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Blink: Clarice Ferguson first arrived at Xavier's on Christmas in 2003. A teen with a bad mouth, she had been dumped at the school by parents that didn't know what to do with their rebellious, purple daughter. Initially jealous of the other more-normal looking students, Clarice fell in with Sarah Morlocke and Jonothon Starsmore, but soon learned that some things were more important than friendship. She and Shiro Yoshida dated for a while, until she discovered that he was addicted to Kick; now they have a tenuous friendship at best. Clarice is now dating Kyle Gibney.

Wary of most of the adults, Clarice faced the world on her terms - or not at all. With this outlook on life, she trained for and became one of the few high school EMTs in Westchester County, working both for the county and in the medlabs at Xavier's and volunteering with Red X. In an ironic twist of fate, the same girl that hid under Sarah's bed during an attack on the school, grew up to become an X-Man.

Now a sophomore at the University of Maryland and majoring in biological anthropology, Clarice maintains the same outlook on life and intends to become a doctor. Or a fashion designer. Or possibly both. And an X-Man. She refuses to acknowledge her limits most of the time and puts as much effort into stopping Magneto as she does into her wardrobe. Currently though, both her school and X-Men responsibilities are on hold while recovers from being irradiated on a mission in Iran.