Operation: Godhand

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Operation: Godhand
Satan Claw.jpg
Dates run: March 10-13 2009
Run By: Twiller
Read the logs: Operation:Godhand

If you are successful, I will officially remove all records of Illyana Rasputin’s treasonous activities, and even correct the… clerical error involving her age.

X-Force is given the option to intervene when one of Alexei Vazhin's agents, a Natasha Romanova gets into trouble when trying to retrieve a device called the SatanGreifer by the Russians, and the Satan's Claw in English. It also gives Illyana a chance to clear a debt, and get her life just that small part more under her own control.


Remy LeBeau, Amanda Sefton, Illyana Rasputin, Vanessa Carlysle, Sofia Mantega-Barret, Marie-Ange Colbert, Emma Frost, David North, Jubilation Lee, Sarah Morlocke, Mark Sheppard, Wanda Maximoff, Lucas Bishop, Doug Ramsey

Brock Rumlow, Natasha Romanova, Alexei Vazhin


March 10-13, 2009

Plot Summary

The gauntlet code named 'Satan's Claw' was created by the Nazis as part of their *UberSoldat* program, an attempt at a super soldier program. The Russians obtained the Claw from a captured research facility during their march to Berlin in 1945, but soon found it useless due to some serious flaws in its design. The most glaring example is that four days after firing the destructive beam that is one of the glove's main functions, it vented a buildup of highly compressed irradiated gases, killing the person wearing it and laying waste to anyone and anything in the area for miles around.

The Russians never found a way to fix the problems with the gauntlet, and eventually decided to 'bury' the glove along with their other Cold War secrets. Five months before this plot, the gauntlet appeared on the radar again, and Alexei Vazhin found certain intelligence that the Chechens were potential buyers. He carefully organized an operation to trap them and recover the gauntlet. However, one of his contacts betrayed them, and the Satan's Claw was lost again.

Natasha Romanova was eventually able to track down the location of the gauntlet, posing as a buyer for the Russian mob, but when the meeting went bad she was forced to put on the glove in order to fight her way free. She was forced into hiding somewhere in Europe, with the bulky and conspicuous glove stopping her from using any of her normal routes out of danger. Unfortunately, whoever was planning to buy it originally was also hunting her, which made the situation even more urgent.

Vazhin wanted Romanova and the SatanGreifer back unharmed, but his hands were relatively tied by bureaucracy and the desire to not have an international incident. So he needed a catspaw, and X-force conveniently still owed him a debt. He called in his marker on Illyana Rasputin, expecting the team to accomplish both of his goals in suitable fashion.

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This was a defining moment for Illyana in that she had to be responsible for someone's death, but not kill them herself, as she had in Limbo.


Plotrunner: Twiller

Developed from the initial ideas of Nute & Dex