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Moment of Awesome - Garrison Kane/Dominion : Called on by Valkyrie to stop an attack on Thor, Garrison indulges in his usual brand of banter, to Illyana's confusion and disgust.

"I have to say, this is only the third ugliest bachelorette party I've ever encountered." Kane snapped open his collapsible baton, hoping the carbon alloy would at least slow down Asgardian steel. Three Disir didn't worry him too much, especially with Paige beside him. Before her Valkyriesation, they'd trained together long enough to know what the other would be doing. Illyana was his concern. She was just a teenager and it was his responsibility to protect her.

"You know, I bet if I've worn my RCMP uniform, I could have just danced them in a crowd back to Asgard."

Smashing her shield into the face of the Disir at her shoulder, Paige rolled her eyes, following up a sharp stab of her spear which was rolled away. "I've seen you in the uniform and I've got to say..." Paige shrugged, circling around until she had in her sights both the still prowling former Valkyrie and Garrison's flank. "Meh."

Illyana, grimly determined not to die even if she had to jump behind some taller person, gave them both a look of total puzzlement. "Is this dancing uniform thing important right now or are you just having a personal moment?" she asked finally, phrasing it delicately in case they were sensitive about feelings or something.

"Relax kid. They'll cover it in Sex Ed... wait, how old are you?" Kane was distracted as a spear lunged towards his throat. He caught it behind the haft and wrestled with the owner for control. "A little help?"

"Explaining sex or this situation you've got yourself into?" she quipped, grabbing the back of the offending Disir by the hair before he could respond and, using the momentum, throwing her backwards into the trunk of a large tree. "Because no and you're welcome."

Paige, very Paige, gave Illyana an apologetic look. "Falling into old habits, I apologize, and promise to not let you get hurt horribly or die because of it."

Today in XProject:

January 23 - Tabitha Smith's Birthday

2004: Amanda sneaks out of medlab to get her healing spellbook so she can fix herself and others after the attack. Doug aids and abets her.

2005: Madelyn gives Scott his team physical.

2006: Terry meets with Scott to ask if she can join the team, and is told to talk to her father. Cain meets Haller and they arrange to go to the pub. Jamie shows up in Scott's office, also to ask about joining the team, with a list of questions. Nathan wanders down to see Cain at the boathouse and they end up going off to meet Haller at Harry's. Haroun invites Alison into the city to choose her engagement ring, asks Nathan to actually make it for her, and checks on his ring's metal composition with Lorna. Cain's entire Elementary History class pass their state exam.

2007: Minitooth: Nathan asks Sofia to update the profile on Sabretooth, using the X-Men's files; Kyle's suitemates try and get him to come out of his room. Marie finds a car in her room, care of Angelo and Forge.

2008: Tabitha has insomnia, and Crystal is quick to point out her hyperbole. Charles makes a post reminding all mansion residents that offensive powers use isn't condoned outside of appropriate settings. The Shadow King: Esteban gets an email from a security company, having checked out the hospice. X-Men Mission: Opera Redux: The X-Men arrive in Israel and realise they're essentially on their own in this mission if anything goes wrong. Agatha Harkness comes to visit Wanda, much to her discomfort; Wanda begins hiding. Marie and Tabitha work out and chat about Tabitha's progress. Forge and Crystal talk, and he asks her out for dinner; Crystal surprises him by agreeing.

2009: Midsummer's Nightmare: Charles announces a joint drama project with one of the local high schools. Catseye tracks down a strange new smell to Cammie in the medlab and they get on rather well. Manuel announces his sister's presence; Adrienne meets with Manuel playing with Valentia in the snow and they talk about the drinking incident and establish they're fine with each other; Morgan drops by to visit the newcomer and Manuel talks her into accepting Remy's job offer; Manuel thanks Amanda for her help and she offers some advice in child adopting; Doug sends Manuel and Valentia sign language dictionaries; Manuel seeks Nathan's advice and finds him distant and distracted. Scott finds Jean-Paul moping about Morgan. Crystal brings Cammie soap for dinner. Yvette wishes Tabitha a happy birthday. Callie announces she's finally caught up with her missed schoolwork. Kyle updates on life and in the course of comments, it's revealed Callie saw Cammie drinking drain cleaner; Zanne reacts badly and emails Jean, concerned. Adrienne and Amanda catch up and talk about the Hellfire Club. Adrienne invites Morgan, Amanda and Jean-Paul out for drinks and discovers that Morgan is going to Africa to see her 'boys' and that she and Jean-Paul are no longer friends. Morgan lets Angelo know she's taking off for a week. Leo emails Charles about needing some more space for a therapeutic sand tray.

2010: Angelo and Jean-Paul meet up in a cafe, they chat. Jubilee and Manuel meet in the morning at the pool. Catseye and Nick go to the zoo and he talks about his sister.

2011: Janet invites everyone to rock it out on Guitar Hero next week. Laura warns Kevin that she will glomp him the next time she sees him. In order to prove that she looks good in a dress, Amanda posts a photo of herself. Megan is excited about her upcoming flying lessons with Warren. While having pastry with Jean-Paul, Jake realises he is being followed. Meggan and Kevin go for waffles and have a long and convoluted conversation.

2012: Layla posts about her slowly improving health and all of the work she has to catch up on.

2013: Clint trains with Logan in the gym. Tandy texts Topaz about meeting up. Haller and Betsy practice some yoga moves that look intimate to an intruding Hope, who runs away but is retrieved by Haller to meet Betsy. Sue texts Tandy about meeting up to watch a movie. Jean leaves a mug for Tabitha for her birthday. Hope texts Billy to tell him about a potato she found.

2014: Ty posts on his journal for the first time, introducing himself. Clint and Namor meet by the archery range.

2015: Adrienne emails Jessica and Arthur about starting X-Factor. Wade emails Gabriel about needing to eat. Topaz texts Hope about having found wine and joining her to drink it. Cecilia emails Angelo about having to quit X-Corps. Laurie posts about having found Kyle’s people. Wade posts about a possible vacation. Wade tracks Gabriel down and they have a talk. Julian stumbles home to find a most unexpected visitor: Sue. Julian texts Adrienne about having lunch with Sue.

2016: Haller sends Cecilia an email asked her to move their lunch to the city due to the weather. Amadeus unveils his Snowdowser 3000X (the X is for Xtreme) to near-universal skepticism. Gabriel posts to the journals wishing he was still in the Caribbean. Alex leaves Tabitha a skateboard as a present. Illyana asks Amadeus if he should really be operating heavy machinery in the middle of the night. After his experience in Meggan and Topaz's minds Haller come to the realization that he no longer belongs at the mansion; Charles has other ideas. Tabitha gets her present, and she loves it and asks what bribes Kyle needs to build a skateboard ramp. While reshelving books with Topaz, Stephen gets some bad ideas to do with magic class. Alex and Bobby play around in the snow.

2017: With Extreme Prejudice: CBS reports that the Mayor is holding a meeting with mutant activist leaders to discuss the recent marches and violence. Maya asks if anyone went to the Women’s March in DC or New York. Cecilia makes a journal post announcing she’s back from the protests in DC. Ty texts Hope to tell her there are several jewelry boxes waiting for her.

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Winter Break: December 23-January 2.

Mid-Winter Exams: January 22-25.

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  • Operation: Salt The Earth: A specialist operation means the four "elders" of X-Force (plus Dom) have to infiltrate a conference in the closed science city of Koltsovo. Without their powers.

  • Family Reunion: Sometimes the past just won't stay buried. And sometimes people insist on digging it up, as Topaz discovers.

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