about her plans to remain on Attilan/travel the next school year.

2009: Jubilee notes being awake and in work on time, a rare occurrence. Doreen challenges Johnny to a race to the top of their tree, which she quickly wins. She then shows off the tree house. X-Men Mission: Eric The Red: Chris Summers e-mails his son with a request for help; Ororo discusses with Garrison and Farouk the current political situation around Asia, and who might be suited to the mission they've been given. Jean-Phillipe returns to the mansion and is met by Jean-Paul, who has a surprising offer for the younger man. Jean-Phillipe posts about being back and Laurie decides to adopt the young Frenchman as her new suite mate.

2010: Lakshmibai Raj: The first X-Men team goes out to meet the incoming Indian Naval Fleet, as Storm and Buttercup start by slowing them down; Hamster and M deal with the two aircraft carriers while Iceman and Cannonball take on the submarine elements; on land, Polaris, Lazybones, and Husk develop a strategy to disable as many tanks as possible and slow the charge; Nightcrawler and Meltdown disable the oncoming armor; Magma (Caldera) and Pants on Fire's powers prove to be a highly effective anti-tank weapon as they take their part of the line; Wolverine leads Dominion and Wildchild behind the lines to sabotage the Indian artillery and logistical train; Wasp and Angel provide the aerial recon for Wolverine's team on the ground, and decide to even the odds as attack helicoptor units come into the area; the camp is attacked and Fred and Nori find themselves facing down Titan and Whitenoise; Laurie arrives in time to stop Fred from killing Titan; Adrienne takes charge of helping Laura and Klara against Hardball and Blacklight and has a barn dropped on her; Emma uses Nick to track down Mentor, the leader of the attack, and Voyager, with Emma killing Mentor after a difficult fight; Meggan and Megan are ambushed by Quake, but with Catseye's intervention, they manage to knock him out; Husk, Nightcrawler, Lazybones and Pants on Fire halt an attempt at an air invasion by taking out the planes; Meltdown, Caldera and Polaris take out the command helicopter; Angel directs Wolverine through the convoy to the command center and is disturbed at the deaths that ensue; Wasp, Dominion and Wildchild attack a fuel depot and just avoid blowing themselves up; in the naval battle, M and Cannonball take out the firing ability of several ships and Storm unleashes their final plan, using Buttercup and Iceman to create a vortex of static electricity which Hamster and Storm use to create an electromagnetic charge that knocks out the electrical systems of the entire navy and halts the ships completely.

2011: Wade leaves the following Easter gifts for people: a pimp hat for Kevin, a handmade wooden cross for Klara, pink boxing gloves for Laura, a pair of knives for Vanessa, a bottle of wine for Marie-Ange, a Braille copy of A Wrinkle In Time for Matt and a hat and Easter basket for Molly. Meggan emails Wade, thanking him for her Easter eggs. A Bar In Amsterdam: Tabitha meets a cute bartender called Troy, Warren might have had incriminating photos taken of his wings by a (now missing) woman he slept with and Troy might know something about this. Warren recruits Kurt and Monet to help him find the woman who may or may not have photos of him. Janet makes peep sushi and announces that it's her fifth Easter since she arrived at the Mansion. Crystal emails Lex, inviting him to the museum. Vanessa sms's to thank him for the knives and jokingly asks him to marry her. Kevin emails Wade about the pimp hat. Jean-Paul sms's Kevin, eventually inviting himself over to Kevin's. Molly sms's Wade, thanking him for the Easter basket.


2013: Sue finds Frank in the Rec Room and she talks about her family. Johnny and Frank meet for a movie. Topaz finds Matt taking out his frustrations about Maddie and Sue on a punching bag and tries to comfort him - sort of.

2014: Amanda is forced to resort to giving Billy a sign warning that trouble starts off as fun. Nick spots Catseye spying on him and the two of them start talking, after Nick falls out of a window to catch up with her.

2015: Matt emails the mansionites inviting them to a cookout at his apartment. Clint texts Matt telling Matt his vacation time was killed. Wade texts Doug about his conflict over going to Matt’s party versus having to see Matt. Felicia posts to announce that her suite renovations are finished. Tandy texts Julian telling him she’s back from Ohio. Clarice posts asking if anyone has a sledgehammer to help her redo her closet. Adrienne texts Garrison telling him she’s returned from Ohio but will be working at the office all weekend in preparation for the merger between her company and Tandy’s.

2016: Tabitha posts about certain people being called adults. Miles talks with a drunk Gabriel about his double life as Spider-Man.

2017: Reed emails Monica with the results from his research into her powers. Monica makes a journal entry about her powers.

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