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Moment of Awesome - Doug Ramsey/Cypher: Doug gets some tough without the love from a fictional magician in a magical library.

It was like if Pete and Amanda had been put in a blender together. For a moment Doug's heart ached with missing Pete, wondering if he was out there somewhere in Xorn's reconstituted universe. He shook his head. "Like this is your spot any more than mine?" he asked, a slightly annoyed note in his voice. Philosophical questions of just how real the people they kept encountering were, and what that meant for the realness of universes they came from, were starting to give him a real headache.

"No need to get on your high horse, sonny. I might be a fictional expression of this place's subconscious, but it doesn't mean I can't put you in your place. So how about we start this again. John Constantine, professional bastard. And you are?"

"Doug Ramsey. -Trained- by professional bastards." A cocky grin that wouldn't have been out of place on John Constantine's own face crossed Doug's. "And the jury's out on whether you're fictional. I mean, I presume you feel real to yourself, anyway. Maybe this thing touches an infinite number of universes, and I'm the fictional one where you come from?" He rubbed his temples. "Trying to suss out the multiverse gives me an enormous headache."

"These professional bastards of your could have done a better job. Looks like you can barely stand on your feet, let alone deal with multiverses. Right nasty curse you've got there."

The cocky grin definitely wavered a bit at that. "Try being on my end of it," he said a bit sourly. "Turns out that while shattering a focus amulet does work at taking out a blood mage, the backlash...leaves a bit to be desired." And unlike Wanda, he hadn't found some handy-dandy order of monks to set things back to rights.

"My heart bleeds for you." Constantine smirked. "Messing with blood mages is never a good idea and it's always best left to the professionals." He reached for another cigarette, crushing the finished one out under his boot without a thought for the polished wooden floor. "If you came here for a cure, I've got shitty news. There ain't one."

"I work with the professionals," Doug replied with a bit of a shrug. "Might not be a magic user myself, but I run with plenty of them, annoy some others, and do my best to put the nasty ones in the ground." Talk of the curse definitely tended to put him on the defensive, as much as he was trying to come to terms with it. "Didn't come looking for a cure, though I'd take one if it was on offer," he continued. "No, I'm here trying to help fix whatever interdimensional cock-up is going on around here." He waved a hand to indicate more or less the entirety of the library. "You?"

"Same, pretty much." Constantine shrugged - his needling of Doug wasn't as entertaining if the kid didn't get pissed off. "Can't say I know that much more than you about the place - I was mindin' me own business, being fictional, and suddenly here I am."

Doug grunted. "Then I assume one of us is supposed to do something particular, or impart some Saturday morning cartoon nugget of wisdom to the other one." He shrugged. "It's either that or sit around here shooting the shit until we get tired of each other." He waved a hand airily. "I mean, if we're going to approach this from a strictly World-as-Myth viewpoint, those are the most relevant options in terms of 'advancing the plot' and all."

The trenchcoated man barked out a laugh. "Wisdom? You're definitely barking up the wrong tree. I don't do comforting and I don't do helpful, unless there's something in it for me. And I definitely don't do sympathetic listening to some wanker's bleeding issues. So if you're expecting anything like that, you're shit out of luck."

"You're all heart, Johnny," Doug groused. He hadn't really expected differently, though. "So you can get cancer cured by pissing off Lucifer fuckin' Morningstar, and Wanda gets sorted because her power's too dangerous to have on the fritz or something, but god forbid I get my hopes up, right?" He glared at John. "If you're not here to Yoda me, what the hell ARE you here for?"

"To crush your pathetic hopes and make you face reality?" John shrugged and lit up another cigarette. "Heart will get you and others killed in this business, you know that. And the world doesn't give a shite for your personal bollocks. So the sooner you stop chasing rainbow-fucking-cures from magical unicorns and learn to live with what you've got, the better."

