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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Remy LeBeau (disambiguation).

Remy LeBeau
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Portrayed by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Codename: Gambit
Affiliations: None Currently
Birthdate: Unknown, Adopted November 25th, 1980
Journal: xp_gambit
Player: Craig

Ah, but de simple things... like pickpocketing, dey can be so much fun.

The adopted son of a Louisiana Senator who was later unofficially adopted by the thieves of New Orleans. Currently hiding from his past with people that he least expected.


Character Journal: xp_gambit

Real Name: Remy LeBeau

Codename: None Currently

Aliases: Robert Lord, Gambit

First Appearance: October 15, 2017

Date of Birth: Unknown, Adopted and celebrated on November 25th, 1980

Place of Birth: Unknown, Adopted in New Orleans, LA

Citizenship: American

Relatives: Jean Luc LeBeau (Adoptive Father), Henri LeBeau (Adoptive Brother), Mercy LeBeau (Adoptive Sister), Bella Donna Boudreaux (Estranged Fiancé)

Education: Isidore Newman School (K-12); Tulane University (Psychology Major, Bachelor of Arts, 2 Years Graduate school.)

Relationship Status: Engaged - Estranged

Occupation: Self-Employed Security Consultant

Team Affiliation: None Currently



The baby boy that would be known as Remy LeBeau was found on the steps of St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans in early March 1980. The nuns inside of the church were awoken by the small baby’s crying, and gave him shelter inside of its walls. It was here that the young baby was raised for the next few months as he grew being cared for by the sisters of the church.

In November, the church was contacted by a local politician, state senator Jean Luc LeBeau. LeBeau, a single father of two had been looking to adopt for several months, and was pointed towards the church to find a small bundle of joy. At least, that was the cover story that he had presented. In actuality, the senator was facing a difficult re-election campaign, and in an attempt to show that he was giving back to his community, he had been pointed by his party to adopting a third child to his family. In actuality, Remy, as he was christened by his new father, couldn’t care less about the boy, and left him to be raised more by the family’s nanny while only appearing on television for campaign ads or charity events.

The Marceaux Family

As a hobby, with the support of his nanny, Remy took up sleight of hand tricks and pick pocketing. Although what initially thought of as being a “botch” to him, an elementary school Remy picked the pocket of and was caught by a man named Thereon Marceaux. But instead of punishing the boy, Marceaux instead saw promise in the boy, and took him to meet his “family” of thieves. This group took up Remy as their own, and was much closer than he ever was to the LeBeau’s. They trained him over the next several years in order to become a more skilled thief in the city of New Orleans to the point that his rivaled those of any member of this make shift band. When he was younger, Remy found himself running lookout on several of the small thieving missions with rich tourists in the city. This eventually led to him being the distraction for larger missions which got bigger and bigger to while Remy was running solo missions that were designed by the upper members of the guild. With several successes he was left to design and run his own missions for the Marceaux family.

College Years and Disapperance

After his mutant powers manifested in his teenage years, Remy and his father grew even further apart to the point that they avoided each other as much as possible before he left for college. While at college, his father paid him a visit at his dorm room the summer before his second year of grad school. In an attempt to further gain political clout, Jean Luc had promised one of the large donor families of New Orleans, the Boudreaux family that his son would take their daughter out on a date to a large charity event in the fall. Jean Luc told Remy that this job would fall to him, as his older adopted brother was already married, and that he would fast track himself on the path to marriage himself. Remy attempted to argue the point, but at the same time, his father threatened to expose the secret of his “gift” to the world, which was growing more and more hostile after the events of New York towards mutants. Remy agreed, and six months later, found himself engaged to Bella Donna Boudreaux.

But while Remy was just attempting to adjust to his new life, he was called upon again by his father. Jean Luc had been placed on the short list for Vice Presidential candidates, but seemed to be falling behind a rival. Not ever wanting to lose in his life, Jean Luc gave Remy one last task. Use his powers that he had so many years ago to make one more thing explode. His rival’s car. If he would do this simple task, he would never ask Remy to do anything again. The college student was able to build himself up to actually go to the car, but when he saw the other politician enter his car with his daughter, Remy turned away from the task, from his father, and from his life.

