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Melissa Joan Gold
Taylor Momson - Melissa Gold.jpg
Portrayed by Taylor Momsen
Codename: Songbird
Birthdate: February 4, 1998
Journal: xp-songbird
Player: Mark

In the words of the poet: Hope you survive the experience.

Melissa is around on the street, trying to find people to help combat the spiraling out of control hate scene.


Character Journal: xp-songbird

Real Name: Melissa Joan Gold

Codename: Songbird

Aliases: Mimi

First Appearance: May 22, 2017

Date of Birth: February 4th, 1998

Place of Birth: Shoshoni, Wyoming

Citizenship: American

Relatives: Schwartz Gold (Mother), Roger Gold (Father)

Education: High school dropout

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Runaway, small time musician

Team Affiliation: None Yet



Melissa was born in Shoshoni, Wyoming, America. Her mother was a researcher in a facility close to Shoshoni, looking for ways to re-create the super solder serum as part of Hydra, She eventually fell in love with a security guard at the facility and married him, still hiding the full truth about her work. She had little success with the serum on test subjects and she theorized about injecting it into a subject before birth, somehow this was deemed to be too time consuming for what Hydra was willing to wait for. When she got pregnant from the security guard, a prime opportunity presented itself and she secretly injected her unborn child Melissa with this serum, she used equipment and funds for this procedure, the higher-ups found out that she was using those for unsanctioned purposes. They didn't know the full extent as all the digital data about it had been severely encrypted or destroyed. After giving birth to Melissa she was set up by the organization and send to prison and fined an extensive amount of money, sending her husband into dept and needing to sell their house. Hydra never found out who the experiment was done upon. Mimi Schwartz Gold never found out the partly success she had. Mr Gold never knew and would never know the full scope either.

In her early childhood, Melissa grew up in the trailer park where her dad relocated after getting in debt duo to his wife. He started gambling and drinking duo to his misery, eventually starting to take his frustrations out on Melissa, beating her more often than not. They never went to visit Mimi Schwartz Gold in prison, and never got contact from her. With the situation and the reputation Melissa didn't gain any friends, but with her manipulated genetics the abuse didn't show, leaving the adults without proof to help, and Melissa helpless and alone. To counteract the hopelessness she started to take refuge in the world of music, listening and singing along to songs. It helped her to stop her racing thoughts about the unfairness of her upbringing and the unfairness of life in general. With the many hours being alone she got better and better quite quick, this in great annoyance of her father despite her accurate voice.

When Melissa was 9 years old, her dad was fired from his job after an incident that leveled the lab he was supposed to guard. He blamed it all on mutants who apparently where the cause for this all. Him being without a job meant he was home a lot, and this took it's toll on Melissa who was now constantly the punching bag to his anger. Then Day Zero happened and this really jump started Mr. Gold's passionate hate for mutants.

When she was 10 years old after another senseless and unnecessary beating which left her half unconscious, her drunken father left the house to go drink somewhere. After he left she picked herself up to retreat back into the music. It was at this point that her mutation manifested duo to the stress and physical abuse, the voice inside manifested as a pink construct when she sang, scaring the bejezus out of her. A few days of practicing, keeping it hidden and searching for what it was, made her come to the conclusion that she was that which her father despised, a mutant. From that point on she tried to keep this power hidden as best as she could to stay out of trouble, and to avoid her father and the rest of the fearful world from ever finding out.

When she turned 13 years old she had finally enough of the beatings, the hate and the problems. She ran away from home, hiding in trains to find her way towards New York, in the hope to find new hope and a better life.

The runaway homeless teenager

New York didn't proof to be what it seemed for Melissa, and the homeless life was harder then she had expected. She quickly had to learn how to survive on her own, feeling that with her personality she wouldn't be able to do this, she decided to pretend to be somebody else, a tougher person, a person she had imagined her mother to be even if she had never met her. Thus she started naming herself after her mother Mimi to survive the street life. Over the next year she made a place for herself on the streets, getting to know the homeless community, the way to survive, where to get food, where to get some money, how to avoid the authorities, to stay away from gangs, and most importantly hide her mutant power. Sadly she had to become a small time criminal for this survival. An older homeless man from Israel thought her the basics of Krav Maga which she practiced a lot in her free time either alone or with him, and this all just to stay save in the dangerous parts of the city and the days alone.

In her first year on the streets she managed to sneak into the NFL stadium of the New York Giants, finding a unguarded way in, which she used to watch their every home game, starting her long lasting fangirling of the team. Once inside she was able to freely move among the crowd and got accepted as a friend by a group of high school kids there.

At the age of 15 she first messed up big, she stole from somebody that some guy was aiming to rob as well. The other criminal confronted her, she didn't know him, and she knew quite an extensive amount of people by face or name on the streets and knew who to avoid. Later the same day, they found her, one of the larger gangs that ran that part of town, and she had to pay according to them, and on the streets with those kind of people paying isn't about money. There was nowhere to run, they had chosen a nice place to ambush with only a dead end to run into. She could hold herself against some opponents, but not against a group of 12 people with weapons on hand, apparently the guy she beat up was pretty high up the ladder in their gang. After a few punches fear and instinct took over and Melissa used her power. It was over in seconds, all 12 of them down on the ground, holding their head or bodies, writhing in pain, pink constructs fading away as her voice did, she ran.

