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Muir Island Research Facility

Located on Muir Island, Kinross Estates, which is located off the coast of Cape Wrath. Nearest town is Durness, Scotland. Currently the only means of accessing Muir is by boat or via an aircraft.

The facilities themselves are housed in what used to be the Kinross Castle, with a great deal of modifications done. The upper floors house the staff that wish to live on the island and provide temporary housing for staff who live on the main land but get stuck overnight, either due to weather or duty. There are also guest suites for families of the patients, to ensure that they are comfortable if the stay is a long one. Currently, there is no family in residence but most of the staff do live on the island, including Connors and his wife and children.

This is also where the kitchen and dining room are and they have an excellent cooking staff.

One wing of the castle is the Kevin MacTaggart Children’s Ward and the other is the Annabel Kinross Adult Ward, where the more stable patients are housed. The rooms are less like hospital rooms and more like comfortable hotel rooms with medical equipment in them. There are a few in the Adult Ward currently and several children in residence, with families either having left custody to Muir Island or are staying in their home country/staying on the Mainland. There are two nurses stations, one in each wing.

Downstairs occupies the heart of the Research Facility. It houses numerous research labs, all varying in size and reason for use. The rooms for patients in this area are the more typical hospital rooms for the sicker patients and four nurses stations situated amongst the rooms. They, too, are also divided between adult and children. There are two operating rooms and numerous X-Ray rooms and scanning rooms. There are also several examination rooms along those floors. There are several rooms that convert into Room of Choice (GYN exam, operating room for emergencies, etc.).

There are also a number of containment rooms, used to nullify or downplay a mutant’s powers. Used only in cases of uncontrollable power surges or to be used in the case of attacking mutants. Note that this has never taken place but the protocols are still there.

One more level down reveals where the training takes place. Carefully shielded to ensure that nothing reaches out of these rooms, the patients of Muir Island come down here to work on their powers and to get them under control.