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Moment of Awesome - Jean Grey/Marvel Girl: Jean takes Kevin Sydney with her on a weekend's downtime, and things get philosophical.

"So Texas Slim," Kevin said, leaning on the edge of the bar while Jean stacked both full chip holders in front of her before ordering a drink. "What do you think of dice now?"

Jean eyed her chips with a laugh. "Feeling a little guilty but it'll pass." She held up a hand toward the bartender. "Amaretto sour, please."

"Guilty? Doctor Grey, what could you possibly feel guilty about?" Kevin said as the bartender left to fill their orders.

"I cheated," she said quietly with a shrug, "That's still wrong."

"The House cheats. That's the default on a casino." Kevin said, accepting a drink as the bartender reappeared. "But if you feel that way, there's a charity across the street you can donate to."

"When we're done maybe I will," she said with a smirk. "I guess I'm used to doing the right thing...most of the time." Emphasis on the former. "But the world's become so grey I want to hold onto what I can."

"You know that doing the selfish thing isn't always doing the bad thing, right?" He took a sip. "You're allowed to look after yourself. Even do something for no other motive than it makes you feel good without being guilty about it. I know I'm the last person to try and justify selfish behaviour, but... Jean, occasionally you need to do what Jean wants and needs. Otherwise, you'll burn yourself out or burn yourself done. Neither is pleasant." Kevin tended to use nicknames for her, so his use of her first name was a note of sincerity. She might not agree, but this wasn't him and his usual bullshit talking to her.

Jean shrugged, swirling her drink stirrer around. "I know. But with Cecilia gone I'm the head doctor at the mansion and...those are big shoes to fill. Especially if we have another incident like with the Destines. It makes me want to quit Claremont, but I'm one of the few people who still advocate for the...unique people there. Most of the good doctors were scared away by protesters and they've gone to hiring anyone who will fill in, which is now mostly a bunch of racists. Only my nurses seem to be the ones sticking around.I haven't had a lot of time to look after myself when I'm looking after everyone else."

"Jesus. It amazes me how much you demand from yourself and yet, you still think you're not doing enough or doing it right." Kevin let out a long sigh. "I don't know how to help but... you need to carve out something for yourself, Jean. Otherwise, and I speak from experience, you'll breakdown at some point. You deserve a break."

Silent for a moment or two, Jean glanced up, watching as excited tourists and gamblers hurried past. She gave them a nod. "Why do you think I'm here?" she said with a smile. "I'm working on it," she assured him. "Getting a workaholic to slow down is a gradual process. Do it too quickly and it's like derailing a train. We're used to frantic momentum. You have to find the right speed or..."

She finished off her drink, slamming it down on the table.

"I've been talking to my supervisor about reducing my workdays. That way I can still be there but can also have some time at the Medlab....and days off. But I can't just do it cold turkey. That's not who I am. I would be bored as hell, and unfulfilled."

Today in XProject:

November 22 - Natasha Romanoff's birthday

2003: X-Men Mission: Lowenstein: The X-Men head to Mississippi to rescue the son of a Senator. They fail to rescue him, as the FOH kills him. However, they do rescue Bobby Drake.

2004: Nathan and Jamie discuss how Jamie's powers might help Jono get his body back. Jubilee has something of a breakthrough with Dr. Samson about her emotional responses. Haroun and Alison discuss things and establish what their relationship is. Kitty talks to Ororo about maybe becoming an X-Man one day. Kitty shows Jamie she's been learning to airwalk. Heiress Discordia: Amanda and Manuel go to a Hellfire Club function and Alphonso and Selene try to mindwipe Manuel; Manuel loses his memories and Amanda is beaten before they escape.

2005: Skeleton Coast: Domino tries to escape and finds Gideon already thought of that and is recaptured.

2006: Julio, Sooraya and Yvette undergo ESL testing. Amanda and Logan train and discover the limits of her shielding spell and defence training. Nathan and Angelo also train and discuss various issues. Dani announces she is going back to college. Marius apologises to Terry for giving her Killer Cooties. Moira tells Forge the organs lost in the bomb explosion have been grown back, result of Marius' use of Masque's power and Forge announces this on the journals; Jennie emails Forge angrily about his little remarks about her summer in Europe. Garrison is freaked out by the student records. Marie and Kurt discuss Mystique.

2007: Thanksgiving. Cain is thankful for the house not being blown up. Kurt offers to help Monet with her physiotherapy. Clarice takes Monet to her families' Thanksgiving dinners.

2008: Manuel's birthday and he receives a surprise cane from an anonymous giver who turns out to be Marie-Ange, wine from Amanda and liquor from Jennie. Adrienne asks Emma for psychic shielding lessons and they are remarkably civil to each other.

2009: Manuel's birthday, and Amara makes him a cake, Jubilee sends him balloons and Amanda takes him out for dinner. Jay and Warren meet in the skies above the mansion and Warren fails to recognise his old student. Warren announces his return to New York and invites those of drinking age to Harry's; Jay hauls a drunken Warren home and lets him sleep in his bed - alone.

2010: Piotr sends an angry email to Jared about what he said to Warren; Nico posts to her journal about all the tension and various discussions of Jared's behaviour (and other topics including what Logan was like as a baby) ensue; Jared texts Jean-Phillipe asking if he needs to apologise; Laurie sums up the situation pithily. Lex has a powers accident while out running in the woods and comes to Jean for first aid, but is more distracted by his concern about his relationship with Vanessa; Lex texts Vanessa asking her out. Vanessa updates X-Factor on the search for Nick, which is proving fruitless, and on Doug's request that they track down Telford Porter.

2011: Bishop and Terry meet at the mansion and wind up playing Hearts. Kyle and Fred visit a junkyard, and Kyle ends up offering Fred a job.

2012: Thanksgiving. Remy and Ororo work on a "home improvement" project. Tabitha posts about hearing explosions in the kitchen. Jean leaves Lorna a little black dress apron and red velvet cupcake wine as a belated birthday present. Sue brings Matt home with her for Thanksgiving and introduces him to her father as her boyfriend.

2013: Adrienne emails Jean and Haller to ask them to keep an eye on Tandy, given the anniversary of her parents’ deaths is approaching (as is Adrienne’s first anniversary with Garrison); Maddie emails Tandy with plans for Saturday to keep her distracted.

2014: Impossible Odds: The news media reports on Longshot stopping a mutant terrorist attack in Kansas.

2015: Jubilee makes a journal entry asking if anyone knows a good wedding planner. Jubilee e-mails Kurt about where they could possibly hold their wedding. Along Came A Spider: Matt and Clint are at family breakfast with Steve and Andre when Clint gets an unexpected text message; Clint gets to Snow Valley, and finds two people he can actually trust with the intel he's currently carrying; Wanda e-mails Doug asking if he wants to help her and Clint with an extraction in Romania. The Hedgehog and The Fox: Twenty nautical miles out of Svendborg Skibsværft, Cutter disciplines Donal for his failure.

2016: Gabriel makes plans for Black Friday. Maya announces that she’ll be spending more time in her tree house. Miles has some wishful thinking regarding college admissions.

2017: Laurie posts about being thankful for things. Maya posts about coming back to school soon. Ev posts about being away for a little while. While helping Gabriel with his GED studies, Clint reveals he and Angel have broken up.


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