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Elpis: A humanitarian organization dedicated to providing assistance to mutants in the developing world, Elpis was founded by Nathan Dayspring in April 2006 with the money left to him by his father as an attempt to repair the damage Saul and his brother Gideon had caused. The bulk of the staff are centered at the central office in Tel Aviv, with U.S. operations run by Nathan and his staff from the mansion's boathouse.

In 2007, the Tel Aviv office, staff predominantly with members of the Pack and the survivors of Mistra, was targeted by a group calling itself the Preservers. It was a hard blow for the young NGO, with fourteen staff, mostly new trainees, killed.

At the mansion, Elpis attracts many of those mansion residents seeking work in a meaningful field. The current roster includes: Nathan Dayspring, Angelo Espinosa, Rahne Sinclair currently in Tel Aviv, John Allerdyce, Monet St. Croix, Jane Doe, Julio Richter, Yvette Petrovic (volunteer), Tatiana Caban (volunteer), Juliette Hathaway (secretary)