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Moment of Awesome - Sooraya Qadir/Dust: A near-miss with Alex Summers on his skateboard turns into a reminder for Sooraya to take a break, now and then.

"A boy can dream." He shrugged, rocking back slightly. "You can't tell me you've never even thought about saying screw it and trying something ridiculous and dangerous."

"I think almost everyone has done that once or twice. Including me..." Sooraya laughed. "In practice I was more of the sane woman of the crew though."

"It doesn't count if you're trying to be the voice of reason. I mean just like... cut loose and say I'm going bungee jumping today. I mean, I'm saving that for my thirtieth, but you get what I'm saying. Be impulsive."

"You may have point there." Sooraya replied with a smile, but her eyes turned sad.

Alex was a lot of things, but oblivious wasn't one of them. "Hey, I'm sorry," he said, pushing himself up and tugging his helmet off. "I didn't mean to upset you. Unsurprisingly, my mouth moves faster than my brain sometimes."

"Don't worry about it, Alex. I'm not really upset." Sooraya quickly pushed the emotion away. "I just realized something and that saddened me a bit."

"What is it? If you want to talk about it, I mean."

"That it's a good thing that young people have that chance. But that there are also many who didn't or don't have that chance and I was wondering how much they are missing." Sooraya explained.

"You're a young people," Alex pointed out, raising an eyebrow. "You're younger than me. Do you feel like you're missing anything?"

"No, not really. But you've to admit, Alex... we're in something of a refuge. Many out there can't say that... really having to watch themselves." Sooraya explained.

Alex frowned back. "I'm aware. I spend all day going through terrible news stories sometimes and getting mad about it. But that's all the more reason to take advantage of downtime when you have it. No one is going to be helped by you burning yourself out."

"I know you do." Sooraya nodded. "And I know it's important to have downtime. There just don't seem to be many chances for that nowadays."

"Sometimes ya gotta make time," Alex said, shrugging. "Even if that time is three a.m. watching stupid movies with your dog while your wife is asleep."

"I used to do that with friends sometimes." Sooraya's eyes lit up at least a little at the memory. "Thanks Alex. I think I need a little reminding."

Alex gave her a two-fingered salute. "Always happy to remind people they gotta relax."

Today in XProject:

April 1 - April Fool's Day, Darcy Lewis' birthday

2004: Marie learns the real danger of going through with her plan to have Manuel in her head. Sarah and Manuel make a deal to spar. Doug hacks the system and changes everybody's icons to cartoons of them.

2005: Hellfire and Damnation: Pete explains to Amanda what he has to do in response to the murder of his father. Lorna tells Alex she's going to Disneyland with Paige, and he takes it better than she expected. Remy brings Jake Gavin back to the mansion to help with intelligence gathering. Hank gives Madelyn a taser.

2006: House of Wind: Nathan tries to escape from his uncle’s facility in Rio.

2007: Five Against One: Whilst waiting to fade, the alters reveal various secrets to people, including the fact Jemail isn't an alternate personality, but the mind of one of the people who held up the convenience store and killed David's uncle, trapped in David's mind since; Marie and Betsy meet for lunch and discuss the matter; the alters reconcile, saving Jemail from complete death by re-integrating him. Jan gains revenge on Pietro for nearly killing her with the wind of his passage in the woods and he later emails her in confusion. Logan and Ororo discuss her new relationship with Remy. Angelo, Amanda and Crystal enjoy the Attilan sunshine before Amanda and Angelo head back to New York. Angelo arranges for Rachel to be babysat whilst he takes Nathan out for his birthday. Yvette asks Logan why Crystal doesn't trust him.

2008: Angelo wishes Nathan a happy birthday. Operation: Take A Bow: The brownstone alarms go off and Wanda and Amanda investigate to discover a frostbitten and injured Mark falling through a portal; in Wanda's arms, Mark flashes back to his arrival in the Warwolf dimension; Wanda spreads the news among X-Force; Amanda emails Angelo with the news; Doug posts to x_journal; Marie-Ange tells Jean-Phillipe; Emma emails Pete, Remy and Betsy with the details of Mark's care; Cyndi emails Mark to wish him well; Julio posts about making sure someone is dead next time before posting, and earns the wrath of X-Force.

