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Moment of Awesome - Kurt Sefton/Nightcrawler: Battling one of the Worthy in Jerusalem, Kurt takes advantage of a very human weakness.

Mokk roared in pain. The body he inhabited hadn't had their mutant powers for long and the sensation of having those powers meddled with was excruciating. When the other attacker threw themselves at him, the Worthy reacted instinctively, flinging them away. Another explosive hit his shoulder and he turned, intending to fling his hammer at the irritation on the roof, the woman with the bow. But the child with the magical abilities attacked him again from behind before he could and he spun around. These insects were fast becoming beyond irritating. Then his head was engulfed in a noisome smelling smoke and something settled onto his back.

Stephen had made more than a big enough hole in the armour for Kurt's purposes. Before Mokk could swipe him off, he brought down the syringe and plunged it into the Worthy's neck.

"You dare?!" Mokk reached for the blue devil, who had been holding back from the fight previously, intending to fling him into the ground and crush him underfoot. But the strangest sensation was gripping him, his throat was tightening, his chest felt like it was being crushed. The hammer was too heavy... he dropped it beside him and pushed off the helmet. "What devilry is this...?" he gasped.

"A weakness of your host, who is allergic to peanuts", Kurt told him calmly, watching and ready to dodge if Mokk grabbed for him again. "You will find he is dying... and so are you."

Not that he was going to let the first of those happen. The moment Mokk fell and lay still, the hammer melting away, he hurried forward with his second syringe in hand, this one holding epinephrine.

There was a breathless moment and then the man on the ground groaned and opened his eyes. "That was Reed's idea, wasn't it? He's the only one who would have known about my allergy," Paul Duval wheezed. At Kurt's nod, he closed his eyes again. "Tell him thank you for me."