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MoA Rogue.png
Rogue After Adrienne Frost is lost to a powers accident, Rogue tries to comfort her old friend, Garrison Kane.

Rogue almost rolled her eyes, but she managed not to. "So what now? What do you need right now?"

"Sex. But I always say that. You know that's not it."

"Hard to take you seriously when that's your standard answer," she laughed, leaning down and nuzzling her forehead on the top of his head. "How about some cuddling instead?"

"You're a good friend." Kane said, pulling back so his eyes met hers. "I mean that. Comfort aside, you've always been there and that's really important to me."

"How could I not be?" Rogue actually felt a little bit offended. "I've been there for everything else, and I'll always be here. Always. Even when I barely remembered you, and you were a jackass to me, I was still around." She thought for a moment. "I shouldn't have brought that up. It's not about me, it's about you. I'm sorry."

"It's alright. We've gone through some incredibly weird shit."

"Life is full of weird shit." She tapped her fingers on his shoulder. "But yeah. This blows. What should we do? Do you need a shit ton of ice cream? Should we go to the bowling alley and laugh at people's lame attempts to look cool while rolling a ball?"

"Bowling alley? You looking for a future husband, Beulah?" He said, but the joke was half hearted. Instead, he just shifted his position against her, taking some of his weight off her. "I don't know what to do. I mean, there's nothing to fight. Nothing to beat. It's whether or not Moira can find a way back for her while I can do exactly nothing to help. I'm not good at nothing."

"Which is good to hear, considering nothingness is at the heart of nihilism, and you don't seem like a 'burn it all' kind of guy. Sometimes."

"Yes, Garrison Kane, a cop on the streets but a radical anarchist in the sheets. I think that's how it goes, right?"

"So .......would an anarchist try to fuck someone in the ear? Because I can see a socialist being all about the person..." She pondered for a bit. "A nihilist would try to create their own hole. A dictator would give nothing but orders...."

"Which makes Marxism what... group sex? Maybe people spell off in turns to make sandwiches and fetch drinks and lube?"

Rogue gave a snort. "I think Communism would be more about group sex. It'd be timed, to make sure everyone's share is equal, and everyone gets exactly one orgasm."

"Well, I think we need to go back to good old Canadian style mixed economy; sex for all but if you're willing to pay for you, you can go to the front of the line with an American."

"Better than the American system: you pay to get fucked over, and at the end, you're stuck with herpes and no medical care to fix it."

Today in XProject:

August 19

2003: Kurt takes a group of students to his church to discuss mutants with the priest for the Mutant Acceptance Project.

2004: Trojan Horse: Cable attacks Charles; Pete intercedes, but can't stop Cable without killing him and holding back nearly gets himself killed; Amanda uses her sleep spell and Charles' psychic masking to finish things; Cable is brought back to the mansion and things are locked down for security; Colin MacInnis and his people explain about the Trojan Horse, a telepathic loophole in the conditioning designed to free all the Mistra operatives; when it's revealed the process would kill Nathan, MacInnis gives Charles the trigger and leaves. Nathan's situation reminds Jamie of Skippy. Amanda talks to Pete, who isn't dealing with what he had to do.

2005: Just One Drug: Amanda's amulet is broken. Alison returns to duty.


2007: Laurie posts about her new invention, eXtreme canoeing. Alexander's Wall: On the trip home, there's plenty of time to think about how things turned out and no-one is really happy; Ororo posts to the team comms about the situation, and that Nate and Haller are in the infirmary overnight for observation; Angelo offers to help Jean sit up and keep the possibly concussed telepaths awake; Nathan is lectured by Angelo; Angelo and Jean discuss the hard work of worrying about people.

2008: Callie and Sam discuss American history.

2009: Reefer Madness: The Decoy manages to satisfy the collectors with the money raised, while the New Mutants sleep off their high. In the very early hours of the morning, Jake visits Jean-Paul and confesses his 'infidelity' with Wanda and Jean-Paul reacts badly, ending the relationship. Callisto runs into Garrison working on his car in an effort to work through his grief.

2010: Jean-Paul visits Kevin again and they agree to get back together.

2011: Sing Me A Prayer: Amanda posts to snowvalley about being too late in getting to Farouk. Garrison and Adrienne meet at Harry's and anger, awkwardness, and frustration ensue.

2012: Doug delivers to Marie-Ange a framed custom poster and a gift certificate, and to Wade a framed poster of Bea Arthur, a handgun and a card for their birthday and belated birthday respectively. Jubilee leaves a pair of arm-warmers on Marie-Ange’s desk. Angelo tracks Fred down to the woodshed and they catch up. Angelo leaves a copy of his keys in Rachel’s pigeonhole so that she no longer has to pick his locks to use his couch. A Kind of Magic: The New ‘Dork’ Times is delivered to households and newsstands all around the world; a correction is later published on that the headline title of the newspaper should have been the New ‘York’ Times. Maddie posts declaring a movie night to watch The Hunger Games. Matt and Renee meet in the gym for mutual gymnastics screwing around. The conversation goes far afield, including powers, religion and future plans.

2013: Jubilee posts a bunch of random thoughts late at night. Sooraya goes to see Rachel while she's at Muir, and they discuss getting to know each other. No Way Back: Hope calls Sue to update her on what's been happening at home.

2014: Rogue announces her return on the journals. Adrienne texts Amanda about wanting Heather Hudson beaten up for what happened to Garrison. Namor and Megan have lunch and a chat at Deli-CAT-essen. Clarice posts, reflecting on her injuries and comparing them to the time she was irradiated. Cecilia apologises to Matt about having to put off X-Corps work for another week. Jean texts Amanda, apologising for not updating her on the Fury situation.

2015: Laurie texts Wade about someone looking after Maya while he is away. Matt texts Clint about doing something together. Warren returns to the mansion, tries to win Adrienne back over with illegal substances, and somehow ends up having an actual adult conversation. Warren also posts he is back. Adrienne lets X-Factor know Warren is back. It’s Greek To Me: Clint texts Billy about him coming to look at the strange Atlantean object.

2016: Maya posts about life after the group camping trip; she is also disappointed with Ryan Lochte’s Olympic lie due to its unoriginality.


XProject Announcements and News:

Finals: June 12-20.

Last Day of School: June 20.

New School Year Starts: September 5.

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