Today in XProject:

January 19


2005: Hank decides to pull Nathan from training since the DR is breaking him so much. Jubilee sets herself on fire whilst cooking; Marie-Ange and Amanda help her. Madelyn confronts Alison about the medlab staff not being kept in the loop re Nathan's training and about being treated as useless. Clarice asks Shiro to the dance. Jubilee has a nocturnal visit from a memory of Amanda's. Moira asks Hank to scout around for a replacement for Rory Campbell at Muir Island. Forge develops unstable molecule clothing for Catseye and Rahne. Madelyn discovers Alex emits radiation and posits a theory about healing factors causing chemical imbalance.

2006: Haroun accidentally finds the ring Alison had made for him and accepts her proposal, leaving her just a mite shocked... and literally glowing. Nathan and Jennie talk over lunch, and when she wonders about the funeral, he tells her everything. Haller meets a very giddy Alison and they go in search of the perfect lighting, then go for ice cream. Alison and Lorna have an incoherent email conversation and then a giggly and slightly more coherent phone conversation about the engagement. Haroun tells Nathan about the engagement, feeling somewhat stressed.

2007: Jean asks Crystal if she is interested in becoming a medlab helper.

2008: Scott announces he (and Jean) will be going back to Hungary to finish the consulting job. Scott runs into Laurie on the stairs, and they talk about how she needs to separate school from team. Angelo goes to talk with Scott, and things are far more productive. Amanda is hungover and promptly collapses at home after the bus run. She is also embarrassed about the phone call to Kurt. Scott, Jean, Haller and Betsy all meet up at Harry's and have a unwinding session after the week's stress.

2009: Valentia's Lullaby: Returning from a meeting, Manuel senses an empath in trouble and tracks down a four-year-old girl who looks very like him and he and Amanda take her from her uncaring foster family; Amanda emails Doug about obtaining papers for Valentia to leave the country. Adrienne emails Morgan, concerned about her silence in the wake of the discussion about Manuel. Jean helps Cammie with her injury and discusses options with her; Kurt shows Cammie where the kitchen is. Kurt checks in on a subdued Yvette. Pete announces he's off to Muir for physiotherapy. Lil meets Inez in the gym and offers to potentially help her with her powers; Lil emails Scott asking about training Inez and bristles when she is called a 'teacher'. Jean-Paul emails Callie, having found her history book. Adrienne tracks down the elusive Morgan and they argue about their last email discussion. Walking Ghosts: Haunted by whatever happened to him, Nathan nearly poisons himself drinking wine on top of his antibiotics and is hauled off to Jean by Jean-Paul; Jean-Paul announces he is going off-schedule to take care of Nathan's "stomach flu". Adrienne asks Bishop for a shooting lesson. Cammie runs into Callie drinking drain cleaner in the kitchen in the middle of the night. Jean-Paul and Catseye have an enjoyable afternoon reading.

2010: Song of Isaac, Key of Solomon: Garrison joins the Yamman team in an attempt to rescue Calysee, but it turns out to be a trap as a bomb is set off with Garrison the only survivor and taken by persons unknown; the Alamut are wiped out as Jacob Reisz joins forces with the Opus Dei and takes Farouk hostage, intent on torturing what he knows out of him. Marie e-mails several people to let them know she's leaving. Amanda and Jean-Paul run into each other, he is cranky and she is suspicious. Adrienne and Amanda meet to discuss the Staff of One, Nico and what Adrienne saw. Cammie also comes up, and sticking by people. Jay and Warren celebrate Warren's birthday, and Jay gives him a ring - discussion is had.

2011: Amanda wishes Warren a happy birthday and invites him out for dinner. Dori posts a YouTube link on her journal and asks for people's opinion regarding her senior year photos. Kyle emails Doug, warning him to stop flirting with Dori because he thinks she's too young to sleep with him. Crystal sends a piece of artwork to Warren's penthouse for his birthday.

2012: Sharon and Lorna meet for the first time, and it goes pretty well. Jean leaves Warren a birthday gift. Warren texts Vanessa about not showing up for his birthday drinks. Sooraya asks a question after an interview for college does not go the way she expected.

