Operation: A Hammer To Fall

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A Hammer to Fall
Dates run: October 30 - November 2, 2012
Run By: Sam
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"We keep going. We stay alive. And when they aren't expecting it, we take the bastards down, all of them."

A year-long plan for revenge finally comes to a head, and an X-Force team is called to England to put a stop to it.

Part 1 of The Destine Arc.


Topaz, Amanda Sefton, Nico Minoru, Remy LeBeau, Wanda Maximoff, Carmilla Black, Jubilation Lee, Doug Ramsey, David North, Marie-Ange Colbert, Emma Frost

Romany Wisdom, Taboo

Destine Clan


October 30 - November 2, 2012

Plot Summary

In the dead of night, Topaz and Luca Ashdown - otherwise known as "Taboo" - watch the Destine house. The moment has finally arrived - it was the night they would be carry out their revenge. Topaz, being the smaller of the two, goes into the house first, with Taboo close behind. They break in through the back door, neither noticing until it's too late that Grace Destine is awake. She sees them before they do, and sounds the alarm.

The next day, Topaz and Taboo have regrouped at the apartment where they have been living for the last year. Their discussion of the situation is cut short, however, when the barriers Taboo erected around the building are blasted apart - the Destines have found them. Adam, Dominic, Grace, and Albert invade the apartment, surrounding them and cutting off all routes for escape. Dominic creates an illusion of the apartment being on fire, and Topaz targets Albert and Grace, trying to take them down. When offensive attacks don't work, Topaz switches tracks, instead using the bit of humanity Albert and Grace have to turn them against Adam, the leader. Adam, furious, lashes out at Albert, who tries to stop Adam, and in the chaos, Taboo and Topaz slip out, escaping into a nearby crowd. They find sanctuary in the house where they lived up until a year prior, and the discussion about their situation continues - they're completely unaware that Dominic Destine has found them.

News of the attacks has spread through the magical community, reaching the ears of Romany Wisdom, who in turns calls Amanda Sefton to let her know of the situation. Amanda gathers an X-Force team consisting of Remy, Marie-Ange, Doug, Jubilee, Cammie, Emma, Nico, and North, and fills them in on the situation, and they set to work.

X-Force arrives in England the next day and meets with Romany, who fills them in on what she knows - namely that there have been two attacks so far, there's a teenage girl involved with Taboo, Taboo only became known within the magical community for the last year, and the Destines are remnants of Rack's clan. With this information in mind, X-Force splits up to find out more. One team, consisting of Doug, Marie-Ange, Jubilee, and North, set out to find more information on Taboo; the second team - Amanda, Nico, Jen, Remy, and Cammie - head off into the magical community to find out more about the Destines; and Emma heads to the London chapter of the Hellfire Club to see if they know anything about what's been happening.

Following a third attack, Topaz finds herself in a crisis of conscience as she deals with the fact that one of her spells may have killed one of the Destines. When she expresses her concerns, Taboo turns on her, furiously reminding her that the Destines were responsible for killing her mother. THe Destines, meanwhile, have regrouped at their house, and Jasmine is working fervently to save Dominic's life. Albert blames himself for Dominic's injuries, and Adam decides that they'll use Taboo's and Topaz's lifeforces to fix Dom. The remaining Destines set to work with finding the two.

Taboo and Topaz find them first, however, as they dive in for one last attack, determined to end this once and for all. Adam takes Topaz out of the fight fairly quickly, but before any final blows can be dealt, X-Force crashes the party. Taboo, enraged at having his revenge interrupted, summons shadow creatures to occupy X-Force, and Adam, recognizing Amanda from her days with Rack, taunts her with a spell that Rack himself used, casting it on Topaz while Amanda stands over her, unable to help. While the rest of X-Force deals with the shadow creatures, Nico casts a spell that causes Adam's own spell to rebound on him. Adam casts one last spell that drains Dominic of his own lifeforce, leaving him dead, and allows the rest of the Destines to escape. Before getting out, Albert casts one last spell that brings the unstable house down. X-Force digs an unconscious Topaz out of the rubble. Taboo is nowhere to be found.

The following day, Topaz wakes up in Romany's house and finds Amanda watching over her. The older witch tells her about what happened after the girl was knocked out, including Taboo's disappearance. Topaz refuses to believe that Taboo would abandon her, and realizes he must be dead. Amanda offers Topaz two choices - she can stay in England and train under Romany, or she can move to America and attend school at Xavier's. Topaz decides on the latter option, realizing that America is probably safer for her, and seeing it as a chance to further explore her mutation.

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Trivia and Meta


This plot served as Topaz's entrance into the game. As a result of it, she arrived at the mansion with a few abandonment issues and a bit of a chip on her shoulder.


Plotrunner: Sam; Frito and Rossi were heavily involved in planning and organizing.

Destine sockers: Dex (Adam), Rei (Dominic), Aura (Grace), Eva (Jasmine), AJ (Albert)

Taboo socker: Rossi

This plot still occurred in Phase 2, but specifics, such as which characters were involved, remain fuzzy for the purposes of not breaking the world. ;)