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Ruth bat Seraph: Also known by the codename 'Sabra', Ruth is a highly-placed agent in Mossad, Israel's intelligence agency, leading their mutant affairs program. has twice allied herself with the X-Men. First, when a group of Israeli mutant settlers refused to be relocated, the Israeli government asked for the X-Men's help to peaceably resolve the situation. She fought alongside the X-Men in the ensuing battle. More recently, she argued for the inclusion of the X-Men on a raid to a supposed Iranian nuclear facility to save the mutant child forced to work for the Iranians.

Sabra is a physically enhanced mutant. She possesses super-strength (can press about twenty tons), enhanced speed (can run up to 60 mph), thick skin that's resistant to injury, and a low level healing factor. She also wears gauntlets that shoot razor-sharp quills coated in a powerful tranquilizer.