2013: Adrienne emails Jean asking if she prescribed anti-anxiety medication for Tandy. Kurt apologizes to Lorna as well as Kyle, Logan, and Matt for the smell of burning in the kitchen and the mess in the oven after a failed attempt to make chicken and waffles while drunk. Jean leaves a note for Warren with three tickets to the opera for his birthday.Something Slender (and Awful): Clint’s father’s place get ding-dong ditched and then a visitor appears on the fire escape; Clint and Billy are concerned, but Maddie is not buying it; Hope, Tandy and Topaz go out for a proper British Tea when they are interrupted by an unwelcome and persistent visitor who really wants the girls’ attention; Matt and Sue’s brunch date is ruined by the sense that something is not right, and a man with no heartbeat who smells like funerals; Molly and Renee’s plans for waffles is interrupted by an unwelcome encounter; Tandy runs back to find Jean-Phillipe to tell him what had happened by he doesn’t believe her as Slenderman are an internet meme; Matt tries to call the mansion but Jennie is distracted by a tiny kitchen fire; Molly texts the New Mutants asking if she can punch the man following her and Renee; Topaz texts Billy asking if they could meet somewhere to talk about what they could do to keep the things from following them; Billy and Topaz put their heads together and decide that maybe they should do something to keep them and their friends safe; in the Women’s bathroom stall at McDonalds, Topaz does her best to protect Tandy, Hope and Molly, fuelling the ward with her own emotions and the best they can do is hope it works; The boys get together in the Men’s stall and Billy does not have confidence about his artistic abilities at all; Sue and Maddie are skeptical about it and Maddie thinks her friends are cray-cray; Hope, Matt and Renee lose their friends while in the subway; Topaz and Maddie are fine but everyone else has disappeared, they get up to the city and find that it is just as empty as the train; Clint and Molly make it to the station but they also lose their friends and classmates as well; Tandy, Billy and Sue manage to get separated from the group while riding on the same car as everyone else; after arriving home, Clint's foster fathers are not welcoming and have a message from Clint’s brother; Topaz is not afraid of the dark just the voices lurking in the dark; Hope confronts her mother and gives into anger; Billy has his own encounter with a Slenderman and the unpredictable nature of his powers; Matt is on trial by Dishonorable Judge Slenderman for being a failure, a loser and a general waste of space; Tandy faces her worst nightmare -D'Spayre; Molly did not do her homework and Professor Slenderman is not happy about it; Renee finds out that Firefighter Slendermen are not really in the field to rescue; Maddie is proven to be very wrong and does not land on her feet; Sue is pulled under and cannot save her brother; Billy and Clint find each other and Billy tries to summon his stick and gets a hammer instead; Molly is a self-rescuing Princess and does her best to save Tandy; Billy and Clint find Molly and Tandy where they work together to save Tandy from the Lickyimps; Maddie, who has made it back to the real world, goes straight to X-Force hoping that they will believe her about the Slenderman; Matt saves Topaz from the dark and from the voices; Sue, Topaz and Matt help Hope break out her cycle of anger and abuse by showing her that a Slender!mom has been toying with her; Sue, Topaz, Matt and Hope save Renee as the Firefighter Slenderman won’t do it; Amanda puts an all call for the rescue of the kids from the Slendermen; X-Force come to the rescue and the Slendermen meet something scarier than them - Gambit; Amanda, Maddie and Jubilee hold the portal; Marie-Ange and Wanda decide that they really need to be paid more for their jobs as they enter the Slenderman world; Marie-Angie arms herself - and everyone else - as Matt and Molly make a break for for the portal; Wanda wreaks havoc to rescue Sue; Maddie finds Billy and Clint and they make it to the portal out; Renee and Nico’s powers are creepy but nothing compared to Remy’s; Doug tries to keep the Slendermen off of Tandy and Hope but ends up the girls keeping the Slendermen off Doug; Topaz gets to see Amanda cut loose and kick ass and Jubilee gets her snark on while blowing up Slendermen; Doug texts Wade about beer and skatepuke and that he just got back from some craziness; Topaz asks if this sort of thing happens often; Doug posts to x_snowvalley stating that the New Mutants were taken by the Slendermen and that they were brought back safety but that the Slendermen are indeed real and that there will be files on them in the morning; Wade texts Marie-Ange asking is she is okay after the rescue; Tandy texts Clint saying she doesn’t want to be alone; Jean posts to the X-Men stating the events that had happened to the New Mutants and that it will be mandatory that everyone will be see Charles, Haller or herself so they can provide proof that Slenderman’s exist from their influence; Jean posts the same thing to the staff at the school; Wade texts Molly asking if she is okay; Tandy texts Adrienne that she is okay and that she is going to be hanging out with Clint for the evening. Jean texts Betsy asking how she is doing. Wade texts Sharon asking if she could check on Molly. Billy texts Topaz asking if they should tell Amanda about the whole tattoo thing or not. Adrienne leaves Warren a Gucci long-sleeved dress shirt with room for his wings and a birthday card. Adrienne emails Wade and Logan asking if they know where she can get her hands on a Montreal Canadian jersey. Haller emails Jean asking if she could prescribe something stronger than an aspirin for Betsy. Angel texts Lorna about the state of the kitchen. Wade texts Logan about taco trucks in ten minutes. Molly is having some cope failure after the Slendermen encounter and Topaz tries to make her feel better by doing magic. Hearing it go awry, and being tasked by Wade to check up on Molly anyway, Catseye investigates.

