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Moment of Awesome - Tabitha Smith/Meltdown: After witnessing a mutant hate crime, Tabitha talks things over with Xavin, but neither has any answers.

Tabitha rested her cheek against her knees. "I just wish they'd teach us how to be useful against that bullshit. As much as I'd like to just blow everything up, I don't think that's got long-term potential."

"I don't think I can be useful," Xavin muttered, arms crossed tightly. "I don't do anything useful."

"Pfft, dude, do you know the pockets I could pick with your power? I'm sure it can be used for less ..." Tabitha struggled for an adjective here.

"Oh my god, are you serious? No." Xavin took a couple of steps across the room to flop on the bed. "Quentin's a dickbag, too."

"If you don't like picking pockets, we can always do a long con?" Tabs suggested hopefully. "But completely agree with you about Quire. Think he about gave himself an aneurysm."

Xavin snorted. "I'm not robbing anyone with you, okay? Quire's a jerk but maybe he's right and we shoulda done more."

Tabitha sniffed and looked out the window. "I thought about it. I thought I could distract them with a series of tiny bombs going off, like fireworks." She clenched her jaw. "But then I realized what would happen if I did that."

"Don't. Don't ever...." Xavin whispered. "You know how police act if they think you've got a gun. If they think you're a mutant and going to hurt them, they'll kill you." Xavin rubbed their eyes. "I just - why did they have to beat him up like that? It's not right."

Tabitha nodded, lips cold. "It's like they're not even human." She shivered. "Who's next?" The words were almost a whisper.

There really wasn't anything to say. Xavin reached over and rested a hand on Tabitha's shoulder.