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Moment of Awesome - Garrison Kane/Dominion : During the X-Men's battle against the magically evil Avengers, Garrison gets to relive some history when he goes up against Captain America.

With Jean coming in, Kane dropped back from Hulk, only to watch Cyclops forced to shift from the duo of Black Widow and Captain America. Unsure, but confident that Jean and Marie could handle the Hulk, the Canadian quickly shifted on the battlefield, coming up behind Logan.

"Looks like you need some help, Old Man."

"Quit yer yappin' and actually give me some help, Dominion!" Logan grunted as he barely managed to dodge another blow from Cap's shield. Ducking low and rolling to the side, as Cap's shield slammed into the ground inches from where his head had been. It was rare Logan was evenly matched with anyone outside of Kane or other folks in the mansion, not when he couldn't bring all his capabilities to bear on the situation anyway.

"That's what I'm here for." The Canadian leapt into the fray, bull rushing Cap and putting him on the defensive. Black Widow was shadowing Logan, and when he was distracted, hit him with her widow sting, electricity arcing into him.

Logan cried out in pain this time since the aftereffects of the last blast were still singing in his body. "AARGHH!" He writhed for a few moments, jerking violently as he tried to stall himself from falling flat on his face.

"Wolverine!" Dominion tossed a chuck of concrete with deadly accuracy, although the Black Widow dodged it. Captain America intercepted his charge, tossing his shield like a missile at Kane's head. But Kane's mutant powers included his reflexes and he snatched the shield from the air.

"Alright, if we're on..." He slid the shield on to his arm. "Welcome to the War of 1812, motherfucker."

Captain America closed grimly with him, but Kane's superior speed and reflexes allow him the advantage. He used the shield like an arm guard; not confident in throwing it, but letting it add power as he smashed punches into Rogers' shoulder, stomach and thigh. He blocked a follow up kick and let the shield slip down to where he was holding the edge with both hands. As Captain America came in, Kane allowed the kick to land, powering through it and swinging the shield in a wide arc. The centre smashed into Rogers with a thunderous sound, lifting the Avenger off his feet and cracking his helmet into two pieces.

Rogers hit the ground unconscious, and Kane dropped the shield back on his prone form.