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This page is about the Phase 1 incarnation of the NPC. For other uses, see Shadow King (disambiguation).

Shadow King
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Socked By: Doqz
Introduction: The Shadow King (plot)

It's my time now. My kingdom is at hand.

A psionic construct, the Shadow King leeched off the powers of Amahl Farouk and psis he encountered for years before access to some of the most powerful psis on the planet gave it the strength to go looking for a new host.


Name: The Shadow King

Aliases: None

Affiliation: None

First appearance: February 5, 2008

Family: None


'Created' when Amahl Farouk was a young emerging psi witnessing the stoning to death of another mutant, the Shadow King is a psychic entity that leeched off Farouk's powers without his knowledge, using them to gain access to the astral plane. It inhabited the astral plane for years, taking sustenance from the powers of other psis Farouk met in his travels, but it was only once Farouk moved to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngstersdid the entity find a fertile feeding ground. Using the psionic energy of some of the most powerful psis on the planet, the Shadow King became too powerful for Farouk to contain and began literally burning out his physical body. In the face of Farouk's inevitable death, the Shadow King chose a new host, one that was powerful and unaging - Cain Marko. Unfortunately, the Shadow King hadn't realised Cain wasn't a mutant, and found itself caught between the two hosts. In its efforts to save itself, it caused massive disruption to the astral plane, and sent the mansion psis who went into Cain's mind after it into various breaks with reality.

The Shadow King was eventually faced down by its creator, Farouk, and imprisoned deep within his mind and psyche, where it remains as a commentator and outlet for Farouk's frustrations.


The ability to possess the bodies and minds of other psis through access via the astral plane, and thus use their psionic ablities.


The Shadow King (plot)

Pride Goeth

Song of Isaac, Key of Solomon


Socked by: Doqz