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Masque: Mocked for his increasingly severe physical deformities, Robert Alan Fielder spent most of his childhood and adolescence in deepening bitterness. He embraced the manifestation of his mutant ability in the worst way possible: the only record of public note was his 1990 juvenile conviction in Independence, Missouri for three counts of assault and aggravated mayhem. At some point Fielder, now calling himself Masque, worked his way across the Midwest, during which time he came into contact with the deformed telepath from X-Men Mission: Mutant Mole People and enlisted his aid with the bribe of a normal appearance. Once settled in the abandoned tunnel system in New York that became home both for him and a sizable percentage of his victims, Masque began frequent and often underreported attacks on the group of people most offensive to him: the physically attractive, especially other mutants. His crimes proceeded for several months before his activities were brought to the attention of the X-Men when he and a small group of his followers assaulted students Forge, Jay Guthrie and Kyle Gibney, leaving the three boys horrifically and painfully deformed. Currently he is in a secure holding facility on criminal charges levied by his victims.