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Moment of Awesome - Cammie Black/Scorpion: With Kevin Sydney assisting, Cammie gets into character for an X-Force mission.

"You know, I could stand to be rich like this more often," she said with a grin, "Mission aside, I mean."

"It breeds bad habits. After a while, eating the flanks of the poor gilded with silver just isn't acceptable when gold is available." He said, waiting as the various claims were put together. He'd been mildly amused at Cammie's moment of sea sickness, considering the boat hadn't even left the dock. They were fortunate not to put her in the chase boat. "You remember the drill, right? Play it strictly tourist for now. Watch everything."

"Touristy means attack of the selfie monster," Cammie said, pulling out her phone and snapping a quick one of the two of them, or it looked like that. The photo was actually of in front of them, "Anything I miss we'll be able to get on metaphorical film. In the meantime, SELFIE!" she said, sticking out her tongue and flashing a sign at her phone.

"It is sad that nothing in the world makes me feel older than my phone." Kevin sighed, especially since Cammie was hardly the only one taking selfies. "Have you got your electronic pass hacker?"

"Eeyep," Cammie said with a grin, "You have to love how the fact that technology is everywhere these days makes carrying these things so very easy. It's like they want us to kick their ass."

"It also means it's a hell of a lot easier for them to spy on every nook and cranny of the ship, so don't get too cocky." A steward came up with an iPad and Kevin passed over Cammie's booking information. "Now Chantal, remember our agreement. No drunken fights, no drugs and no more sex tapes leaked to the internet."

"You say that like the last sex tape that happened was on purpose. I thought the camera was a toy," she said brightly, "The FUN kind of toy," she added, with a glint in her eyes as she grinned at the steward like she was daring him to say something.

The man kept his nervous smile plastered on his face, not meeting her eyes as he quickly processed her through. The staff was terrified of upsetting the rich guests. More than normal, Kevin noted.

"So stay away from toys this trip." Kevin put his hand on the top of the iPad. "You will take good care of my grandniece, won't you?"

"Only the best, sir!"

"The best care comes nakedly!" Cammie chimed happily, "Naked care. All naked, all the time," her voice had a sing song quality of it not quite matched with her eyes which were scanning around. She was decent enough at her job, after all.