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Moment of Awesome - Stephen Strange/Sorcerer Supreme: At a local comic con, Stephen forgets his teacher's lessons about no unnecessary magic and Molly Hayes totally aides and abets him.

"Be honest, who looks more like Harry Potter as you imagined him?" the teenager asked, striking a pose with his wand, "Keep in mind, mine is magic," he noted, feeding a little energy into the wand and lighting up the crystal he'd embedded into the tip of the wand. "Bet no lego copy can pull that off," he told her with a grin.

Molly's eyes widened with surprise, and a tiny bit of wonder. "Dude," she said. It'd been forever since she saw magic. Last time it wasn't good magic, though. This was much, much funner. "How is tiny lego Harry Potter gonna beat that?" she said, giggling as she took the lego Harry back and held him up. "See? He's all sad now. Maybe you can teach him lego magic?" She blinked rapidly with excitement as a light bulb went off in her head. Her hands flapped about like a tiny bird trying to fly. "Oooh, can you make him move?" she said, then her hands dropped to her side before she smacked her forehead. "No wait, that's not good to do here. Scared people bad."

Stephen grinned, "But they'd probably just think it's a animatronic model or something," he pointed out grinning wickedly. "People always do, they never see what's really there, instead they always think of a logical explanation." The teen smiled at his friend, "I have no idea how much stuff I've gotten away with because of that."

Molly arched a brow with amazed disbelief, then laughed. "What? Really? That's awesome!" she said. Biting her lip, she quickly shook her head with a snicker. "Nah, I'm a bad influence. I'm like older than you and stuff. I'm supposed to be setting a good example, or something." She squinted a little after a moment. "Maybe for a couple of minutes. Then we totally have to stop."

"Nooooo I wouldn't say you were a bad example. You brought me here to experience American culture, which was a very grown up, educational and responsible thing for you to do," Stephen justified, "so in fact you're actually preforming a vital service in my acclimatization to America and my appreciation of the various different cultural types that make up this particular mixing pot." The teen grinned as he touched the lego figure, which promptly sat up and tried to scratch it's head unsuccessfully.

Molly took a moment to ponder that statement, then slowly nodded. "Yeah..." she finally agreed. "Molly Hayes, Cultural Ambassador. I like it!"