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Moment of Awesome - Alex Summers/Havok: As part of a missing persons case, Alex and Hope Abbott discover a connection between the Church of Humanity and the murder of two Mutant Underground volunteers.

The door was locked. Shaking her head, Hope reached for the small leather kit she always wore with her when doing field work and removed two slender lock picks. Footsteps behind her made her pause and she turned to greet Alex. "Hey, what have we found so far?"

"A collection bowl with way too much money. I say we take it and donate it to a pro-mutant charity or the underground or something." Alex's hands were in his pockets, eyes moving this way and that and trying not to think about the scene they had left downstairs. "What's this?"

"I suspect it's the priest's study. All the other doors I have come across are unlocked." Hope turned back and crouched down to get at the lock. Staying strictly focused on the task at hand was the best thing she could do now. Strictly locking away the memories till she was alone at home and could try to deal with it. "Not a very sophisticated lock though." She commented as she rose a few minutes later and pushed open the door.

"Not a very sophisticated group," was Alex's dry answer as he leaned over and peeked in just to make sure there was nothing waiting to stab them or something. He might've preferred the stabbing when he saw the pictures on the wall. Mutants in various states of being hurt and tortured and "exorcised" and...

"Son of a bitch."

Hope let out a low hiss as she took in the pictures, careful not to look too closely at the details. "What the hell have we found?" She muttered in a low voice as she moved closer to the ones of the wall. "I wonder how many disappearances and even murders are going to be explained by this."

Alex had his phone out, taking pictures and sending them back to XFI. He didn't want to take any evidence that might help put these bastards in jail. If the police even bothered. He paused on a particular picture. "Well, we just solved one murder." He took the frame off the wall, holding it out to Hope. "Look familiar?"

She accepted the picture and had to swallow at the starkness of it. Two bodies dangling... their faces an expression of pain and fear... "Wasn't this a few years back? I think Quentin was involved... and we tried to find who did it?" Hope had to carefully pitch her voice low to keep it steady.

"And we didn't." Alex shook his head. "This place didn't even exist yet, did it?"

"Not from what our research showed..." Hope frowned as she recalled the information they had gathered. "But that doesn't mean some of the people or even a precursor of the group weren't around either."

"They better hope they end up in jail." Alex took a picture of the photo. One case closed. "Stone walls and metal bars might be the only thing that stops Q from shredding their minds. And I'm not even sure those will help."

Today in XProject:

November 25

2003: Crimson Dawn: Betsy's surgery is complete, and arrangements are made to return her and the kids to the school. X-Men Mission: Lowenstein: A news report airs about the X-Men mission in Mississippi casting them as the villians having killed Lowenstein.

2004: Thanksgiving. Clarice teleports Kyle home to surprise his parents. Kitty brings Amanda pie.

2005: Alison lets slip to Lorna her plans for Haroun. Lost In The Woods/Hellfire and Damnation: Things come to a head and the team go to the Hellfire Club to take down Selene; during the ceremony to make Amanda Black Knight, Selene presents her with a test - kill Jubilee; Amanda refuses and battles it out with Selene, losing; Alison saves both girls, but is drained almost to death; Pete intervenes at the last moment with the spell designed by Strange and Romany to bind Selene whilst the X-Men subdue security; Amanda tries to sacrifice herself to save Alison, but Nathan and Askani tell her there's another choice; Amanda kills Askani to Heal Alison; Askani dumps the entire Askani history in Wanda's head before she goes.

2006: Lorna takes Cyndi out to Silver, where there's a close encounter with Mark, who is unaware of Haller's special circumstances. Wendy - Remy and Ororo run into an ambush by the Reavers and barely escape; they receive help from an entirely unexpected quarter and hole up in a motel for the night. Garrison and Marie-Ange go on their first date.

2007: Shiro has the flu.

2008: Emma visits a nightmare-plagued Doug and sets about healing some of the psychic damage.

2009: Dori gets a job at the local comic shop and shares her news with the first person she comes across, Megan; Dori announces her new job on her journal.

2010: Jan wishes everyone a happy Turkey Day. There Will Be Peace: En route to LA, Julian lies to Angel about the reason for the trip.

2011: No Pryor Convictions: Avalanche 'recruits' young telekinetic Madelyn Pryor to help him rob a bank in New York; Doug gets a call from a contact who is concerned about young mutants being forced to rob banks. Clarice shares her Black Friday shopping haul, which includes some truly scary shoes. Jean-Paul emails Bishop, concerned that the job Vanessa is on is triggering her issues.

2012: Amanda posts asking if anyone has seen Adrienne, who stood Amanda up for lunch.

2013: Topaz goes to return books to the library and ends up going on a field trip with Tabitha.

2014: Impossible Odds: Scott e-mails Doug about the team’s concerns over Arthur Centino. Clint texts Gabriel to ask if he has any Thanksgiving plans. Rogue makes a journal entry about Mississippi overturning its ban on gay marriage, and how proud she is of her home state.

2015: North asks Felicia if she’d like to get a drink with him. Along Came A Spider: Clint informs Angel that he’s about to go into a Chinese food coma thanks to her, totally in a good way. Natasha wakes up in an unfamiliar place with a... really familiar foot warmer.

2016: Darcy offers cupcakes to everyone. Gabriel sends a text message to Wade from the hardware store.

2017: Darcy wants someone to build a rifle (called DARCI) for her. Clarice posts about the wonders of online shopping.

2018: Clarice posts some beautiful maritime inspired heels that she wants.

2019: Maya shares a link to some creative cursing. Emma and Hope have dinner and discuss further steps for the HFC.

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