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Moment of Awesome: Namor/The Submariner: When an android Human Torch is set upon New York, it is the King of Atlantis that gets it into SHIELD containment.

"Leave that to me - I have an idea. Just make sure the containment crew is ready." Yelena turned her attention from the agent back to the figure flying above them. The one who wasn't on fire. "Namor, Black Widow. We have a containment unit for the Torch, but we need someone to herd it into it. Are you able to do that?"

The comm crackle was like nails on a chalkboard -- a wakeup call for Namor, who had been engaged in a deadly airborne ballet with the fiery science project -- both an unwelcome and jolting disruption to the dance above. The two were something to watch, trading blows while twisting and swooping over the edge of the island and the open water of the bay. For every fireball the robot would hurl, Namor matched it with an equally gracefully pull of water from the sea. It might have been chaos on the land for mere mortals, but this battle in the sky was the thing of gods and kings.

Well, one king. He would claim he could have done this forever, but the urgency in Yelena's tone was a clear call to finish the enemy. Also, Namor was acutely aware that his ability to pull water was getting dangerously low. Several burns covered his torso, and all of this raised red, red flags.

"I am capable of more than you can comprehend, Spider-Woman," he finally replied with a hint of irritation that she should question his ability. "I will put It into your box."

Namor took action. Sweeping low and tight, he changed the angle of his approach on the beach from a careful standoff, mindful of civilians, to a hyper-aggressive mix of lunges and punches toward the Android. A thrust. A dodge. A sweeping blow that left another burn along the Atlantean's arm. The robot responded to the king's lead in their duet, not realizing that Namor was waiting for just the right angle.


Swooping backward, Namor raised his golden, shining trident and threw it at the Human Torch. He hung there, suspended, for just a moment before his graceful, superhuman motion sent the weapon to spear directly through the android's chest and into open containment box. Triumphant, Namor spread his hands and bellowed, "I AM THE IMPERIUS REX. KNEEL."

Not particularly listening, the SHIELD agents that served as part of Zephyr One scrambled to seal the android away.

"Well," Ross began, then had to stop as a cough nearly doubled him up from where he had raised himself up on an elbow on the ground. "I suppose civilians are good for something after all."

Today in XProject:

December 13th


2004: Madelyn and Jubilee make holiday plans. Nathan and Wanda have an interesting talk about the Askani and propaganda. Jubilee confronts Scott about avoiding her, and he throws her for a loop. Amanda brings Angelo his present from Las Vegas. Moira gives Amanda some motherly advice. Nathan visits Kyle to talk to him after his room-trashing outburst. Kurt and Madelyn go dancing. Alison has a late-night IM conversation with MacInnis. Angelo takes Bella the parrot out in the snow, and later collects his present from Nathan - a dreamcatcher.

2005: Nathan tries a new form of therapy with Haroun, involving a Danger Room-created climbing wall. It has a surprising - and rather promising - result. Alison teaches the younger kids a song about gingerbread. Kyle starts singing the Doom song, leading Jubilee to publicly wonder if he's gone mad. Lorna declares both the cold weather and food thieves - namely Alison and Alex - to be unacceptable.

2006: Nathan gives Laurie her gift from Oman. Yvette tells Haller and Charles Xavier about her two breakthroughs. Angel asks Forge to go to the mall with her and they come back with a very 'special' fish. Pietro meets a runaway Rachel. Doug and Angelo prank Amanda by replacing all her clothes with pink frilly things. Sooraya gets involved in Elpis research and gets her own gift from Nathan. Haller checks up on Doug and thanks Wanda for the babysitting. Pietro talks to Scott about his reactions to his work as double agent.

2007: Shiro's flu is finally better. Angel's father emails the staff about her surprise 16th birthday party at the fire station.

2008: Kyle emails Leo and Haller, asking them to keep Laurie away from him. Laurie asks Morgan to take her out drinking in response to the latest issues with Kyle. Bishop and Lil meet, flirt and decide to meet again. Jean-Phillipe confesses to Charles Xavier about his involvement with Magneto, and allows a telepathic scan to prove he's not a threat; afterwards, Charles Xavier discusses the situation with Scott, who is less than pleased; Jean-Phillipe emails Marie-Ange, Mark and Scott, telling them he's come clean but that he isn't sure what to do next. Angelo kidnaps Doug upon discovering him eating store-bought salsa. Kevin notes today is Jay's birthday, Forge and Manuel honour it with a truce and shared memories of both Jay and Dani. Julian meets Kurt and Triscuit. Sam helps Amara with her bonfire. Bonfire night for the mansion. Julian meets Jean-Paul. Jean-Phillipe gets two visitors - Kurt and Jean-Paul - neither of whom kill him and who are actually supportive, each in his own way. Morgan takes Laurie out drinking and gets details of what's been bothering her.

2009: Kevin wishes Jay a happy birthday anonymously, Yvette does so more publicly. Warren takes Jay out for his birthday and at the end of the night, kisses him, although it doesn't end as well as it should have. Lex meets Emma in the woods and gets more than he bargained for.

2010: John reposts his New Year's resolutions from two years before and reflects on his progress, plus reveals he has found a rat, which Amara proceeds to claim as a pet.

2011: Fred runs into Dori sneaking out of Kyle's room and after some really obvious hints, realises Dori and Kyle are having sex. Tabitha announces the New Mutants will be helping out at the HeliX soup kitchen during the holiday break. Vanessa posts to x_factorinvestigations about the group being hired as protection detail for several holiday parties held by known mutant Jumbo Carnation, and about hiring Fred as a bouncer to help; Vanessa talks to Fred about the job and him needing a decent suit; Vanessa emails Adrienne, asking her to outfit Fred for his security duties. Operation: зимний солдат: Ororo finds out from Bucky Barnes that his daughter Rebecca Barnes has escaped from the special hospital she had been taken to after being captured by X-Force in Russia. Warren invites a number of his friends to spend New Year's Eve at his holiday house in the Colorado Rockies.

2012: In the middle of studying for finals, Yvette asks for a partner for a theraputic Danger Room run. Jennie meets with the Professor and is offered a place to stay and a job - teaching.

2013: Johnny feeds Angel.

2014: Matt sends Arthur a balloon animal.

2015: Little Paper Dolls: Doug e-mails Emma, Marie-Ange, Wade, Jean, and Domino about a field trip to the Great White North for Reasons.

2016: Nica suggests a Generation-X outing to volunteer at Tandy’s uncle’s soup kitchen. Bobbi is celebrating that she’s finally paid off her student loans, much to the dismay of all the students looking forward to that time in their lives. Lorna regrets that she can’t migrate to warmer climes. Kane, Scott and Sharon plan a series of medical exercises in the Danger Room. Doug takes Hope on a graduation exercise to test all the skills he’s been teaching her. Clarice admits that she’s made too many scarves and hats and will be giving them out to anyone who wants one.

2017: Topaz texts Hope asking if Warren is nuts for buying her all the university books she’ll ever need.

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Winter Break: December 23-January 2.

Mid-Winter Exams: January 22-25.

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  • Operation: Salt The Earth: A specialist operation means the four "elders" of X-Force (plus Dom) have to infiltrate a conference in the closed science city of Koltsovo. Without their powers.

  • Family Reunion: Sometimes the past just won't stay buried. And sometimes people insist on digging it up, as Topaz discovers.

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