2009: Midsummer's Nightmare: The New Mutants stay late and capture their 'curse', a fellow actor with the ability to turn invisible and a chip on his shoulder about the casting; embarrassing naked photos are used to ensure his cooperation; a last minute casting disaster almost wrecks everything, but Karolina's parents step in to help; Julian emails the adults involved in the play letting them know about Joe and asking what should be done with him; Meggan is excited about the play's opening night. Logan begins using his journal to remind himself of what parts of his past he does remember and gets paranoid when Laurie takes an interest; Logan emails Garrison asking about Laurie and her interest in him. Leo wishes Nathan a happy birthday; Cammie sends a card and a cake to Jean-Paul to pass onto her boss; Jean-Paul checks out Jake at Nathan's party, suspicious of Nathan's glowering at him; Nathan and Jean-Paul get philosophical about things; Lil calls Cammie while drunk, trying to get her to come to the party, but Cammie refuses; Cammie posts about how quiet things are with the party going on. Yvette emails Cammie about the day before, disappointed in her and Cammie apologises when she finds out why Kyle has issues with "Dog Boy"; Cammie emails Kyle to apologise; Yvette posts to her journal about the capture of the 'curse' and her meeting with Jada the previous day, and expresses her disappointment in her fellows for the thread the day before. Cammie chats with Kurt about his relationship with Monet and takes a lecture on her behaviour the day before willingly. Wanda posts hungover after her night out with Jake and wonders where Amanda is; Mark gets a phone call from the missing witch and discovers she's in London and sends Clarice to get her; Mark lets the rest of Snow Valley know what's going on; Amanda asks on the journals about practical joking teleporters. Manuel is woken by ABBA, which has been provided to Valentia as a present; Tabitha is smug. Marie-Ange apologises for causing Wanda to apparently laugh herself to death; Mark pouts about his pantless dance not being appreciated as art. Marie-Ange and North compare precognition styles. Julian and Fred meet their new suitemate, Johnny. Congress of Behram: Remy alerts members of Snow Valley to potential trouble at the conference and organises a response. Inez summarises the week's events in her own special way.

2010: John lets Angelo know via SMS that he's having a hard time dealing with his hay fever. A drawing is left by Kevin under Jean-Paul's door. Jean-Paul sends Vanessa a text message asking if she's alive. Jean-Paul leaves Adrienne a letter and a gift for her birthday. Angelo informs everyone via a journal post that John is a wuss about his allergies after John's refusal to take his medication. Revenant: Adrienne Reads Meggan's math homework and sees something profoundly disturbing and when she confronts Meggan on the staircase, things take a turn for the worse as Selene takes control of Meggan's body and pushes Adrienne off the stairs. Having complete control of Meggan's body, Selene heads over to the Endymion House to prepare for coming events. Vanessa finds Adrienne at the bottom of the stairs and helps Adrienne to the med lab where she gets treated by Hank for a concussion. Amanda sends Kurt an urgent email letting him know that Selene has got Meggan -- they arrange to meet up at the office. Amanda leaves a message on the X-Force comms, informing them of the situation and that Heinrich Klar has contacted her with instructions and she is going to do as asked: return Selene's body to the Hellfire Club. Kurt leaves a message on the X-Men comms, informing the team that any attempt to rescue Meggan would only endanger her life and that X-Force are handling it. Amanda sends Vanessa a text message asking her to meet her at the SV office. X-Force heads over to Central Park West to find Meggan and find one hell of a mess: the American Natural History Museum has been broken into. Meggan and her new friends attempt to steal the stones of Nova Roma but find themselves facing members of X-Force. During the fight, Kurt teleports Meggan out of the museum and straight to the offices of Snow Valley where a specially prepared restraining circle awaits Meggan. There Kurt attempts to get through to his sister. At Jamaica Bay, Amanda, Jubilee and Amara fulfill their end of the bargain by raising Selene's coffin out of the bay with Vanessa and Bishop covering for them with guns aimed. Selene makes another request, this time for sustenance and with Amanda's permission, she draws energy from the three. Emma and Doug attend a meeting of the Inner Court and strike a deal with Sebastian Shaw: the Black Court will denounce Selene for good if the White Court upholds his choice for Queen -- Belladonna. The ritual to draw Selene's essence out of Meggan begins with Amanda acting as a conduit for the siphoning of energy as once again, Selene draws energy out of the three women. Meggan is freed from Selene's hold and is teleported back to her suite at Xavier's where Kurt does his best to comfort her. Back at the Hellfire Club, Nico disrupts the spell and members of X-Force move in for the attack on Selene. Double-crossed by Shaw, Selene dies at the hands of Belladonna. Belladonna's sudden appearance reveals the deal made between the White and Black Courts.

