Operation: Teenage Wasteland

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Operation: Teenage Wasteland
Teenage Wasteland.jpg
Dates run: January 9-11, 2012
Run By: Frito
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When Remy was relying on Nico to help him plan an investigation, it had to be a sign of the Mayan Apocalypse. Didn't jaguers come to eat the Earth this year or something? Remy could only hope.

When a minor X-Force asset is accidentally exposed to Kick the affect on his mutation regresses the X-Force folks back a few years, so to speak.


Amanda Sefton, Carmilla Black, David North, Doug Ramsey, Emma Frost, Jubilation Lee, Marie-Ange Colbert, Nico Minoru, Ororo Munroe, Sarah Morlocke, Remy LeBeau, Sofia Mantega-Barret, Wanda Maximoff, Wade Wilson

Thomas Glorian, Billy Russo, Dr. Stephen Strange


January 9-11, 2012

Plot Summary

Since the events of When It All Goes Wrong Again, Thomas Glorian has been trying to keep to the straight and narrow. Or at least as straight and narrow as a former carnie and habitual con man can be. After things were resolved with the strange interaction of Glorian and Haller’s powers, Pete Wisdom remained concerned about how much of the shared hallucination Glorian would remember, and how it might affect the operational security of X-Force. As a result, he elected to pursue the option that would not lead to a clash with Xavier and the X-Men about the morality of killing: he made Glorian one of his intelligence assets, and tasked him with keeping an eye on the shadier parts of New York City.

Since Pete Wisdom left to recover at Muir Island, responsibility for handling Glorian has fallen to Amanda Sefton. Most recently, she has had him investigating Kick distribution in NYC. In the course of his digging, he comes across a new gang, particularly vicious, run by a criminal named Billy Russo. Russo wants to control the Kick market in New York, and his method of doing so is direct: either killing or acquiring any group that competes with him.

While sneaking into a warehouse to try and get more information on Russo to pass along to X-Force, Glorian gets caught red-handed and flees the scene, with Russo's men in pursuit. He manages to shake his pursuers, and panicked, goes directly to the Snow Valley Centre to get help. Amanda does her best to calm him and stashes him in one of X-Force's safehouses while they plan how to deal with Russo.

Unbeknownst to Glorian, before coming to X-Force's office, he was exposed to some of the supply of Kick in the warehouse (either powder in the air or a malfunctioning aerosol delivery system). The sharp boost in his powers, combined with the number of abnormal psyches in the office (Marie-Ange, Wanda, etc.), shows its results later that night - an episode of psionic amnesia affecting everyone that was in the office at the time - including Glorian himself. All of them revert to the mental age of approximately sixteen - in some cases 'forgetting' over twenty years of personal memories, and waking up next to people that, in their minds, they might have never met before in their lives.

While all of their memories have reverted, the members of X-Force are still their current ages, both physically and in terms of powers development.

Remy, the only adult member of X-Force left unaffected (since he was fortuitously out of the office when Glorian came by), must simultaneously deal with the teenage mood swings of his subordinates (including his weather goddess wife with a casual attitude toward clothing) and find Glorian, who has left the safehouse and pulled a panicked runner, before he is found by Russo. This is because if the effects of Glorian's power aren't reversed in a relatively short time frame, they could wind up being permanent.

The various groups get some leads on Glorian (a burner phone that he left in the safehouse, uses of a cash card that they gave him, etc.) when Remy discovers that Russo’s gang has found Glorian and taken him to their warehouse where he will be interrogated, killed, and disposed of. Remy takes some of the team to recover him. Thugs are maimed/poisoned, Russo is tossed out a window, and X-Force escapes with Glorian and takes him back to the brownstone. At which point they run into a problem.

Glorian himself believes he is 16, and doesn’t realize that he is a mutant, and is convinced that he can’t possibly be the cause of all of this wackiness. So he can’t reverse the effects. Finally, after some panic ensues, Emma (who is still convinced that this is all one of her hallucinations) goes into Glorian’s mind and convinces -him- that the whole situation is a hallucination and not real. This causes such a strong sense of cognitive dissonance for him that his power and mind ‘reset’ themselves, returning everyone to their proper mental age, and everything is settled...

Y'know, except for the therapy bills.

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Trivia and Meta


As a result of this plot, Remy had The Talk with Nico about remaining with X-Force, impressed by her level-headedness.

As the eldest of the group, Wade and David bonded over bad 70's fashion in a thrift store. David also accidentally shot Wade.


Plotrunner: Frito

This plot was based on this news story which Rossi found and shared with Frito.