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Moment of Awesome - Clint Barton/Hawkeye:

In the aftermath of the battle with a newly unfrozen Namor, Clint finds himself making a difficult choice.

He had a decision to make. It wasn't necessarily an easy one, but he didn't beat himself up over it too much, either. Walking into the room where the tube had been, he checked the floor. Flooded. "Good," he muttered, sitting on his heels near it, anyway, to check and see if anything had come out of the tube with the man. Cryofreezing usually took some kind of medium, he thought. But whatever might have contained the man while he was in there, it had apparently dissolved.

"What else, what else," Clint murmured, looking from the ruined walls and the broken shelving to the stranger again. He rubbed his eyes, pushing the heels of his palms against them until lights burst behind his eyelids, then shook himself and went back to his supervisor's office.

Using the backup power system, such as it was, he accessed the security files and combed through them slowly, checking to see what might have been caught on camera. Luckily, there was nothing of Susan on the tapes, just the rope dropping down and him approaching with his pizza.

After he entered the room, nothing much happened. Clint watched himself shoot the arrow, but then... everything started to fritz out. He could only assume the guy's water whatever had started working earlier than had been evident, because the video from all angles cut out a few moments later. There was nothing on there to identify Sue or anything that had happened.

Which left him making one phone call. Clarice picked up almost immediately and Clint figured he was lucky for that, at least. After she agreed to help him out, he gave her the coordinates for the warehouse and hung up. Then he called SSA Coulson, gave a basic, if highly abridged, version of events, and explained that a clean-up crew was going to need to come through. He also tendered his resignation, effective immediately, but agreed to head into the Triskelion for debriefing once he got back to New York.

Then all he had to do was wait. Thankfully, Clarice didn't keep him waiting long. And then he, along with his very angry, very unconscious new friend, walked through a portal and into the mansion's medlab. Clint thanked every single deity he could think of that his brother had gotten hooked up with these people.