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X-Men Mission: Nimrod: When Joszef Veres, a mutant with physical enhancements and a member of the Hungarian Special Forces, was diagnosed with schizophrenia, he was discharged from the military and institutionalized. Later, when his condition was thought to be stable, he was released. This soon proved to be far from the case. Calling himself ‘Nimrod’, he began to target prominent mutant citizens in Hungary, a country that had grown into a model of genetic integration. After several deaths, Istvan Barath, an old friend of Xavier’s and the Minister of Mutant Affairs for Hungary, got in touch with the Professor to ask for his help. Xavier started to search for Veres, but that became unnecessary when he was located by the Budapest police who sealed off the apartment building in which Veres had been located – with hundreds of tenants still inside.

The X-Men scrambled for Budapest, and Barath got them access to the building, where they began an evacuation of the civilians. In mid-evacuation, the telepathic switchboard was abruptly lost, leaving the X-Men inside the building blind, as their coms were useless due to interference from the materials used in the building’s construction. Cable, who had been managing the switchboard from the roof of the opposite building, had been deep in a telepathic trance and unable to defend himself when Veres, spotting him through a window, sent a wooden coatrack at him at near-ballistic speeds. The impact knocked him unconscious and off the building in a twenty-story fall that would have killed him if Sunfire, along as a trainee observer, had not reacted quickly enough to fly down and catch him. Iceman, also on the roof, focused his attention on trying to feed information to the X-Men evacuating the building.

In the confusion, Scarlet Witch was the first to confront Veres up-close, using her powers to send him through the floor in defense of a woman and her child. Cyclops caught up with him elsewhere in the building and came off much the worse for the encounter as Veres delivered a punishing beating, even pulling him through a wall. He was saved by the arrival of Jetstream, directed to his location by Cable, who had at that point regained consciousness. Veres made short work of Jetstream as well, throwing him into a wall and fleeing.

Cyclops and Jetstream pursued, catching up to Veres when he was delayed by Kylun, who had been lying in wait. Kylun and Jetstream went hand to hand with Veres, creating an opening for Cyclops to knock him out with an optic blast. Veres was taken into custody, and the three injured X-Men, along with Cable, were treated by the paramedics at Barath’s insistence before the Blackbird returned home.