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Portrayed by Ali Larter
Known Aliases: Eileen Harsaw
Affiliations: Thornn
Socked By: Maureen
Introduction: Second Thoughts

"It never would have come to this if you hadn't forced us"

A slightly cold and calculating woman, Eileen doesn't stand for what she considers to be "injustices." Her whereabouts are currently unknown.


Name: Eileen Harsaw

Aliases: Phantasia

Affiliation: Thornn

First appearance: September 13, 2014

Family: None


Eileen developed her powers at a young age, when she realized that it wasn't mere coincidence that she kept causing her Tamagotchi to break. Desperate to learn more about her abilities, she became a science nerd, devouring information about the physical world so she could seek to manipulate it. (She also watched plenty of bad sci-fi B movies, leading to her absurd codename.) What resulted was a true love of science that led her to become a physics major at the University of Southern California. With her intellectual appetite and love of experimentation, she became the darling of her professors.

As Eileen learned more about the world and her control over it, she began to test the limits of her own powers. It was that discovery that caused her to theorize she could manipulate the human body. She never intended to put that to the test, but on a beach outing, she lost focus and accidentally injured someone with her powers. Frightened of the mutant among them, a group of people turned and tried to attack her. So, after pleading that it was an accident, Eileen used her powers to paralyze them, then fled across the country to New York. The incident created a hatred of humanity that Eileen still holds on to.

Eileen is headstrong, stubborn and likes to be in control of situations. She does not suffer fools or indignities, and is not above revenge on her enemies. And she's plenty hot-headed, and a little too confident. Currently she lives with Thornn in New York City, biding her time until she can return to her studies.

Eileen and Thornn met Gabriel Cohuelo the hard way when he decided to relieve Thornn of her necklace at a mutant night club. They tracked him down and demanded the necklace back, and when he refused they attacked him, only to be stopped by the X-Men. Recognizing that they were in over their heads they backed off and ran.


Eileen has the ability to manipulate and disrupt electromagnetic fields. Not only can she short technology, but she can also interfere with the bioelectric energy running through living creatures, causing pain or paralysis, and, in some cases, the inability for mutants to control their powers.


Second Thoughts


Socked by: Maureen

PB: Ali Larter