2011: Warren texts Wade about the moose. Jan emails Matt about having a meal together. Matt and Artie sneak off campus for food and attempt to buy booze. Crystal invites Laurie to a weekend away in Attilan. Professor Xavier posts a notice about hazing not being tolerated at the mansion, and a reminder that free speech is both a right and a responsibility.

2012: Laurie posts a video to help explain why she loves the president so much. Jubilee posts on her journal challenge all comers to a game of pool. An April Fool's joke is played on Wade, who lets the community know that Daisy has been impregnated by a deer leading to plans for a baby shower. Fred meets Yvette outside the Danger Room after a particularly bad training session and lets slip he thinks she's hot. Panicked, Fred sends Angelo an e-mail asking for advice and then suffers an inquisition until Angelo discovers who Fred has a crush on.

2013: Clarice posts complaining that it’s Monday and she’s breaking out while a girl in her class is still flawless. Adrienne puts a message up on her journal celebrating the beginning of baseball season. Frank meets Kyle and they nerd out over Shakespeare. Excelsior East: Artie gets caught by Arcade trying to scam one of arcade’s casinos. To prevent himself from being killed by Arcade Artie agrees to steal a disk drive from one of Arcade’s competitors, unfortunately he is caught by security as he is sneaking into the new casino. Tandy and Frank meet for the first time after the journals.

2014: Sue emails the New Mutants (minus Maddie) to ask about a party for Maddie in the theme of 1950s. Billy texts the New Mutants (minus Clint) about how he had been practicing a color-changing spell on Clint’s hair. Cecilia posts how she will be in the medlab to avoid any April Fool Pranks. Clint posts to give props to the person who switched his deodorant with cream cheese. Kyle posts this picture to congratulate the ones that put the googly eyes on everything and to bring him a BLT to not rat them out. Hope texts Maddie and Topaz on who did it with the BLT and vote Maddie.

2015: Xavin talks with Matt and is weirded out by the whole school and Generation X thing. Adrienne finds out with her powers that Warren and Jessica had sex in the X-Factor office (and on her desk) and he finds out she’s a mutant; Warren lets Jessica know what happened and they wind up making arrangements to hook up again. Adrienne lets Emma and Garrison know her powers are acting up and she can Read items through things she’s touching. Angel and Tandy go on a donut run and catch up with each other. Tabitha confesses to apparently everything. X-Force learns that the mutant smuggling ring is making a shipment and Artie goes undercover to smoke them out; Felicia has similar plans and winds up getting a save, courtesy of Wanda and North in police uniforms. Tandy drops by Amanda’s magic class and they catch up on the situation with the Dweller in the Dark, still trapped in its own dimension. Angelica leaves a souvenir t-shirt and poker chip for Jean from Vegas and Jean texts her to say thank you. Clarice complains about the field trip curse striking again and the need for retail therapy. Tandy tries to prank Adrienne by telling her she is having Loki’s baby, but Adrienne isn’t fooled. Gabriel and Warren run into each other in a grungy basement nightclub. Miles and Gabriel catch up after Miles has a Danger Room session and Miles invites Gabriel to Easter dinner at his parents’ house.

2016: Darcy posts about April Fools' Day. Adrienne and Garrison text about baseball. Maya responds to a lack of April Fools' antics. Clint wishes Darcy a happy birthday. Are We Ourselves: Clint and Kyle meet up to share information; later that day, Molly, Clint, Natasha and Topaz realize Kyle hasn't made it back to the safehouse.

2017: Maya dares people to talk about the peace and love doctrine in the wake of anti-mutant violence. Hope is the first to discover Topaz’s April Fool’s fashion statement. Topaz texts her students to find out who did it. Amanda responds to a request to remove Maya from Warren’s building by security, and things go badly.

2018: Sue leaves a dress for Darcy's birthday. Jubilee leaves Darcy a crocheted science kit.


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