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Moment of Awesome: Tandy Bowen/Dagger: After Adrienne's powers accident, Tandy has a moment to say goodbye.

Could astral avatars cry? Tandy wasn't sure but she felt like she was. ~Yes. A bit. Emma mentioned that she had to shut you down. Power overload of some kind.~

~Basically,~ Adrienne confirmed, sitting down at the head of the conference table and gesturing for Tandy to take her usual seat at her right hand. ~I think it's something like, that kid's power is to amplify other peoples' powers? So for me that means Reading everything, even dust. And not just with my fingertips. Any particle that touches my skin. That in itself might be manageable with a special suit like Rogue's, to make it so nothing else touches me, but because I also get the history of whatever touches me, the images aren't stopping. I can't function this way.~ It was hard to admit that she couldn't carry on, couldn't fight through it, but she wasn't going to hide the truth from Tandy. ~It's going to be... like a coma, I guess.~

Tandy drifted over and took a seat next to Adrienne. She listened and hesitated with her next question, fearing the answer. ~How long?~

Taking a deep breath and blowing it out again, Adrienne shrugged. ~Until the smarty-pantses here at Muir figure out how to stop it,~ she responded wanly.

Her lip began to tremble, ~But, you are my favorite adult. What is going to happen to your company? To the XFI?~

Adrienne stared intently at the desk. She couldn't look at Tandy. If Tandy started crying, Adrienne would start to cry. And no one wanted that. She didn't want to talk about Meridian, either. Not right now. ~XFI will be fine. Warren'll be fine. Don't tell him I said that.~ Except... ~Okay, fine. Do tell him I said that. Tell him I said that I know the cool boss will do a... good job, and that if the business tanks I'm holding him entirely responsible. Fuck.~ She huffed out an exasperated breath. ~I said I wasn't gonna do this. This 'tell so-and-so this from me' crap. That's not me. I don't do goodbyes.~

~Everyone needs a little closer before they go away for a little bit. And it isn't forever. Amanda will think of something. Professor X will think of something. And then you will be back and we can go for sushi again. I'll even buy you tickets to Taylor Swift.~ Tandy said, wiping at her eyes.

~I think you mean closure,~ Adrienne smirked, glancing over at Tandy. ~And I'm gonna hold you to that. I don't know what's up with her shenanigans on twitter, but you know it's gonna be something good.~

~Yeah, that.~ Her brain and mouth were no longer syncing up. ~I'll send you all her new songs~ And then Tandy couldn't help it as she started to cry ~I am sorry, I told myself i wouldn't~

~Don't don't don't don't aw fuck.~ Adrienne wiped at her own eyes and pulled Tandy in for a hug. ~You're the worst.~

~That is because I learned from the best.~ She gave Adrienne a tight hug. It was like losing another parent and Tandy knew about losing parents. ~Please come back okay.~

Today in XProject:

March 18

2004: Dr. Henry Pym sends Moira a cologne scented letter and Nate asks if he's allowed to kill him.

2005: Jean meets Kylun, and the two discuss philosophy. Jean meets up with Moira, and discusses what she's missed as well as the future of the medical team. Jean meets Cain finally, and he does not make a good first impression. After the incident with the bigots, Dani recovers in the Box with the help of Dr. McCoy. Hellfire and Damnation: Amanda finds Remy on the roof after his meeting with Pete, and a friendship is salvaged. Thermopylae: Madelyn goes to DC for the briefing; Alison requests the help of the older students/trainees to look after things at the mansion; the night before Thermopylae, those that are leaving ponder what might be final moments.

2006: Nathan invites Lorna to go to Youra. Karolina is confused by witnessing the team leave for a mission. Scott issues a general invitation to the team to go back to Youra with him.

2007: Kaiten: After several hours of debriefing, Angelo goes back to his mother's house in the early hours of the morning; Nathan goes to find him there; Kurt posts the team report, despite having a broken hand and being on painkillers, and Nate rats him out to Amanda, who sics Yvette, Angel and Sooraya onto him to make him rest; Crystal emails Pietro about her concerns for him nearly getting blown up; various X-Men post about the state they're in; Pietro gets to yell at Scott too; Jean vents to Pietro. Wanda emails Amanda and Forge about the dates with Marie-Ange. Angelo comes by the Snow Valley offices and he and Amanda make progress in their relationship. Lorna and Ororo go to the spa and discuss Ororo's new relationship with Remy. Marie and Kurt discuss the Kaiten mission.

