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MoA Bruiser.png
Moment of Awesome - Molly Hayes/Bruiser: While waiting for the rest of their team to come out of a magical portal, Molly and Everett Thomas make a worrying discovery.

Molly had circled the portal about eight times, played Candy Crush on her phone, and counted sixteen birds as she and Ev waited for the others (or anything else) to come back. Picking up the silver box that the key was in, she looked it over for the fourth time, studying the markings.

"Is it too much to hope for like… a troll or something? This is boring."

Ev grinned at her. "This is honestly the best-case scenario right now, Agent Hayes. Hopefully it means they're having some success on their side. At the very least, better to be bored than hurt — or worse."

Molly made a face at Ev's optimistic outlook. "I'm totally happy they're okay but… I haven't been on a mission in like… forever. I was kinda hoping to fight something," she said with a shrug, then glanced down at the box.

Ev cocked his head at the box she was holding. "Discern anything new and fun about that yet?"

"There's something about it. It's kinda bugging me. I can't put my finger on it, though."

"Bugging you how?" He leaned over to get a better look at the box, though he knew he had nothing to offer himself. "Does it remind you of something?"

Molly squinted. "Yeah, actually. It… looks a lot like some of tech I saw in Asgard," she said, pulling out a pair of enhancement goggles from her bag to put on. "It's not as advanced, but… it could be used to funnel magic without needing a human or mutant spellcaster. Like a regulator."

Ev raised an eyebrow. "Way above my paygrade. Where would the power come from, if there's no proper spellcaster? It would have to pull it in from somewhere, and I'm no mage, but I do know there's typically not enough abundant magic energy to do that."

Molly lowered the box, turning it over in her hands. "No, there's not," she said thoughtfully, the wheels in her mind turning. Her experience with being cursed made her more interested in researching magic, so she'd spent a lot of time brushing up on it a little… just in case.

"There's got to be a something that keeps the portal open. It's the same with the Asgardian tech. The portal probably runs on a limited supply, so the key — or the key and the box — would keep track of that. Whenever the magic runs out, the box won't have anything to regulate." Molly stared up at the portal with dawning realization.

"And they'll get stuck," Ev concluded.

Molly turned toward him, then pulled out her communicator. "Hey, uh guys — ack!" The communicator made a loud, screeching noise. "The magic might be interfering with the comms. We gotta tell 'em," Molly said. "Are you okay with staying here? I can go tell 'em. If things go pear shaped you're more… authorized to call people in and stuff with your Agentness."

Ev had come to that realization just as she did. Bad enough to venture through a mystery door, even worse to be trapped forever without notice, like the world's worst game of musical chairs. He almost asked her why she was still standing there. "Yes, go! I've got this covered."

Molly gave Ev a salute, sprinting through the portal. "Catch you on the flipside, Agent Thomas!" Hopefully she could get to the others in time to warn them before it was too late.

Today in XProject:

June 20

2003: Pete uncovers evidence of an illegal market in mutant organs and shuts down operations in Lithuania, uncovers operations in Hong Kong.

2004: Paige, Angelo and Jono come to an agreement over the threesome thing and agree to share.

2005: Lorna and Alex argue over her role in the X-Men. Moira posts her findings on Meggan's powers. Jamie asks for suggestions for summer work.

2006: Ghost of a Chance: Marie-Ange is identified as the source of the strange visions around the mansion.

2007: Marie introduces Jennie to the Danger Room. Yvette is curious about the new face in the halls. Sound of Silence: On Attilan, Crystal encounters Maximus and Cortez and is curious. Farouk introduces himself to the other staff. Yvette cloud watches with Laurie, and then gets clothing help from Clarice for the engagement party. Nathan announces Rachel has an ear infection in both ears and thus he will miss the party in Attilan; he emails Medusa with the same. Jan asks Kyle out for cookies, and Tommy to a BBQ. Jan meets Garrison in the pool and he teases her about what happens to trainees. Nathan tells Kyle his parole has been altered to allow him to travel overseas with a responsible adult.

