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MoA SpiderMiles.png
Moment of Awesome - Miles Morales/Spider-Man : Just another job for one of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Men. With Sharon Friedlander performing more mundane heroics."

The laughter and cries of excitement from patrons leaving bars and theaters and clubs on this lovely summer night turned to yelps and howls of pain without warning. An unmarked van sped down the street, pedestrians barely avoiding being flattened and several other cars swerving and crashing into each other to avoid a more disastrous end under the speeding vehicle. Pursuing the van, and black-clad figure swung on ropes through the air. Miles had caught them fleeing a bank robbery. It was hard to believe that people still thought it was a good idea to do that anymore. Didn't they know New York has under superhero protection?

Miles shot a web when he got close enough and flung himself onto the roof. Leaning over the passenger side, he smashed his fist through the window and poked his head in. "Ay, mira, fun time's over." He wasn't sure quite what type of gun the driver raised, but he didn't need his spider-sense to know to get out of the way before it started firing. He got back up onto the roof to avoid losing his brains, rolled over to the other side, and dove into the driver's side feet-first, kicking out the window and the driver.

"Okay, now where's the parking brake on this thing?" he wondered, sitting on the unconscious driver's lap as he tried to take control of the van as it careened down the street. He slammed a foot on the brake, nearly kicking through the floorboard, but managed to squeak the van to a stop just inches in front of a crowded restaurant patio. "And Dad was worried about my driving."

A few streets further Sharon was just biting into her donut when the radio sprang to live. "Three X-Ray." Luckily her partner and preceptor reached out and keyed the mike. "Three X-Ray here, go ahead." She had just swallowed when more information came: "Multiple MVA's. Possible Class David. One on one."

"Three X-Ray, 10-63." The directions appeared on the screen as Sharon hit the sirens. Class David... possibly meaning over ten victims... "Sorry, Ryan, just going over something in my head." She replied after her partner had called her name. "How long till we are there?"

"As soon as we get through that..." Her partner nodded towards the traffic jam up head. "Should only be a few minutes."

Normally, Miles would be gone by then, unwilling to accept the admiration from onlookers while also dodging arrest when the cops showed up, But after webbing the driver (and his two partners, who had been cowering in the back in the hopes they would be ignored and could escape), he turned around to see the carnage left in his wake. He heard the sirens wailing, but it would take forever for the ambulance to get close enough. The risk to his own safety and freedom meant nothing compared to the health of the victims.

He jumped up onto a taxi parked along the curb, and hopscotched across cars until he made it to the slow-going EMTs. "Some people just don't know how to drive, you know?"

Today in XProject:

January 18


2005: Nathan continues to be beaten up by Alison's DR program. Jay asks Amanda to do a spell for him but she refuses. Sebastian Shaw emails Charles, asking where Shinobi is.

2006: Bobby is not pleased by Terry promising their babysitting services without asking him. Haller meets Rachel, both physically and telepathically, and is nearly broken by touching such a pure baby mind. Nathan sees Jack Leary to talk about the events of the week, and seems to be doing better than the last time he needed grief counselling. Forge checks on Haroun's prosthetics and lets slip who was the model for the kinesthetic data. Dani is officially stable, according to Dr. Samson, and becomes the school secretary. Nathan apologises to Haroun for losing it at him on the team board. Jean offers Moira a possible temporary fix for Nathan's precog.

2007: Minitooth: Angel realises she has photos of Sabretooth from the rally and passes them onto Forge in case they are useful; after speaking to his mother, Kyle asks Angel and Forge for a clear picture of Sabretooth and then shuts himself in his room, refusing to talk to anyone. Crystal invites Jennie for a weekend trip outside the mansion. Angelo and Sarah spar and things get intense. Alex and Lorna talk, falling into old comfortable patterns. Crystal and Medusa discuss the shoe-throwing incident.

2008: Laurie offers to fix meals for Jean and Scott and has a rather terse email conversation with Scott about compartmentalising. Scott tracks down Alex and is told the truth of what happened. Angelo and Nathan talk briefly about what happened in Chechnya before Nathan goes back to sleep again. Yvette asks on the student comm about the incident the day before, and makes a decision about her classes; she arranges with Haller to change her classes with Lorna to Dani instead. Kyle posts his own commentary on the previous day's scene on the team board. Marie has breakfast and family bonding time with Kurt, and talks to Yvette about the situation after class. Amanda and Marie have beer and pizza night and discuss Logan and Angelo; Marie goes back to the mansion and tries to talk to Angelo but he's not terribly responsive; Amanda gets drunk and winds up drunk dialling Kurt (and Wanda). Scott talks to Shiro about his addiction issues and Jean has to intervene when Shiro reveals he hasn't been doing anything constructive. Medusa drops by to visit Nathan, and then talk to Forge about security issues given Trask's targeting of mutant leaders. She also gives him and Crystal her blessing, much to his confusion.