First love

The though life changed when she was barely 16, she finally managed to start a relationship with a friend she knew for a while trough watching American Football that she had a crush on for a long time. He was 18 at that time and studying in New York, had rich parents who paid for it all, though Melissa never met those parents and never asked much about them, she didn't have the best experience with parents after all. She moved in with him quit fast, finally able to leave the street life and actually be and act like Melissa again instead of Mimi, no longer needing to act though, no longer needing to steal. He had some shady friends and weird meetings though which eventually took its toll. The police one day almost a year later broke down the door and searched the apartment they were living in, finding a lot of contraband consisting of a lot of electronics (computers/games/blue ray players/etc). It wasn't much of a shock that he had some illegal activities going on, Melissa had done her fair share of things in the three years prior and had suspicions with her knowledge, it was however a big shock that he pinned everything on her once they got into court. She had no chance, his parents rich as they were hired an amazing attorney for him, and Melissa ended up being shipped off to youth detention feeling highly betrayed again.

Battered and broken

There she was, a 16 year old girl once again betrayed, once again alone, and once again throw back into the darkness. The youth detention center was another hard place that she needed to survive, lot of gang related people, lot's of violence, and the officers working at it didn't care about anything, they mostly just bet who would beat up who in a fight. This wasn't a place for the nice Melissa, so she turned to using Mimi once more, retrace back to her time on the streets. The officers knew who she was, but just using Mimi as a name gave her the confidence that she was lacking when using Melissa as her name.

The first weeks she was pretty much left alone aside from the usual push around, until she ran into some older girls thinking they were in charge, she got beaten up by their group when she refused to play by their game. It took her a few days to recover, but she got back at all of them, beating them up one by one, feeling it served them right for trusting her girly appearance. Start of the new year into her sentence M-Day happened, killing a few people inside the prison and a lot more outside, most being mutants. This event scared Melissa a great deal and she wondered if this was a sign of her not being a mutant after all, or if her keeping it secret had saved her from the same fate. Since that day a lot more people got scared of mutants. And although there where not as many mutants left as there used to be, they still where feared and blamed for everything, making Melissa remember her father and his hate, wondering if Mutant "hero's" really did any good to the reputation. Once she got out it was back to the street life for her.


Outside not much had changed, the people where still afraid of the unknown, she was still poor, alone and homeless. So Melissa started to work in the only thing she had any experience in, sound, playing some music at a small bar under the name Songbird during open live music night, it somehow was easy enough to pick up playing guitar, something that came natural to her, just like singing had always been. She was really careful to not let herself get into it too much, she didn't want her power to leak out again, not willing to be found out and losing this. The singing landed her with a bit of money which was enough for food and clothes at least, the first honest work she had ever gotten.

It was from this point on that she slowly regained a little bit of trust, with this job she still tries to care for those on the streets younger than herself, sharing what little she has in terms of money and food, remembering that they deserve a little hope in their life, something that she feels like she never had herself, and she doesn't trust anybody else will be able to do this, seeing that same sort of pain she experienced reflected in the eyes of others. Duo to her mistrust of others she doesn't share her hiding and sleeping places though, and feeling like she has to have the back of others but not trusting others to have her back ever.

Turning point

The next step.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5’5” (165 CM)

Weight: 145 pounds (66 KG)

Eyes: Green

Hair: Blonde

Other Features: Pink streaks in her hair, sometimes a little heavy on the dark make-up. Has a necklace of a clear Plexiglas note hanging from a thread cord around her neck, which is mostly hidden under her clothes and she rarely shows.


Being enhanced before birth Melissa has above normal human levels of strength, easily being able to bench pressing 120 Kg, her speed allows her to dash the 100 meters in 11,5 seconds flat, her stamina allows her to run a marathon without practice and without slowing, she would get tired and wouldn't be able to keep going afterwards, her durability allows her to shrug off quite a bit, she could take a good beating from a seasoned boxer and come out fine, her agility and reflexes are sharpened to the point of a professional athlete, it's not nearly close to the levels of like Steve Rogers though. It helps her out but barely has any potential for further growth. Melissa herself thinks this is part of her mutant power which it is not.

Melissa has the ability to generate a loud, earsplitting, supersonic scream for a variety of effects. She is capable of emitting noise equivalent in decibels to that of a jet engine passing 5 feet away. She has perfect pitch and the ability to hear in her mind the correct frequency for every musical note on the scale. She is able to converts sound into a touchable form of pinkish energy which has physical form and mass, best described as being "solid sound". She can initially create simple 3-dimensional sound/mass constructions, though as she gains more experience in her supersonic sound abilities, she might be able to learn to create more complex forms. She shapes and animates the constructs by mental command and they only remain in existence for as long as she wills them to. She might learn to "fly" by generating solid sound "wings" attached to her body, these would be created as glider-style wings, stretching from wrists to feet, eventually they could be attached to her back, able to animate the wings to flap or somehow generates a propulsive force with her powers. The constructs stay around for as long as she wills them and keeps focusing on them, or until destroyed, which takes about 3 good hits from a wrecking ball when she starts out, and could be strengthened if she learns to better control her power.

Her power might be able to evolve into a state where she could invoke effects at will with every note on the scale upon those who hear it. Low C would cause low levels of anxiety and shortness of breath, D would cause high level anxiety and panic attacks, E would cause dizziness and vertigo, F would cause nausea and stomach cramping, G would be able to cause severe headaches and fatigue, A would cause blindness, B would cause euphoria and eventual stupor, and high C would cause the listener to visually hallucinate. By rapid oscillation between two notes she might combine effects. She would be immune to her own vocal powers. It would take time to learn this all since she as of yet doesn't have the knowledge or practice to control her power all too well aside from creating the constructs.


None so far.


Melissa often acts confident and though, something that inside she is not. She feels like she should portray this to not fall victim to others who try to take advantage of her 'again'.

Aside from listening and making music, she really likes American football, something about man running headfirst into each other making loud bagging sounds makes one happy.

She gets along great with animals, they after all can't betray.

She really doesn't get along with technology.

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