Parents, Family and Friends of Mutants

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Affiliations: X-Corps
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Introduction: Times They Are A-Changin'

Founded by two of the Xavier's parents, this organization has been active in mutant support for several years.


Juanita Espinosa
Juanita icon.jpg
Mother of Angelo Espinosa and living in District X, Juanita is very vocal in her support of mutants, regardless of the consequences. Co-founder.

PB: Mercedes Ruehl. Socked by Kate.

Gail Collins
Mother of Laurie Collins, Gail is a presenter for "Good Morning Westchester", a local television show. Co-founder.

PB: Helen Hunt. Socked by Rossi

  • (other members not named/too minor for a PB and description)


The group was formed by friends and fellow Xavier's parents and pro-mutant activists Juanita Espinosa and Gail Collins when they realized there was nothing in place to support the parents and families of young mutants, to help and counsel them to give support in turn. Since the apparent death of Rachel Kinross-Dayspring, the organization has been renamed in her memory.


Times They Are A-Changin'


Socked by: Kate (Juanita), Rossi (Gail)