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Dates run: September 30, 2006
Run By: Rossi
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~There are no soldiers here, no men who will disappear you.~

Waking from the comatose state she had been in for the last six months, Yvette Petrovic finds herself in a strange new place.


Yvette Petrovic, Tommy Jones, Logan, Paige Guthrie, David Haller

Amelia Voght


September 30, 2006

Plot Summary

Following her rescue in Monaco, Yvette spent a week still in her comatose state with Charles Xavier and Haller using their experience in psychic trauma to draw her out of herself. Waking suddenly in the infirmary/medlab and not knowing where she was, Yvette made her way into the hall, only to be confronted by Tommy.

Tommy, taken by surprise by the sight of a small dark-red spiky creature in the hall, was startled and tripped over his own feet. Yvette, already frightened and confused, didn't know how to react. When Amelia teleported in to see to her patient, it was the last straw - she bolted, climbing up the wall and into the air ducts. The alert was raised and the X-Men began to search for her.

Making her way outside and into the woods, Yvette encountered Logan. Spooked by his appearance and his use of Serbian (telepathically given to him by Charles), Yvette attacked him, thinking he was a Serbian soldier come to hurt her. Logan was at a distinct disadvantage, not wanting to hurt the much smaller and frightened girl, and when she got in a lucky strike and cut his Archilles tendons, he had no choice but to let her go.

Recalling herself being in a similar state, Paige managed to soothe the distressed girl by reading The Velveteen Rabbit to her, much in the way Miles Blaire had read to her when she was in isolation. Yvette, reassured by the fact she couldn't hurt Paige's diamond husk, agreed to come back with her to the school, where Haller explained to her what had happened, including the shock of it being six months later than she could last clearly remember.

Tommy made Yvette a necklace to apologise for frightening her, and the two have become friends.

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Yvette's escape caused extensive surface damage to the medlab and air ducts.


Plotrunner: Rossi

This plot was based on Penance's comic canon origin story in Generation X.