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Content Warning: This page contains graphic violence, blood and gore.

Dates run: April 11, 2006-April 24, 2006
Run By: Tapestry
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"Destruction is for the unimaginative," the man said, his tone light, almost conversational. His fingers traced quick, birdlike movements in the air before her, like a rehearsal. "Let's see if we can't come up with something more . . . unique."

A vicious attack on three students alerts the team to a serial mutilator operating in New York City -- a mutant one.


Jay Guthrie, Forge, Kyle Gibney, Marius Laverne, Moira MacTaggart, Storm, Wolverine, Juggernaut, Nightcrawler, Cable, Polaris, Tarot, Cypher, Betsy Braddock, David Haller

Masque, Judith Rassendyll


April 11, 2006-April 24, 2006

Plot Summary

After a set of Jay's in the city Forge, Kyle and Jay are physically assaulted by an unidentified group of mutants on the way home and left horrifically disfigured, their suitemate Marius having been spared the encounter due to ditching out early to club. Volunteers to locate the attacker are taken from the trainees as well as team; Doug finally discerns his pattern when a fact-finding mission with Marie-Ange happens to land him in his hands. After three days with no result, the team's decoy finally succeeds in attracting Masque's attention -- unfortunately for Storm, the decoy herself, who is abducted and disfigured by Masque's power before her teammates can intervene. While awaiting backup Nightcrawler, unable to get close to Storm, is provided details of Masque's atrocities by a young woman named Judith until the rest of the team arrives in the form of Wolverine, Polaris, Juggernaut and Cable. After a confused melee Masque is apprehended and temporarily brought to Xavier's.

To prevent the necessity of negotiating with a sociopath or placing any of the psis in the position of forcing the unwilling mutant into action, Marius is called in to borrow Masque's power and repair the damage. Psylocke psychically oversees him as he (successfully) effects repairs to Storm. While in captivity Masque is threatened and injured by an angry Forge, then assaulted once again when Marius drops by for a supervised powers-pickup and attacks him after intentionally activating Masque's own power. Moira is unamused.

Once repairs are completed, Masque is remanded to the state of New York to await trial on multiple charges.

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Trivia and Meta


  • The nameless telepath assisting Masque in the tunnels first appeared in X-Men Mission: Mutant Mole People; he was discovered by Masque in Chicago as Masque was gathering followers and victims, and coerced into cooperation with the promise of a normal appearance. His whereabouts are currently unknown.
  • Due to their mutual involvement in the treatment of Masque's victims, telepaths Betsy Braddock and David Haller met and became occasional lovers. Abruptly.
  • In total, eighty-seven victims in NYC were located and repaired.


Plotrunner: Tapestry