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Silver is a mutant-friendly nightclub located near SoHo in Manhattan (around Houston and Lafayette Streets), which is just a couple blocks away from NYU. On the outside it's just another generic red brick building, but on the inside resembles Queer as Folk’s Babylon or Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s The Bronze. There's a big dancefloor that takes up most of the club, a well-stocked bar to the side and small tables and stools set up around the dancefloor. There's also a metal rail-platform that goes around the perimeter which provides some more dance and schmoozing space.

There are two bouncers at the door. One is a psychometrist, who reads the psychic imprints on ID cards to determine if they're legitimate. The other is your generic super-strong musclehead. Cover is usually $8-12, but that's not a hard and fast rule. There are bouncers inside the club, too, most of whom are muscleheads.

Silver is seen by many as New York City's only haven for young mutants. Many a runaway has stopped at Silver as a waystation on their journies, establishing a small and unofficial underground railroad of sorts. In August 2006, a few of these runaways were kidnapped to be sold to organ harvesters, but were rescued by X-Force.

The resident DJ is Mark Sheppard, who uses the club as a base for his informal network of contacts in the mutant youth subculture. In 2008 Jay Guthrie joined the staff as a bartender.