2008: Jay emails Forge asking when he joined the team, making it obvious he doesn't read the journals. The Elpis group return home and talk about what happened on their journals. Nathan receives news Colin MacInnis has died of a stroke and returns to Tel Aviv; Jane remarks on Nathan's sudden departure. Amanda has dinner with Baron d'Rochefort.

2009: At breakfast, Jean-Paul asks Jake if they can talk about their relationship status when he gets back. Julian visits Yvette and a degree of peacemaking is made. Kyle takes Nick out to buy clothes. X-Men Mission: Rubicon: Rogue, Forge, Wolverine, Wasp, Legion and Caldera fly to Brazil to investigate the powers spike; in their recon, Wolverine, Forge, Wasp and Legion discover that a mutant is being used as an energy source; Wasp, Wolverine and Caldera create a distraction with some burning trees whilst the remaining team rescue the boy, only to discover Reavers are involved in the security and beat a hasty retreat; regrouping, the team checks in with Charles and the decision is made to shut the facility down, despite its mandate to providing cheap power to underdeveloped regions; while Rogue, Logan and Caldera remain with the boy, Wasp, Forge and Legion destroy the complex, disabling most of the Reavers; Rogue posts her mission report. Jake is hungover and excited about a Ninja Warrior marathon and demands donuts. Clarice debates the possibilities of a courier service. Nick visits Yvette and discovers a fellow Shakespeare lover. Jay emails Clarice, Jean-Paul, Jean-Phillipe and Mark about Pride Parade on the upcoming Sunday. Kevin announces his presence in the mansion and it results in fried chicken, a rather obscure thread with Jay, and a TMI discussion about Nori and Julio's sex lives. Jan texts Kyle, teasing him about little plaid skirts.


2011: Operation: Red Letter Day: Wanda posts about further missing, dead contacts.

2012: Kurt asks Wade to leave Cammie alone. Layla texts Scott and Sarah V. about going out. Laurie and Scott make plans about having a schoolwide dinner. Sooraya visits Amara and gives her a few scarves. Sarah V. visits her twin after reading her latest journal post, having somewhat of a breakdown as everything catches up with her, and Jess is a great sister as she helps her twin get through it. A Kind of Magic: A chance encounter and a small kindness from Wanda changes Billy's life forever.

2013: Lorna emails Wanda asking if she’s still on for a trip to Muir in the future. Haller emails Maddie, Topaz, and Hope to tell them what happened to him and explain what it means for their meetings with him for the next little while. Betsy emails Scott, unhappy about what happened to Haller in DC and blaming Scott for it. Catseye meets with Professor Xavier and asks him to co-sign a bank loan with her so she can get her deli off the ground. Sooraya talks to Angelo about coming to accept who he is. Maddie posts about celebrating the end of the school year with a zombie movie marathon. Jean emails Haller to inform him about Betsy’s blaming Scott for Haller’s injuries and voice her worry about Betsy killing Scott. Haller texts Betsy asking her to cut Scott some slack but their conversation is strained. While spending the night in the Box after what happened in the hotel, Scott and Jean discuss their nightmares about what happened.

2014: Topaz texts Amanda asking if she could sleep on her couch for a couple of days. Maddie posts about a Death Grip, regarding the World Cup.

2015: Kurt saves a child from being run over in Salem Center, but when his inducer is damaged, Jean comes to his rescue. Garrison and Adrienne encounter issues with who gets the bedcovers and then the cat gets involved. Jubilee emails Kurt to make sure he’s okay. Laurie texts Clint to ask if he’s busy. Doug happens upon Hope while she’s preparing for the ladies lunch and they talk about furthering her skills.

2016: Alex makes a journal post about aliens.




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Finals: June 12-20.

Last Day of School: June 20.

New School Year Starts: September 5.

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