Charleston, SC

Using the skills that he learned as a teenager, Remy was able to pickpocket enough money to stay in cheap motels as he fled Louisiana. He made careful decisions about where to stay, and to avoid public areas to try and keep himself as hidden from the public eye as possible. Although rudimentary, he dyed his hair brown, grew it longer, and grew out a beard to somewhat mask his appearance as well. Slowly making his way east, he took up temporary residence in the suburbs of Charleston, South Carolina. Trying to still distance himself further from his adopted father, he took on the identity of Robert Lord. The name was a nod to his favorite pirate, Lord Roberval. After picking the name, Remy used some of the money he had stolen in order pay a computer science grad student at his former school to create a driver’s license and passport with the Lord identity just before fleeing New Orleans for good.

Although Charleston was meant to be a temporary home, with the raising hostility towards mutants following the terror attacks in San Diego and Bhagavad Gita, Remy selected to stay here, worried that the stress of traveling may cause an unexpected surge of his powers that he couldn’t control, and forcing another change of identity, which may be too costly or even out him to his father. While staying in Charleston, he took on an apprenticeship at a security firm, hoping to learn more about security systems that he could exploit. However, he eventually learned that he really enjoyed the business, and stayed to learn more from the single-owner firm. It took him a while to learn the trade, but using his less reputable sources of income, he was able to invest in his firm to the point that he was able to survive and even find a somewhat thriving business. Within a year, when the owner retired, he sold the business to its new owner, Robert Lord.

Living At The X-Mansion

After the events of M-Day, Remy found himself frightened. Somehow he survived the “exploding mutants situation”, but for the first time in years, he felt that his identity as a mutant was at risk. With Remy constantly looking over his shoulder and researching the events of M-Day, several people in Charleston that had previously employed him took notice of his now eccentric behaviors and that he was shutting down more and more. Rumors began to swill that Robert Lord may be hiding something, particularly that he could be hiding something to do with the mutant threat. Fearing the repercussions of his public outing as a mutant, and what this would mean if his father were to identify where he was, he made the decision that it was time to leave the United States. He needed one last job to collect money to flee to Quebec. Remembering the stories of French culture from his youth, and seeking the asylum of their mutant registration program, he sought a job that could allow him the money to create a new identity to get across the border, and finally leave his old life behind.

Using the dark web that he had become accustom to, Gambit took on a client against the recommendations of The Guild that was willing to pay handsomely for the theft of a series of files that were being kept inside the congressional offices in Washington D.C. But the job proved to be a long and arduous task, as he needed to slowly work to steal each file in subsequent weeks and months as the building’s security constantly changed to adapt to his skills.

Although the job seemed to go off without a hitch, Remy finally broke in to steal the final file that he was being paid for. But curiosity got the better of him, and he opened the sealed file before delivering it. To his horror, the file contained information on the hidden mutant children of Congressmen. The file that he was holding happened to be on the adopted son of Jean Luc LeBeau, who the congressmen had been paying to keep his identity suppressed and away from the public. The individual who had established the security system that Gambit got through had found the mutant thief, and offered him safe haven at a special educational center in Westchester County, New York.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 186 lbs.

Eyes: Dark Amber

Hair: Light Brown

Other Features: None


Energy Conversion

Remy is able to change the stored potential energy inside an inanimate object, changing it into kinetic energy. This result will “charge” the object, changing it into an explosive when it makes contact with something else. He can essentially charge any non-living object, but the amount of time that it takes varies based on the size of the object. This often leads him to charging smaller objects, such as playing cards, which he can both carry and charge in approximately a second. Remy also requires direct skin contact in order to charge an object, and cannot do so without direct contact. It should also be noted that his ability to use his powers have all been self-trained. As part of this, he may have some difficulty with control, and in stressful situations is often afraid of losing control, which he does his best to make sure that others don’t see.


While no particular clothing or protective equipment, Remy usually keeps a deck of playing cards on his person with several smaller items such as coins taped to its back.


Despite his engagement, Remy considers himself to be single due to the arrangement of the relationship and his years on the run.

His favorite playing card is the Jack of Diamonds, but he will always claim the Ace of Spades.

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Player: Craig

E-mail: Coming Soon

AIM: remylebeau109

Player Icon Base: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Meta Trivia

Previously played by Dex in Phase 1, but the character passed away. Re-imagined during Phase 2 as a new character.