Set Fire to the Rain

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Set Fire to the Rain
Dates run: May 19, 2018
Run By: Twiller
Read the logs: Set Fire to the Rain

Looting. Rioting. Shit set on fire. And yet, it is still calmer than a Walmart on Black Friday.

New York is on fire, forcing the X-Men and the Avengers to work together to stop the responsible party.


Clarice Ferguson, Logan, Wade Wilson, Garrison Kane, Miles Morales, Kyle Gibney, Angelica Jones, Namor, Tyrone Johnson, Laurie Collins, Monica Rambeau, Fourteen, Rahne Sinclair, Sharon Friedlander, Molly Hayes Scott Summers, Bobby Drake, Clea Lake, John Allerdyce, Johnny Storm

General Thaddeus Ross, Human Torch (android), The Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow


May 19, 2018

Plot Summary

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Thaddeus Ross has pursued the Hulk with a growing obsession. The Hulk joining the Avengers was especially galling to him, and he remains convinced that the ‘monster’ will one day turn on everyone unless he is taken out pre-emptively. As such, he has spent a lot of time and effort looking into weapons capable of dealing with the gamma-enhanced power of the Hulk. When he discovers a gamma-powered android in cold storage, he sees it as the perfect opportunity. Either a rampaging gamma android will draw out the Hulk, or Ross can arrive and corral it with his own military backing, and prove that the Hulk is a coward - either way the Hulk is dealt with.

Ross keeps his involvement buried deep in bureaucratic minutiae, so when the Torch arrives in New York City and begins destroying property, it appears to a cursory examination that an old World War II relic has simply gotten loose to cause havoc. Torch’s orders from Ross are to maximize property damage while minimizing civilian casualties, and where possible to hit soft targets that have meaning to Banner - laboratories, libraries, and so on.

At the point that it starts to be picked up as breaking news, a decision is made at the mansion to send people into the city to assist. This is less overtly an X-Men mission, and more attempting to put a good face on mutants with humanitarian aid. (Thought - decision could be made easier by the fact that several of the Avengers are visibly out of the area, Tony doing Stark Industries things, Thor offworld, etc)

At this point the plot breaks into four smaller parts, with an open call for volunteers. Confirmed cast of PCs/NPCs for each section in parentheses.

Evacuate People: This is especially for people with mobility, healing factors, or enhanced senses. Just because Ross specified to minimize civilian casualties doesn’t mean there are zero. Burning buildings, downed electrical lines, car accidents, and the like are the general feel here.

Medical Triage: (Banner) This is especially for medical types. A centralized triage location for burn victims and other injuries will be set up early in the crisis. Bruce Banner will be found here doing his best to assist. If anyone connects him with Hulk (or maybe there is a discreet escort with him in case of a Code Green?) he will steadfastly refuse to entertain thoughts of “the other guy” coming out.

Stop Looters: (Captain America, Scott) There are always people who will take advantage of a chaotic situation to try and line their own pockets. Scott takes point on this piece, and during the course of the evening they will run into Captain America doing his best to stop looting as well. This is to start showing a shift in the attitude of some Avengers toward the X-Men - while they may be vigilantes, Cap at least recognizes that their hearts are in the right place. This will be important later when the X-Men are brought in to help with the Masters of Evil as a group.

Putting Out Actual Fires: (Probably Namor here) This is especially for firebugs and those who can otherwise neutralize fire. Torch lights blazes in a lot of locations, most of which won’t require evacuation, just dealing with all the burning warehouses, etc.

Fight With Android!Torch: (Banner, Human Torch, Namor) The finale will pull people from other subplots for a confrontation with android Torch.

It becomes apparent that superhuman intervention will be required to take out the android Torch, and the Avengers being shorthanded, it falls to the X-folks. This is in some open space (Central Park?) with heavy hitters, firebugs, and healing factors.

Ross ultimately decides that the cowardly Hulk isn’t going to show up, and elects to engage the android with military units that have been called up to deal with the situation. He gives the order to open fire, and the heavy shelling results in the android Torch’s reactor casing being cracked. This significantly ups the level of gamma radiation being released to harmful levels. At this point, those attacking and containing the android will need to switch off more frequently, as even with a healing factor people will only be able to engage him for a limited time frame.

Ross comes to the battle zone, ordering the berserk android to stand down, and inadvertently revealing his use of it as a catspaw. The android releases a final, larger blast of radiation before shutting off. General Ross is exposed to enough radiation to need medical attention.

Yelena Belova arrests the visibly affected Ross and takes him into SHIELD custody. Banner volunteers his expertise in assistance, which angers Ross, who is packed into secure transport to go receive medical attention. The X-folks are grudgingly thanked for their assistance.

Stinger: Baron Zemo reveals himself inside the secure transport taking Ross away. He produces the vial of blood that Fixer obtained for him from Alaska, stating that while he had intended to use it to stabilize Emil Blonsky, it should work just as well on Ross. He injects Ross, who begins to turn bright red and break his restraints.

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Plotrunner: Twiller