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Moment of Awesome - Firestar:

What do you do when the world has been rebuilt and everything is new and strange? Commiserate over donuts, of course.

"Can we talk about how weird the new people are because that's not emo but, but, dude." Kyle gestured wildly with the last bite of a donut. "Angel. Angel, Matt Murdock's a lawyer and that is so. freaking. weird."

"And he's cute," Angel added seriously. "Do you know how weird it is to look at someone who used to be like, five years younger than you and he's in his thirties now and he's hot? I mean Jesus Christ."

"That is super weird." Kyle said. "I mean, Angel that is really kinda weird." He shook his head, trying not to think about that. Some of these people used to be his students. It was seriously weird. "New Warren though." He slumped down in his chair, pretending to melt like warm frosting. "Dude he's such a sleaze but hot damn."

"I know it's weird!" Angel sighed dramatically. "Trust me I know it's weird, but I mean...it's not like I would necessarily get with him. Just an observation. The sky is blue, grass is green, etc. etc." She leaned against the counter, munching on another donut. "New Warren does look damn good too. Apparently this universe likes attractive people." At least this place had given them something to look at.

"No, no what's -totes- weird is like, that once in a blue moon Marius picks up Dori's mutation and he starts looking like a dude I might date if I you know, dated dudes not named Jay Guthrie before he was blue." Kyle picked up another donut and started picking it apart. Sugar on his face was never cool. "But the universe giving us more hotties, yes. But dude, I taught like half of them and that is freaky. I mean, I dunno if I can be down with this. Kids I used to write college recs for shouldn't be done college."

Angel tilted her head. "Kyle and Marius. Kyrius. Works well don't you you think?" She smirked. Of course the smirk faded a moment later and she sighed. "Kids I used to teach with the New Mutants shouldn't be in their freaking twenties and thirties. Sue Storm is older than me. It's weird. Dude Tabitha Smith is younger than me. She was the freaking New Mutants mentor when I was in it and she's younger than me. What the hell?"

"Yeah, dude, Alison fricking Blaire." Kyle said. "Just. Alison Blaire." She'd welcomed him to the mansion when he'd first arrived and handling that now she was this chirpy dippy teenager was not happening. "Okay, we're back in emo land, we should go get prank donuts and more regular donuts and actually just eat ourselves into that coma."

"Yeah, screw unhappy brooding," Angel declared fiercely, standing upright. "We've got too much to do with our time to think about things like that. Let's go!"