2008: Laurie asks for a ride to the vet for her and Pablo. Amanda decides she needs to get her own car and asks Angelo and Forge to help. Jubilee asks Mark for post-its. Resurrection Man: Haller suggests to Ororo that they take some of the trainees on their potential pick-up; Ororo mentions on the staff board that she, Haller, Forge, Jan and Kyle will be going to Kansas to pick up a new student; the pick-up goes spectacularly wrong, as the group is attacked by zombie farm animals and it is discovered the young mutant is dying from his powers; Haller comforts the dying boy and once he is gone, he and Ororo destroy the bodies of the boy, his abusive parents and the dead animals; Forge posts to the team comms about zombies and Laurie nearly starts off another flame war by being flippant.

2009: Bishop and Lil end their relationship. Cammie meets Leo over lunch and expresses her opinion on the value of 'head shrinkage'. 3 2 1 Contact: Leo contacts Yvette about meeting his patient and her family. Garrison reflects post-St. Patricks. Manuel emails Lil about her emotional state after the talk with Bishop. Angelo and Yvette have a roomie night and talk about Boys. Julian posts about the Great Snake Invasion. Jay offers Kyle a freshly killed rabbit as a peace offering.

2010: Crystal makes an announcement about the upcoming spring weekend, inviting everyone to head out to the lake to hear speeches by the students in her Speech class. Bobby and Adrienne spend some time at the Salem Center Community Club's indoor ice rink where Bobby attempts to teach Adrienne how to skate.

2011: Garrison posts to let people know Lorna has decided to go to Muir Island to sort out some powers related issues, accidentally leaving her laptop behind and asking him to inform everyone of her situation. Vanessa announces to X-Factor that her missing person case ended up with finding the person's body in a morgue, that she's driving back tomorrow early in the morning to tell the parents, and that there may be drinking required after all that; Jean-Paul will be flying back some time that night. Klara and Monet talk over tea after the scent of Klara's baking catches Monet's attention, talking of mutant crop-growing and whether corporations are all evil. Yvette and Amara chat about John.

2012: Clarice makes a journal entry about being hung over from the previous evening's festivities. Sam takes Kurt out for brunch to see how he's doing after the break up, and they end up talking about Sam's situation a little. Doug makes a journal entry about enjoying all the various chocolate he has and watching basketball. Lorna makes a journal entry thanking those who helped with the St. Patrick's Day party food and decorations. Jean-Paul texts Jean-Phillipe about having movie tickets now and asking if he'd like to see something together. Nico and Layla do powers training together.

2013: Clarice is gleeful about the new David Bowie album. Marie-Ange and Jubilee go out on a job to pick up some information.

2014: Wade texts Marie-Ange about where he can get arsenic.

2015: A hungover Julian texts Angel about his St. Patrick’s celebrations. Gabriel announces his survival of the weekend, St. Patrick’s Day and getting to the bank. Rogue texts Cecilia about Adrienne’s birthday at the end of the month. Warren asks Miles when his birthday is. Roxy announces her parents are taking her on vacation for spring break.

2016: Jessica makes another lyrics post. Bobbi and Sue run security for a museum opening. Rogue and Jessica talk about Jessica’s past. Bobbi texts Warren, surprised by an expensive gift.

2017: Kitty reflects about her plans for St Patrick’s Day but reveals she decided to go to the New York City Drone Film Festival instead.

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October 14 - Alex Summers and Lorna Dane's Wedding.

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Sep 7 - First Day of 2017-2018 School Year

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  • Ride of the Valkyrie: Another plot by Loki against his brother Thor results in certain mutants being caught in the middle - and the "return" of someone thought lost.

  • Psi War: A mysterious patient at Jean's hospital paves the way for the return of an old and terrible foe.

  • Happy Campers: A simple camping trip gets complicated for Kitty Pryde, Scott Summers, Rogue and Logan.

  • Dark Dimension: Homecoming: Vivid, unexplained nightmares reveal a truth to Clea that changes her whole world.

  • Operation: Salt The Earth: A specialist operation means the four "elders" of X-Force (plus Dom) have to infiltrate a conference in the closed science city of Koltsovo. Without their powers.

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