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Moment of Awesome - Quentin Quire/Kid Omega: Quentin is unusually sympathetic when he talks with Sooraya Qadir about the results of a recent XFI job.

"Where did you get these?"

Quentin was still sitting at his desk, flipping through the photos on his laptop with Sooraya arrived. There was plenty more evidence to go through, but he could not stop looking at the lynchings. He had always assumed the murderers were local, but thought they were an un-derground hate group. That they hid behind a church surprised him, even though he knew it shouldn't.

"Turned up in an investigation of a missing kid," he answered, wearily rubbing his eyes. "Wasn't so random after all."

Sooraya moved closer, her face still pale. "You mean there are more? What is going on here? The full picture..." She spoke, her voice trembling.

"No idea if the exact people who lynched Kaori and Ray are the same ones who kidnapped this girl, but it's possible. But we figured it was the 'Church'"—the venom with which Quentin uttered that word could have melted through steel—"And now it seems they have a massive body count."

"Church? What church?" Sooraya's eyes widened as the puzzle pieces clicked together. "Let me guess... the Church of Humanity?" The trembling in her voice didn't vanish, but on reaching that conclusion it was laced with a deep fury.

"Yo, tone it down a bit," he said, grimacing and rubbing his temple to alleviate the sharp pain from Sooraya's ambient rage. "I don't know what we're going to do with this. I messaged you first 'cuz you knew them so you needed to know this. But now I've got to tell Lorna and the others. Then we'll figure out how to fuck 'em up."

"Don't tell me you're feeling any different." Sooraya shot out, but she closed her eyes and focused on tamping down the rage as much as possible. Besides, she needed the clarity of thought to deal with this. "You said there were others? How many are we talking?"

"Don't get me wrong, I'm all in favor of extrajudicial execution here. I just don't need the migraine that comes from other people. It hampers my efficacy." He went across the room to pour himself a cup of coffee. It had long since gone cold (who would brew a fresh pot in the middle of the day, anyway?), but he had not brought his vape pen today so it was the only cure to a telepathic headache. "I don't know how many others. I found a bunch of murders across the country they can take credit for. But I'm betting it's just the tip of the iceberg."

"It's like history repeating itself..." Sooraya murmured to herself. "I wouldn't be surprised either. The way they did what they did with Kaori and Ray... they had to have done it before... Do you know if the authorities are going to get involved? What are XFI's next steps?"

Quentin chugged his coffee, grimacing at the cool bitterness, before returning to his laptop. "I don't know. They're all still out gathering evidence. After that, guess it depends on who's there. Lorna and Alex might be restrained, but if it's me? Well, I'll gladly suffer the migraine that comes."

"I might have another idea, but I need to talk it over with someone first." Sooraya said after a moment, thinking back to the things she had been planning with Alani. "I might need copies of the pictures though."

"As long as you don't bring the police into it this time. Here." He dragged and dropped the photos into an email and sent it, then shut his laptop, setting it aside as if the machine were cursed. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do. Which gives you plenty of leeway."

Today in XProject:

February 23

2004: Nathan 'Cable' Dayspring joins the mansion. Kitty begins therapy. Alison and Sam break up. Emma invites both Shinobi and Manuel to join the White Court of the Hellfire Club.

2005: Cain offers Dani a job.

2006: Scott brings Jean some dinner as she finishes her paperwork. They banter a little, then talk about what she plans to accomplish in DC that weekend. After two days of avoidance, Terry hunts Bobby down; she tries to explain and he completely fails to understand, and things get angsty. Not So Plain Jane: Jean announces the rules and the departure time for the field trip. Lorna announces her application to Berkeley and that the interview went well. Japan wins the Olympic figure skating, much to Shiro's satisfaction.

2007: Kaiten: Nathan calls Rahne and they discuss Jennie; Nathan realises things are as under control as they're going to get, and it's time to go back to the States. Scott suggests joining the team to Pietro and he considers it. Crystal leaves to go home for a week and sends an e-mail to Scott and Ororo, letting them know of her temporary absence from the school.

2008: Jean asks Laurie to come see her about being insensitive to Jennie's plight and then talks to Scott about her concerns. Rahne also emails Laurie, to explain things. Aureus Canis: Jennie gets long-delayed revenge on Marius, by licking him; Marius then pounces on her in the snow; Rahne teaches Jennie how to manage her new form; Jennie talks to Nathan about the reaction to her predicament; Rahne emails Angelo about his response to Jennie during a journal argument the previous day; Wanda emails Jennie to make sure she's all right. Kyle drops by to visit Forge and ask him to build a spider-car. Farouk makes an unexpected return, winding up on Amanda's doorstep. Tabitha revels in the sunny weather and invites people to join her for a run.

2009: Yvette trains in control with Emma, who asks her some difficult questions. Midsummer's Nightmare: At rehearsals, a sandbag falls to the stage missing Angel, Callie and Yvette, the rope having been cut and Yvette assumes it was an accident with her powers. Cammie gets a makeover from Clarice. Jean-Paul explains an 'accident' whilst painting Rachel's room. Logan talks to Scott about rejoining the team.

2010: Jean-Paul texts John about a particular book he can't find. Laurie visits Vanessa in her penthouse and makes her dinner and they indulge in girl chat.

2011: Wade is confused about his computer singing "You Are My Sunshine" to him in Tabitha's voice, a trick provided by Doug, and winds up drowning his laptop at the suggestion of Kevin. Amanda announces the return of herself, Nico and Marie-Ange from New Orleans. Julian emails Nico, demanding her presence in his room. Doug emails Tabitha, seeing Wade's declaration on the journals re hacking as a challenge. Remy posts to x_snowvalley, summarising some changes, such as Cammie's joining the team, Marie-Ange's return and Illyana's departure to England, during which Doug whines about not knowing Angie was back until Remy smacks him down. Wade emails Kevin, thanking him for his work in teasing Tabitha. Jubilee announces her new pastime - ninja crochet. Amanda runs into Lex in District X and they go for a drink and talk about powers loss, magic and Vanessa.

2012: Marie-Ange apologizes to an old informant who she refused to believe when he said that flying squid had stopped him from gathering information. Layla wakes up to find a t-shirt on her face, she and Matt make plans to keep one another company in misery. Matt posts that he had made it to church on Ash Wednesday and might just be up for doing homework now. Matt and Layla hang out, eat, discuss college and generally get along, which is unusual for them.

2013: Garrison posts about baseball. Scott posts two messages about Lex/Hamster leaving for South-America. Yvette gives Fred a new shirt. Molly runs into Angelo in the gym. Something happens that sparks a memory of Genosha and the two discuss it.

2014: Angel discovers Johnny out on the grounds, trying to fly by jumping off a tree.

2015: Hope receives a threatening card from Amy Wright. Wade texts Arthur asking him to pass on to the mansion that he's still alive; Arthur does so. Warren introduces himself on the journals. Marie-Ange posts to let people know she'll be going to New Orleans, then posts for X-Force to give them more details. Gabriel meets Miles sans Spidey costume.

2016: Jubilee asks Felicia if she also was Silly-Stringed. Matt runs into Reed while looking for Clint in the labs.

2017: Sooraya asks Angel to help a young mutant with similar powers as part of her work with the Mutant Underground.

2018: Alex and Lorna are out on their latest case - a missing woman. Clea brings Marie-Ange her office mail and gets information about her new workplace.


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  • Operation: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: X-Force gets involved in another of Kevin Sydney's old CIA cases - the hunt for the Sugar Man, and the woman who wants him - and Kevin - dead.

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