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Genosha Arc:

Beginning with the mansion providing sanctuary for two young Genoshan refugees, Jenny Ransome and David Moreau, this arc then became an investigation into their subsequent disappearance and a strike against their abductors. Genosha then retaliated, abducting the students and staff of the school, and then capturing most of the rescue teams. Battling against a nation's army, struggling to survive and protect each other, the arc concluded on June 3, 2012 with a titanic battle between the insane Thomas Moreau and, well, everybody.

Genosha is now the only nation in the world to be run cooperatively by mutants and humans. How long this will stay the case remains to be seen and tensions are already coming to the surface.

The Genosha arc was the brainchild of Dex and was co-run by Mackinzie, Rossi, Frito, Twiller and Mon. It involved every active player at the time and has the highest number of logs so far for any X-Project plot, with a total of 224 logs - not to mention the various emails, journal posts and comms posts also made as a part of this gigantic effort. Plus, it spawned a series of vids and art by Mackinzie, Frito and Sam. All in all, it was the biggest event in X-Project Phase 1 history, to the point it was unanimously agreed by the players to keep it in Phase 2.

Today in XProject:

June 6

2003: Emma Frost begins full time teaching.


2005: Green Day - everyone dyes themselves green to cheer up Miles Blaire. Madelyn tells Nate of her plans to try and find people from the community he grew up in. Jay kisses Forge and Forge flees. The Intel team find out about Pietro being a double agent. Amanda arranges various people to help with Meggan.

2006: The Enemy Within: Cain has a strange encounter in town. The Mask of Ozymandias: The Quran is stolen by Remy, Ororo and Marie. Pete Wisdom offers Doug a job. Nathan fires his secretary. Bleeding: Marius uses Kurt's powers in a strange way.

2007: Monet emails Illyana about her obsessive cleaning. Immram: Nathan has very vivid Askani dreams. Jono manages to mostly rebuild himself and he and Paige decide to come back to the mansion. Crystal notified the headmasters of her intended departure. Scott talks to John about his actions in Murderworld and John tries to shrug off his good deeds. Amanda has nightmares and Angelo is there, but guilt gets in the way. Crystal says goodbye to Nathan with one last Farsi lesson.

2008: Pete is unamused to discover Copycat is in the mansion and emails Nate about it; Pete lets the Snow Valley team know Morgan is not to be trusted. Tabitha closes the library for inventory. Nathan meets Jay in the kitchen and tries to get through to him what he's doing to Kevin. Fenrisulfr: Pete enlists the Snow Valley team to discover the identity of the attackers on Muir Island and against Shiro; Doug finds a pattern in the murders and double checks with Wanda; all of those who were kidnapped to Asgard are warned against further attacks from the cult. Various residents receive letters from Red X about a field leader training program; Kyle posts a "Dear John" letter to Red X in his journal, as he is too busy. Yvette runs into Jono in the music room and agrees to help with a summer project. Marius and Jennie discuss past events and decide on vacations, each in their own way. Tatiana is upset about a mysterious trust that's been set up for her. Manuel emails Remy about keeping his identity safe if Morgan imitates him.

2009: Charles posts regarding the start of summer and the departure of several mansion residents. Old Man of the Mountain: Farouk continues to try to reach the mansion, this time making a reverse charges call which Fred hangs up on. Nathan and Adrienne play hookey from a meditation/shielding lesson and talk about Adrienne's interest in the Hellfire Club. Mark and Jay talk during a successful shift at Silver. Bishop gives a drunken birthday girl Clarice a ride home at the end of her party.

2010: Crystal makes a post about the end of the school year and writes about her plans for the year ahead. Cammie and Laurie do some powers experimentation and find that Laurie's pheramones have the opposite effect than intended, which almost gets Laurie into trouble; Laurie emails Hank with her results.

2011: Aftershocks: The New York Times Online reports that Caroline Alito, accused of killing up to 22 people in NYC, was found dead in her cell. Yvette makes a journal post asking if anyone has read the New York Times Online article about Alito. Doug e-mails Vanessa about the account numbers Jean-Paul found in Alito's apartment and connections he's uncovered from them.

2012: The Dawn of Liberation: The Professor makes an entry welcoming everyone back, and then explains how they'd explained away their disappearance. Vanessa finally gets some much needed sleep, but there's something different about her and Callisto's arrangement that evening. Meggan brings Korvus some food, then they just end up seeking comfort in closeness to one another. Angelo makes a journal entry simply stating that he is alive. Clarice makes a journal entry about maybe falling asleep in the bath and missing the first week of summer term. Angel tells Sooraya some bad news once they've returned home. Angelo and Amara spend time together at his apartment, where neither of them is anything like okay; later, after Amara has retreated back to John's room, Warren comes over and manages to get Angelo to talk a bit. Emma takes Adrienne home with her after the plane lands and provides some much-welcome safety and comfort. Jubilee texts Kurt to remind him that she owes him a dinner if he's up for it. Laurie makes a journal entry wherein she ponders how best to explain her disappearance. After staying with Korvus until the evening, Meggan — concerned about what happened on the astral plane — goes to see Doug. Wanda swings by the mansion to convince Jean to come out with her but the night doesn't get started the way either of them thinks it will.

2013: Catseye posts to look for volunteers for the Woodstock Sanctuary on June 29. Maddie comforts Sue after she loses the chess tournament.

2014: Lorna posts about National Donut Day.

2015: Alison texts Roxy about just finishing the first season of Dr. Who and asks for the second season. Angel and Kyle hang out. Sue gives Miles some lessons in stealth.

2016: Matt and Sharon show off their gymnastic skills to each other during a workout.

2017: Natasha makes a journal entry about Russia being everywhere in America these days. While doing charity work in the city, Sooraya has an interesting encounter with Mimi. Kyle poses a deep philosophical question on tacos versus nachos on his journal.

2018: Operation: Mad Men: In Kevin’s mind he and his team raid a Water Street warehouse, based on the information from Erma’s apartment, and encounter Dottie Underwood, who manages to escape without leaving any information they can use; Wade finds William Weber died in the 1980s but that his son is still alive and he and North apprehend him to discover he lost his entire family during M-Day and that HELIOS is a nuclear warhead buried in New York - information Weber has already provided to the Sapien League; an X-Force team (Amanda, Doug, Artie, Gabriel and Domino) head to the warehouse on Water Street to recover and disarm the nuke; Doug and Domino attempt to disarm the bomb while Amanda, Gabriel and Artie run interference with the Sapien League, but discover it’s embedded in concrete; Amanda manages to convince New York to let her extract the bomb and Doug disarms it; Gabriel calls in SHIELD to take care of the nuclear material while X-Force leaves.

2019: Xavin rightfully calls out the Church of Humanity for preying on the fear of mutants to further their bigotry. Jubilee shares the trailer of an upcoming baseball movie. Fear in the Dark: Dweller!Tandy, Cul, and company are joined by the newest hammer-wielder — Nerkkod.

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  • House of Horrors: A local fraternity's haunted house gets a little too real for comfort.
  • 793.8 : 025 : 110 : 393: A trip to find a cure for Doug Ramsey's blood curse goes awry when the Ancient One asks for help.
  • Operation: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: X-Force gets involved in another of Kevin Sydney's old CIA cases - the hunt for the Sugar Man, and the woman who wants him - and Kevin - dead.

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