2014: Doug texts Wade to see if he’s received a video from the Girl Scouts in his e-mail. Meggan texts Wade in all caps about erotic Sharknado fanfiction. Yvette happens across Namor at the lake and they chat about cleanliness, obvious things, and service. Warren makes a journal entry about discovering today is his birthday, and drinks at Silver are on him. Maddie makes a journal entry about Jamaica having a bobsled team qualify for the Olympics.

2015: The Trial of Jean Grey: Scott lets everyone know about Namor; Scott emails Lorna to check on her after the disastrous mission to find Jean; Tandy texts Adrienne, who is on her way to India as well; Clint texts Gabriel about Namor’s death and going to India to get Jean; Rogue e-mails Logan to say she’s not ok, and that they’re going to bring Jean back; Hope texts Topaz, Sue, and Tandy saying she’s found wine and asks them to join her; Miles texts Gabriel to see if he wants some company; Strike team one under Remy goes after the main holding area to retrieve Jean; Strike team two under Ororo hits the Imperial Guard, wrapping them up so they can’t deploy properly; Strike team three under Wanda moves to take out communications and cause chaos; Strike team four under MA goes after the security systems controls; Clarice teleports Jean out with Adrienne so she can work on the suppressor with Paige back at the Blackbird; Strike team one joins strike team two attempting to contain the Guard, who are starting to overrun them; Strike team one joins strike team two attempting to contain the Guard, who are starting to overrun them; Strike team three and four blast open a way to the landing zone where Clarice is ferrying them out; The final group makes it to the landing zone, several falling along the way, and Clarice is wounded and unleashes a massive powers flare, buying them enough time to get clear; MA writes an e-mail to all X-Men, X-Force, X-Corps and X-Factor members, as well as medical staff - also, Wade Wilson, Julian Keller, Arthur Centino, Callisto and Megan Gwynn - advising them they recovered Jean Grey but at a tremendous cost, and e-mails X-Force members to say she didn’t know they would die; Wanda e-mails Dr. Stephen Strange to express her love, and to tell him the sex was great.

2016: X-Men Mission: Fall of the Mutants The Morlocks meet up to discuss their missing people revealing a deep divide in how they want to approach the situation. Amanda plants a Louisiana Iris and an African Orchid in the greenhouse. Great Attractors: Haller sends an email to the impacted telepaths and empaths, updating them on the situation.

2017: With Extreme Prejudice: Concerned about Foggy’s safety after the deaths of several people involved in the mutant killings case, Matt stays the night; his worst fears are confirmed when someone breaks in and he has to out himself as Daredevil to protect his friend; Matt texts Miles, asking for help. Matt ends up texting Clint as well, asking for an extraction.

2018: Topaz makes a journal entry pondering studying abroad, and how hard such a thing might be.


2020: Clea moves into a suite with Stephen.

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