2009: Morgan emails Remy about putting the suspicion Adrienne was raped by Manuel in her mind. Valentia's Lullaby: Manuel conducts his business, with Amanda acting as his assistant. Bio-Hazard Girl: The X-Men search for the cause of the contamination, with Kurt coming across the injured girl; the team convenes and it's decided Carmilla needs to be brought to the mansion, a decision she doesn't really have a lot to argue about. Scott announces the new trainee, Lil, and calls for a trainee name for her. Callie stops by Julian's room with cookies and gets her Christmas gift. Kyle meets Lil and they get on despite him having slurred Elvis' name on the team board. Rahne calls Nathan and tells him she's staying in Tel Aviv for the foreseeable future.

2010: Jay teases Yvette into confessing her crushes until she says something dumb about his relationship with Warren. Nick ventures out for the first time in a while and Catseye cheers him up. Megan talks about her New Year's adventure, much to the chagrin of Julian and Nico.

2011: Yvette sends an email out to both Molly and Meggan about rooming together. Kevin has breakfast delivered to Nico and Meggan. Jean-Paul sends a text to Angelo asking about the situation with his mother. Meggan sends Kevin an email thanking him for the waffles. After training, Kyle and Dori head out for doughnuts and chat about SATs and college. Being playful, Vanessa wakes Lex up with a water gun. Julian introduces Molly to Doreen in the hopes of proving that squirrels aren't scary. Kyle gets in touch with Angelo asking for some advice regarding Dori. Kyle emails Laurie complaining about the lack of sleep thanks to her getting drunk last night. Kyle informs Dori about registering for the SATs via email.

2012: Jean and Korvus test out his new sword, with some surprising (and destructive) results. Jean emails Kyle about the repairs. Adrienne leaves Molly a gift bag from the T-Shirt fairy and Wade. Jean-Paul texts Jean, asking her if she likes pina coladas

2013: Jubliee asks if anyone would come over and entertain her from writing reports. Logan and Yvette have a little fun putting their skills to the test in the woods and then catch up. Adrienne makes dinner for Tandy and the two discuss how Tandy is doing and after dinner Adrienne accidentally Reads Tandy’s ring and has many questions that need answering. Adrienne emails Scott, Jean and Garrison about her new codename, CoverGirl. Adrienne emails Haller about what she had seen regarding Tandy’s ring that she Read and asks for advice. Kurt stops by Wade’s suite with a bottle of homemade liquor and their conversation turns serious.

2014: Wade texts Adrienne asking for help in a cryptic fashion. Clint texts Sue asking when they’re going to her dad’s place to collect scrap for his robot.

2015: The Trial of Jean Grey: Paige, Sue and Sarah V. finish work on the psionic suppressor for Jean; on the Atlantic, Emma, Haller and Rachel use their telepathy to try and locate Jean; Jean is located at the bottom of the ocean, and Rogue, Pixie, Julian, Namor, Lorna and Clarice bring her to the surface; the Imperial Guard arrives and demands Jean be released into their custody for the destruction of Visakhapatnam; the team resists and in the ensuing fight, Namor is killed by Starbolt and Jean surrenders to avoid any further casualties on her behalf; back at the mansion, the various team leaders discuss what to do and the decision is made to retrieve Jean; Julian says goodbye to Tandy before he leaves for India with the rest of the rescue team; Rogue lets people know she’s still available to talk about things, although her phone was fried during the fight with the Guard.



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October 14 - Alex Summers and Lorna Dane's Wedding.

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Sep 7 - First Day of 2017-2018 School Year

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  • Ride of the Valkyrie: Another plot by Loki against his brother Thor results in certain mutants being caught in the middle - and the "return" of someone thought lost.

  • Psi War: A mysterious patient at Jean's hospital paves the way for the return of an old and terrible foe.

  • Happy Campers: A simple camping trip gets complicated for Kitty Pryde, Scott Summers, Rogue and Logan.

  • Dark Dimension: Homecoming: Vivid, unexplained nightmares reveal a truth to Clea that changes her whole world.

  • Operation: Salt The Earth: A specialist operation means the four "elders" of X-Force (plus Dom) have to infiltrate a conference in the closed science city of Koltsovo. Without their powers.

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