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Moment of Awesome - Jean-Phillipe Colbert: Paired with Roulette,Jean-Phillipe battles the Masked Marauder during a prison breakout.

Jennie's disk was followed closely by a low-intensity jolt of electricity, meant to cause their opponent to drop his weapon. Jean-Phillipe closed in behind it, not wanting to give him an opportunity to recover, and trying to get a better look at what he'd been planting on the roof.

The electricity struck the man, but he seemed to ignore it. With his weapon jammed, he raised his glove instead, and a beam of energy cut a groove in the concrete close to Jennie.

Jennie leapt away, rolling and coming up in a graceful crouch. "Cover me," she said to Jean-Phillip and she arced another disk towards the man. He managed to dodge, and another beam of energy pulsed towards her, she ducked under it and tossed to successive disks, one hitting the man in the helmet, the other in his wrist. There was a screech as feedback built up and a small pop in his glove as the wires overheated.

Jean-Phillipe knew that sound, and he switched from hurling bolts at the other man, and with a pulling motion, reached out toward the shorting wires in the gauntlet, twisting and supplementing the current to turn it back on the masked antagonist.

The electricity jumped between them and the figure shuddered as it ran through him. But JP didn't anticipate his response. He tossed something that looked like a rubber ball, but when it hit him, it splashed, covering him in a thick tarry unctuous material.

"Merde, how many gadgets does he have in that suit?" Jean-Phillipe recognized that whatever the material was, it was certainly designed to be nonconductive. He managed to keep his hands free, and the material seemed to char and solidify if enough current was run through it, at which point he could flake it off. But it was slow going, and in the meantime his mobility was seriously hampered.

"Ugh, he's crawling with white luck," Jennie said grumpily. "Hang on, lemme see if I can give him a wedgie or something, distract him or something so we can get closer." Jennie punctuated this with a flung red disk.

The man ducked under the disk barely, forced to scurry behind the cover of a low wall. As he reached it and ducked behind, the air started to shimmer oddly, as if something had been done to it.

"Are you serious?" There was planning for eventualities, and then there was whatever level of overkill this person had clearly gone to. Jean-Phillipe finally freed himself from the trapping gunk that had been thrown at him. This was becoming highly annoying - they couldn't seem to pin their attacker down, but neither could he press any real advantage against Jennie and Jean-Phillipe covering each other.